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Increasing Content Network Impressions

Continuing our AdWords Content Network series with Jered Klima, today we’d like to focus on how to get MORE IMPRESSIONS from the content network once you’ve got a profitable campaign. (Sometimes also when you don’t… but you’re wiling to take the risk)

At the bottom of this post you’ll find a free MP3 on Getting More Content Network Impressions

You can also download the cheat sheet to go along with this interview here:
Getting More Content Network Impressions Cheat Sheet

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My 10 Most Important Business Insights This Decade

As the decade draws to a close, I’ve been reflecting upon what I’ve done and learned in the last 10 years of my life. I thought it might be helpful to share my most important insights, year by year.  Just right click this link to download Glenn Livingston’s 10 Most Important Business Insights This Decade

Now, while I have your attention, I thought you might like to know I’ve invented a new marketing weapon…  the SINGING TESTIMONIAL.  Listen to Tom Mcllelan below please for an example.  Tom’s a personal coaching student and an excellent marketer and consultant in his own right (anyone thinking of working with him, please know I endorse this, you can reach him at

How much more powerful is something like this as compared to a plain old transcript of what he said?  (Below is sung to the tune of “Oh Danny Boy”):

“Oh Dr. Glenn my ads my ads are selling

From low to high

You saved my landing page

The survey’s done

And now the leads are buying

‘Tis you ‘tis you

To thank and I obey

And you came back

To help me in my surveys

And used the data

And showed me how to sell

Now I’ve escaped my cubicle forever

Oh Dr. Glenn, Oh Dr. Glenn

I thank you so!

Happy Birthday Glenn. Its Tom McLellan in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

THANK YOU so much for everything you’ve done to help me along. If only my singing was on par with the results you’ve helped me achieve, then we wouldn’t have to subject the audience to that dying moose you just heard.

Thanks again.

Bye now.”

I’ll post an article in the next week or two as I learn more about how to leverage this new weapon.  (Of course, I’ll post more of the singing testimonials too!)

Enjoy, and be sure to download my 10 Most Important Business Insights This Decade

Help – It’s My Birthday and My Friends Can’t Sing

God, if you are truly at all merciful please help me.

Today is my 45th birthday and none of my friends or family can sing.  I mean, listen for yourself .  Sounds like a wounded moose in heat, right?

For the rest of you, I have a request.  To date, I haven’t seen ANY marketers present SINGING TESTIMONIALS.  If you’re so inclined, could you kindly call my testimonial line and sing me one?  I think it would be a real hoot, and would help me really stand out.

Just a thought.  It IS my 45th birthday today, which in all likelihood means 50% of my life is behind me.

Here are the numbers:

1-800-609-9006 x3591
(678-255-2174 x3591 for international callers)

Oh … even if YOU sing like a wounded moose in heat, I’ll still take it.

Would be really, really cool, thanks 🙂
(I’ll post some of them next week)

Marketing in the Land of the Giants

There’s an important marketing lesson in this picture:

Brian Therrien and myself on top of Mt. Mansfield, one of
the glorious 4,000 footers in Vermont

People want to see you as larger than life, because they want you to help them make their own lives larger.  But they also want you to be a reachable and approachable “aspirational model”.

It’s a very hard balance to strike.

Paint yourself too high, and although they’ll see you as a giant, they’ll also perceive a chasm between your world and theirs entirely too large to cross.

Paint yourself too low, and there’s no real reason for them to aspire to be like you.

What you WANT is to make yourself into a loving, more experienced older brother or uncle and “paint yourself into their living room”.  Emphasize your natural strengths so you look larger than life, but let them know your weaknesses so they know you’re really not that different than they are.

Take this picture for example.   It hasn’t been altered or exaggerated in any way.   Yet, despite the fact that I’m only about 8 inches taller than Brian, in this picture it looks more like 2 feet.  (For the record, Brian’s a better marketer than I am.  No one can develop telemarketing campaigns like he can… and if you haven’t heard the free MP3 “supercharge your phone sales” yet where we talk about combining my research with his techniques, you’re REALLY missing something important)

In fact, I look freakishly tall, almost like we’re from two different worlds, like I’m way into the clouds, and he’s just about reaching them.  But if you look closely at our feet, you’ll see we’re actually standing at different levels.

Note this is NOT hidden… it’s 100% available for inspection by any observer.  There’s no fancy footwork.  It’s just the reality of the picture I chose to show you, which emphasizes my height.  I could have picked a dozen other pictures, even some where Brian looks exactly my height, or maybe even taller, but I chose this one, because I know people LIKE to look up to me.

At the same time, anyone who knows me and my work through my audios and blog posts knows I’ll TELL you straight out I’m absolutely NOT a marketing genius.

I’m happy to emphasize my strengths so people will look up to me for those things worthy of admiring (I’m a hard working guy who’s spent a lot of time learning some unique ways to apply market research and psychology to internet marketing), but I’ll also point out my weaknesses so you know I’m a real person within reach.   (I’ve had a LOT of failures.  I’ve made a LOT of mistakes.  I’ve lost a LOT of money.)

The formula is, show people the “pictures” which HONESTLY emphasize your strengths so you capture their attention and they CAN see you as larger than life, but then don’t be afraid to tell your WHOLE story (the good, the bad, and the ugly) .

Some people fail to create an aspirational model because they don’t show you the right picture to begin with.  Either it emphasizes the wrong attributes or it’s just not believable.

Others fail because they hide their flaws in fear of what people would think if they REALLY got to know them.

I’ve actually found it takes BOTH of these elements, artfully combined to position yourself as a true “aspirational model”.

This is the essence of what I call “living room marketing”.    I want my systems to give you a real sense of me, like we got to spend a weekend together at my house, having dinner together and sitting and chatting in my living room.   I don’t want to be a giant out of reach, and I don’t want to hide my flaws.

But I DO want you to look up to and have faith in me for those things I really CAN deliver.

What picture are you painting with your marketing?   Are you scared to let people see you as a giant?  And if not, have you told them enough of your REAL story and your WORST mistakes to make yourself reachable and down to earth?

Have you invited them into YOUR living room, brother? (or sister)

Food for thought!
(Hope it helps)

Dr. G 🙂





PS – I had an amazing day with Brian on Mt. Mansfield.  If you’ve never done it and get anywhere near, it’s worth the trip.   (Of course, Brian makes it better, but I’d go back there myself just for the mountain)

Internet Marketers Are Neurotic At Best

OK, I’m both a shrink AND an internet marketer so I’m definitely allowed to say this and you can quote me…

“Internet Marketers Are Neurotic (At Best)”

What you’ll find on this link is a quick little cheat sheet I prepared in advance of an MP3 I recorded with Perry Marshall last year, talking about all of the crazy-making psychological elements in the internet marketing game.

We did this interview because every now and then I think we all need to pause from the mad rush to turn electrons into money, breathe, and just look around at what’s really important to us.

Here, I’ll get you started by sharing some of mine:

My niece Sarah teaching my wife the right way to eat strawberries

My puppy “Stewie Fonzerelli” after watching
his first full episode of “Happy Days”

My nephew Benjamin, who is now 7 years  old and calls me EVERY DAY (literally) to tell me he’s writing another letter to the President

3 Generations in One Shot (my Mom, my Sister, and my Niece… I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which)

Hiking the 4,000 footers with my dog Zachary (I swear he must run up and down, back and forth 5 times for every time I hike the mountain once, and he’s 9 years old)

22 Years with One Woman I Adore (by the way, we asked the audience if we were too “smushy” with public displays of affection and the overwhelming answer was to “bring on the smush”)

AdWords Conversion Optimizer – Maximum Results Secrets

This 19 minute FREE MP3 might be the newest, easiest way to squeeze more profitable traffic from your AdWords account this year.  (It’s certainly the most I’ve learned about AdWords in the shortest period of time… with the fewest obstacles and resources required to execute)

Over the past few years, AdWords has introduced progressively more granular data which provides tremendous power and potential to optimize your campaign.  Whether it’s conversion by time of day, ability to day part and adjust bids, position preference, etc., … we’re getting to the point where it will actually be possible to laser target the exact right position at the exact right time for the exact right searcher, every time.

Unfortunately, unless you’ve got a Ph.D. in data mining and analysis, it’s also fairly difficult for the average pay per click marketer to actually USE the wealth of data AdWords provides.  Indeed, in well over 100 consultations/account audits I personally did last year, I’d venture to say less than 5% of campaigns were taking full advantage.

Which is why Google introduced the CONVERSION OPTIMIZER … their black box, automated algorithm for managing all this behind the scenes for you, hands free 🙂

Unfortunately there are several intricacies of the conversion optimizer which are difficult for all but the professional AdWords manager to observe.

Which is why Nicole Nerad of (one of our high level PPC managers) compiled these 5 Secrets of the Conversion Optimizer blog post.  I interviewed her about this in the FREE MP3 below, which I strongly recommend you listen to right now. (I really, really try not to be sensational or “hypey”… so I hope you’ll recognize that if I’m this excited, there’s something real to pay attention to… I really DO think there’s money on the table in most AdWords accounts for people that follow this advice, and best of all, it doesn’t take much time or effort AT ALL, just some special knowledge and a few minutes of careful attention each day)

Hope you enjoy!

Glenn 🙂

PS – If you feel like you’re wasting too much time in Adwords which could be put to a higher and better use in your business, why not let Rocket Clicks manage your ppc accounts?

PPS – Rocket Clicks can ALSO help you achieve Maximum Profits with Minimum Risk by executing the full Livingston Research method for you.  Enter new markets –OR– turn your business around fast.  Click here for more info

New Content Network Technique – Does Cast Your Net Really Work?

The AdWords Content Network has always been somewhat of a mysterious animal to most marketers.  So much potential, so very, very difficult to manage.

But Google’s been doing an excellent job developing their content network algorithms, and recently a new “cast your net” strategy has been suggested.  We’ve been aggressively experimenting with the cast your net content network build outs, and are pleased to report it’s a VERY powerful way to gain traction, but ONLY if you really understand the way the content network works.

In this 14 minute video, Jered Klima (the Content Network Exorcist at and I review the ins and outs of the new strategy, step by step.   Definitely worth your time.

Hope it helps,

Glenn 🙂

Part One

Part Two


NEW COACHING MODEL:  Limited number of private slots available with me personally.


EVERYTHING DONE FOR YOU:  Comprehensive new marketing service from Rocket Clicks. Launch new markets or turn your business around faster than you dreamed possible, using Glenn’s most potent market intelligence techniques.