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Adwords Broad Match Magic

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Have More Fun at Work

About a month ago, I made a post about “The Myth of Work vs. Play” which stirred up quite a bit of controversy.

Terry Dean, in particular, sent me an email saying he wasn’t so sure he agreed with me.  So I suggested he and I do an interview where we could iron out our positions.  In the end, as you might expect, it turned out to have quite a bit of marketing advice within it (e.g. the evolving role of images as compared to text in marketing), but the most exciting part from my point of view were the specific techniques we each discussed for integrating play into work or…

How to have more fun at work (for internet entrepreneurs)


G 🙂

PS – There’s a little clicking sound at the beginning of the interview.   It goes away after 20 seconds, so don’t let it throw you OK?

PPS – I closed the personal coaching board to new registrants this morning for the rest of the year, no more inquiries please (sorry).

Moola Monsters, Credit Creatures, and Saving Squirrels

About 10 years ago, I did a large study on the relationship between money and personality.  (At the time, I had formed the “Association for Money Mind Studies” with a friend and we were doing workshops, public speaking, etc).

I got a LOT of publicity about the “10 Money Personalities” I proposed as a result of this work, but never really developed it into anything significant.  I’m thinking of picking it up again and incorporating it into my work with entrepreneurs.  I actually have a full book proposal developed (I had an agent previously), but I’d like to get YOUR feedback on this simple 13 page e-book which describes the personalities.

Do any of them resonate with you?  Do they seem to represent people you know and love?  Maybe even yourself?  How do you think knowing your money personality might be useful?

I developed a test years ago and put it up on a site.  If people like this concept enough and I get the right feedback, maybe I’ll reactivate it so everyone can take the test.  In the meantime, download the 10 Money Personalities please and let me know what you think below!

Dr. G 🙂   

Money Is Hard When Its Easy and Easy When Its Hard

Here’s another important observation about money…

“Money is hard when its easy, and easy when its hard”

By which I mean, whenever I’ve gotten seduced by the idea of easy money, I wind up wasting a great deal of time, effort, and morale chasing a dream.  In contrast, when I accept that creating money requires genuine work, time, and effort, I find it comes MUCH more easily.

The other day I got an enthusiastic email from a member of my hyper-responsive marketing club.  It went something like this:

“I’m amazed at the level of focus your method provides, the confidence I have that I can actually implement what you’ve suggested, and the peace of mind it gives me that I really WILL be able to create the business I desire.   Clearly you’re the guy to follow to develop long term, stable profit.  But I need money now,  who do you recommend for short term, more immediate profits?

My honest answer was “no one”.

If short term, immediate profits were really so easily available, wouldn’t everyone be flocking to them?   And if everyone flocked to them, how long do you think they would actually be available?

Money is hard if you insist it comes easily, but it’s easy if you’re willing to admit it’s hard.

What do you think? (I really want to know, would you comment below please?)

Dr. G 🙂

PS – The whole purpose of the hyper-responsive marketing club is to help you FOCUS and develop confidence in your plans so you CAN settle down on a reasonable path to business growth and real profit.   It’s not at all hard as in difficult, but it does take time to build your system.

PPS – Notwithstanding all above, I can tell you that if you really DO need money in a pinch probably the best way to accomplish that is by offering your internet marketing skills as a consultant to hyper-local businesses (those you can visit personally, go have lunch with, etc).

You wouldn’t believe how primitive the vast majority of local brick and mortar businesses are with regards to their internet systems.  Just getting an autoresponder installed, setting up a blog, doing a little clean up of their existing site copy seems like magic to them.    Try walking into a few strip-mall stores and strike up a conversation about their website.   The average person on my list with a reasonable grasp on these things (never mind PPC) should be able to fetch $50/hr work  all day at minimum

PPS – I’m closing my private coaching program to new registrants on Monday, and I’m not sure if I’ll be offering it again.

Money, Boredom, and Reaching the Next Level

Let me ask you a question… and you have to promise to really think through the answer, no knee-jerk replies OK?

Does money bore you?

When you think of the most fulfilling, exhilarating, and enjoyable experiences you’ve had in your life, is making money one of the first things that comes to mind?

I think most (though not all) people would answer NO.

But in fact, I think most people, unbeknownst to themselves,  DO find money boring.  After all, money is just numbers on a piece of paper from your bank, or in your wallet.  You can’t kiss, cuddle, throw a football, play chess, laugh, cry, scream, or take a nap with money.  (Well, I suppose you COULD, but it wouldn’t be very fulfilling, would it?)

This, I believe, is one of our greatest obstacles to amassing true wealth. Something to consciously work on correcting in order to sustain a solid financial growth curve over the long haul.

I suppose this message would be more palatable if  I spoke personally.  So here it is.

I was a total idiot to enter 17 niche markets. My justification at the time was that I needed to prove my formula across a multitude of markets so I could really roll it out and/or get out there as a teacher.

But you know what?  I was full of crap, because the formula was already proven after the 4th one, … and despite the fact they were all profitable and I developed a cool story to tell, I created a massive diversification of time, energy, and money which prevented me from developing any ONE of them to its fullest.

This not only meant seriously slowing down my trajectory, but in the end it meant I failed to deliver the back end products which would have been most helpful to people in any one given market.

Know why I really did it?  (Hindsight is 20/20)

Because it would have been TOO EASY to just keep building out ONE of the markets.  (We can’t have that, right!??)

I loved the challenge of making the front end profitable.  This required an immense amount of research, immersion in the market, surveys, actually talking to (and connecting with) people, figuring out the puzzle.    It challenged my comfort zone, requiring me to push my four core skill sets to the limit (psychology, computers, marketing, and research), and to find creative ways to combine them.

In contrast, the activities required to optimize and build out a market once it’s already profitable are much more executional and, well… kind of boring.

Testing and tracking, paying others to write and record more products, monitoring my spreadsheets, running regressions, doing a few joint ventures, getting interns to write and submit articles, working with SEO vendors, etc.

Yet THOSE activities are incredibly profitable once you’ve got an in-the-black traffic stream running.

So if I’m honest, I guess I chose to be “creative rather than rich”.   (Thanks to Gary Halbert for that phrase). Getting rich, in my mind, was associated with being progressively more isolated, locked up in some ivory tower crunching numbers… BORING!  Unfortunately, if I’m honest, it still kind of is.

It was quite a shock when I had this insight.

I already had all the skills I needed to go to the next level.   I could have maintained a consistently upward trajectory.  I only needed to find a way to re-connect this goal with my true purpose in life, with the people I loved, with the people I wanted to help, with the life I really wanted to live.

I just needed to choose this path, nothing more.

So I’m asking you all to take an honest look at where you are right now.

Is it possible you already have all the skills and knowledge you need to get where you want to go?  Is it possible you’ve got some negative association with financial success which is causing you to make the wrong choices?

Does money bore you?

Let me know what you think below please!

Dr. G 🙂

The Strange Psychology of Money

I woke up deep in thought today, reflecting once again on the last 15 years as the year draws to a close.  On my mind in particular was this very strange thing we call money, which in and of itself is nothing more than an idea.

Yet the mere idea of money consumes our lives, inflicts pain, brings joy, and moves people to coordinate their energies and work together towards a common good (or evil).

At this point in my life I’ve seen both sides of money.  I’ve never been fabulously wealthy, but I’ve been way way above average–AND–as close to bankruptcy as any man can claim without filing.

I’ve consulted for large corporations who write six figure checks without batting an eye, and worked with patients for whom my  six dollar sliding scale session fee meant skipping lunch that day.

I’ve got friends who are multi-g’zillionaires, and those who could care less about their bank account as long they have a roof over their head, food to eat, and people to love. (Nothing wrong with having BOTH by the way)

And  since I’ve been TEACHING marketing and entrepreneurship, I’ve been privileged to witness a number of students succeed  beyond what they ever thought was possible, but watched more stagnate, get in their own way, and suffer.

So I felt inspired this morning to begin a series on the strange psychology of money… the insights which hide beneath the surface, preventing most of us from getting what we really want in life, which, in my estimation, is not money itself, but the things which money empowers us to do, be, and feel.

I thought I’d start out with a personal observation to get us all going, but I’d be VERY interested in hearing what you all think below.  I’ll follow up with more later this week.

1) It’s NOT Really Money That We Want:

Now, before you yell at me, please know I realize when you don’t have enough money to pay the bills, it’s hard to want anything else.  I’m not sitting here in some lofty castle, and I HAVE felt the personal sting of debt up to my eyeballs.

I also don’t want you to get the wrong idea.    I really DO like money.  In fact, I LOVE money, and I’d like you to give me some today please so I can give you more value.  (That’s the way it’s supposed to work, right?  Why do we all feel so guilty about saying so?  In fact, I think feeling guilty about asking for money is tantamount to saying you don’t have value to offer… something to think about, don’t you think?)

In the end, you see, I don’t think it’s really the money we want.

If you ARE having trouble paying your bills, ask yourself what you plan to do when you CAN pay them.  THAT’s what you really want.

Here’s where this really hit home for me.

When I was deep in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy, I embraced the classic goal-setting literature (Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, etc).  I worked very hard on articulating both long and short term goals, attaching pictures to them, writing an overall vision statement, prioritizing it all, and then  isolating my single most important mission in life.

Initially it was to amass a large sum of money.  Very large.  Because I couldn’t see how I could possibly accomplish all my other goals without it.  Even health and relationship goals seemed to pale in comparison, as crazy as that sounds coming from a psychologist… that’s what soul-crushing debt can do to you.  (Note: it’s very easy to SAY we should put health and relationships before money… everyone knows you should.  But how many of us, especially on the brink of financial ruin, actually DO it if we’re really honest?)

Well, in order to really “stamp in the blueprint” into my psychology, I decided I was going to write out all my goals 10 times each day in the exact prioritized order, and the do some free-associative journaling to identify obstacles and opportunities.

The strangest thing happened.

At first, the financial goal seemed like it really DID belong in first position.  After all, the wolves were at the door, we were firing employees left and right, borrowing as much as we possibly could (not only from banks but from friends and family), and barely sleeping.

But one day I noticed that the goals refused to stay in the “right” order in my memory.  Some of the health and relationship goals were moving up the list, and I simply couldn’t recall the others until I had written those down.  It got to the point that I had to actually go back to my original written document because I couldn’t finish the list, even though I’d written it a hundred times.

As this was happening (over the course of a few months), it started to occur to me that I could easily accomplish a lot of these other goals no matter how much debt I had.  Climbing mountains, eating better, spending more time with Sharon and my dogs, making mastermind connections, getting a coach, etc.

As I started doing these things, I found I was HAPPY despite continuing to deal with the debt. (Which was STILL the pull-the-blanket-over-your-head-and-cry-yourself-to-sleep kind-of debt)

Maybe happier than I’d ever been previously.

Finally one day I noticed I’d written ALL the other goals before the financial goal.

And paradoxically, THAT’S when things started getting better … I think because when I really took care of myself body, mind, and soul, then and only then could I put ALL the pieces together for my marketing system.

Now, you might think this story ends with me dropping my financial goals entirely,  just “letting go”,  and “going with the flow”, or some such nonsense.

Not so.  Like I said, I LOVE money, and I’m continuing on with my well orchestrated and methodical quest to get rich… very rich.

What’s different now is I no longer  love  money for money’s sake.  It’s not this kind of vague, magical, mysterious and frightening force in my life who’s only purpose is to beat down the wolves at the door.

It’s something which empowers me to do what I want to do, add value in the way I want to add value, enjoy life in the way I want to enjoy life.   Which I think is the highest and best use of money.

I think when we crave money, get obsessed with it, and come to believe it’s the ONLY thing which can make our lives better, we’re actually expressing a deep fear of money.  And if we’re frightened of money, we’re ever so much more unlikely to allow it into our lives, don’t you think?

More simply…

Money obsession is really a hidden financial fear, and financial fear repels money.

Does that make sense?  (Do you agree?)

Last, I’m not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and I still AM occasionally prone to retreating to a fearful, money obsessed state when I get a big tax bill, when we expand any of our businesses with more employees to reach “the next level”, when the economy tanks, and even, believe it or not, when I experience a mini-windfall.

But these feelings are always temporary now, and far, far less intense than ever before.

Because I’ve learned I can get what’s MOST important to me almost entirely without money.  Which paradoxically has freed me to make more, and help others do the same.

And please note I made this leap BEFORE the money started coming in.

If we only associate money with fear (even if it’s removing fear), I think we’re unlikely to ever have much.  Do you agree?

Let me know,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Because I haven’t opened my personal coaching practice to new clients
for almost three years now, I’m feeling kind of rusty when it comes to helping
new people.  I need to correct that because one of my primary responsibilities
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Google Agency Land

Not many PPC marketers know about Google’s special support program for Search Marketing Agencies “Google Agency Land”. Well, guess who got featured in their video? (We’re so proud!)

(The grinning guy in green shirt is Jered Klima, from Rocket Clicks)

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with GlennDone For You

Negative Keyword Slides

A few months ago we delivered a killer Negative Keyword Webinar, but neglected to post the slides.  One of my coaching students made me aware of this, and some people are having trouble watching the video (just clear your cache if you are, this fixes it 90% of the time).

In any event, you can download the negative keyword slides here in PDF format.

The majority of AdWords accounts we’ve seen have been incredibly under-optimized for negative keywords.   Most people know what they are, and have a few dozen, or perhaps a few hundred.  But an optimized account making good use of broad match will often have THOUSANDS of negatives which can DRAMATICALLY increase your click through rate and reduce your cost per acquisition.

And when you combine the power of  Rocket Clicks negative keyword strategy with the power of the hyper-responsive adwords bulls eye process, you wind up with an extraordinary Adwords campaign, both optimized and easy to manage.  (The bulls eye process relies heavily on identifying the 6 most important keywords in your market, then leveraging Google’s broad match algorithms to expand your traffic around this theme)

Seriously, if your Adwords spend is even $100/mo, the time you spend watching this FREE webinar and studying the slides is a total “no brainer”.    It’s one of the very few times I’m comfortable saying it’s entirely possible you’ll make money TONIGHT with this information.

All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn | Done For You