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Advanced Pay Per Click Testing

“Scientifically Improve Your Clicks, Sales, And Profits Hundreds Of Times Faster by Testing More Than One Thing At A Time!”

Part 1 – The Limits of Traditional Split Testing

Part 2 – The Taguchi Miracle

This post is continued with Advanced Adwords Conversion

Information Marketing vs. Digital Marketing for PPC

Most adwords and ppc marketers think of ebooks and MP3s when they consider information marketing. They’ve been sold on the high margin, zero cost of goods, automated dream of the information marketing world. But this neglects the broader purpose, and true value of information marketing in adwords, and across all PPC applications.


Emotional Search Engine Marketing

The thing which distinguishes the most successful adwords advertisers in ppc is their ability to immediately forge a deep emotional bond with the searcher.  The art and science of doing this is what I call “emotional search engine marketing”, … but the vast majority of search engine marketing gets this entirely wrong.  

Sure, “people buy for emotional reasons and then justify their purchase with logic”.  But if the emotional hot buttons you’re trying to push aren’t matched to what you’re selling, you’ll UN-SELL your customer.  (Most people don’t realize it’s possible ppc advertising can  convince people NOT to buy your product … people who WOULD  have purchased if they never saw your ad!)

When you link real human needs to a real product or service feature you’ve got something.  Otherwise it’s just hype… which is a nice word for bullshit.

I’m about to release a product with Terry Dean and some other well known marketers which includes a detailed review of emotional marketing by my darling wife (Dr. Sharon Livingston – who’s consulted for over 40 Fortune 500 clients).

Here’s an excerpt from the product all about emotional marketing … if you’re actively pursuing pay per click, or search engine marketing of any kind, you really should listen:

Emotional Marketing MP3

Keyword Research for Adwords – Crucial Concept

Getting lost doing your pay per click keyword research? Join the crowd! Here’s how to get FOCUSED and UNSTUCK in your keywords fast:

Step One – Define Your “Bulls-Eye” Keyword Concept

Step Two – Gather “Bulls Eye” keywords using Google’s free keyword tool, but do NOT get carried away!


Step 2 – Part 2

Step 3 – Organize Your Keywords Quickly!

Step 4 – Do a quick traffic check for volume and bid prices

Step 5 – Stop and Make Your Bullseye Keywords Work!

PPC Business = 1 out of 2000

As Adwords and other pay per click search engines evolve, only marketers who understand competitive ppc principles survive.

I believe the quintessential adwords marketing principle is understanding, reaching, and converting the Hyper Responsive searcher.  The hyper-responsive ppc search is the one customer out of 2,000.  (See this post on adwords marketing to understand why).

pay per click search marketing – mp3 download

Adwords Costs – Reduce Unsubscribe To Zero?

With adwords costs skyrocketing higher each day, it seems a shame not to spend some time talking about how to reduce UNSUBSCRIBE RATES in your email marketing.  (Furthermore, the method below can dramatically increase conversion for the right pay per click businesses, because it focusses so squarely on hyper-responsive PPC clients)

I was speaking to  Howie Jacobson today and picked up this adwords cost reducing method … very cool!

adwords costs – reduce unsubscribe rates to zero mp3 file

Pay Per Click Tools – My Favorite

Your competition has already spent
thousands testing keywords and ads …
why re-invent the wheel?

Watch this short video
and you’ll quickly see how to…

  • NARROW DOWN THE FIELD OF COMPETITORS TO THOSE YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH: Find out who actually maintains successful campaigns for months at a time (know who to emulate and who to ignore)

  • GET THEIR COST PER CLICK: Estimate how much it’ll cost you to get into a market, or successfully maintain a presence on a given keyword.  Your competitors have already tested this  … why not just look at their numbers?

  • LEGALLY STEAL THEIR BEST PERFORMING KEYWORDS AND ADS: Hmmmm … why would anyone want to see a competitor’s best performing keywords and ads?  Get a running start on the market by leap-frogging their hard work!

  • WHAT ARE YOU COMPETITION’S BEST AFFILIATES DOING?: Identify your competitor’s MOST SUCCESSFUL affiliate ads, follow up systems, and landing pages … see which of their strategies are already working.  (You can get a list of the contact info for their best affiliates too … just in case you’d like to have them promote YOUR product)

Click here for the trial offer

taming adwords logic

I find it horribly upsetting to see how many adwords marketers simply don’t use the reporting center.

Here’s the thing … Google uses FUZZY LOGIC to serve your ads on all but exact match keywords.

And even though Google has the best fuzzy logic around, it’s still VERY FUZZY, and the percentage of irrelevant and costly keywords (or content sites) served is frightening.

Thankfully, Adwords provides the reporting center, and there are two reports in particular of immense value … the Search Query Report, and the Content Placement Report.

They can seem overwhelming, but all you really need to do is:

1) Make sure you’ve got conversion tracking installed. (Adwords is ALL about conversion tracking … I really don’t understand how anyone makes ANY money without it)

2) Run the reports.

3) Suppress impressions on poorly performing keywords by adding them as negatives, and suppress poorly performing sites by excluding them.

There are many more valuable things you can do with these reports (like identifying keywords you hadn’t bid on for peeling and sticking into new adgroups … they’ll show up because Google broad matched them using fuzzy logic, etc., … or peeling out a great content site and putting it in a placement only campaign to more effectively manage the bids) … but these are extra credit.

Seriously, in the past 100 accounts I’ve seen, less than 5% had run these reports, leaving a huge gaping hole in the market for you!

adwords changes

Very Important Adwords Change Teleseminar on Monday:

If you haven’t heard already, our friends at Google are
changing the rules (again!). This last change makes it
much more difficult to increase CTR and CONVERSION rates,
and lower our CPC …

But there ARE 3 solutions … and just like all the
other Adwords changes, the end result is going to be
the people in the know have an EASIER time winning the
game, because Google’s shaking out the weaker advertisers

Perry Marshall’s got this one all figured out already and will
be reviewing the method on Monday. Please go register here:

Important Adwords Change Teleseminar on Monday:

(There WILL be an MP3 of the call distributed, but
you’ve got to register. HOWEVER, Perry’s providing the
special handout that summarizes how to deal with the
new Google changes only to those who are on the live call.)

All my best,

Glenn 🙂

Important Adwords Change Teleseminar on Monday:

PS – One more thing … my partner in Rocket Clicks will be on
the call telling his whole story. Just a few weeks ago,
Jeff Hughes telephoned me to let me know he spent $20K
of his own funds IN ONE DAY (not one month) in Adwords.
He built a 50 person business starting with a single
affiliate promotion … and he now averages $200K/month
ad-spend (just for HIS business, not for any of our clients).
It’s quite a story, and there’s plenty to learn from his
trials and tribulations.

Important Adwords Change Teleseminar on Monday: