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Free Content Network Telseminar


Hey… I just wanted to give you the heads up that Perry’s doing another free content network teleseminar with Shelley Ellis tomorrow.

I’ve known Perry a LONG time, and there’s one very important thing I’ve learned about him… he rarely promotes ANY other marketer CONSISTENTLY (besides me that is).    So when he started repeatedly driving people to Shelley’s work last year, I stood up and took notice.

I’d strongly recommend you listen to the free teleseminar, even if you’re not at all interested in the intermediate content network bootcamp she’ll be offering at the end. (Which, by the way, there are only 29 seats left for so if you ARE interested in one of them, pay close attention to the post opt in page and grab your spot)

Anyway… the call is FREE, and if you know Perry, you know he ALWAYS provides genuinely valuable and immediately usable information on these calls. So why not?

Of course, yes, I’ll make a commission if you buy anything after clicking this link. So you have to ask yourself, does Glenn really mean what he’s saying? I guess, short of giving you my Mom’s telephone number as a character reference, you’ll just have to make up your own mind. Seriously though, it’s kind of a no brainer:


Free Content Network Book and MP3 Interview

David Szetela, CEO of is the author of Wiley’s upcoming “PPC in One Hour a Day”, as well as  “Customers Now – Profiting from the New Frontier of Content Based Internet Advertising”.

He’s also the host of “PPC Rockstars”, a weekly pay per click podcast with some truly valuable guests and marketing gems.

David not only agreed to an exciting interview for my listeners (36 minute free MP3 below), but also graciously donated his content advertising book (and this is a REAL, meaty book with detailed examples) for you all to freely download.


Dr G 🙂

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The Tabasco Rule in Outsourcing

Guess what’s on my bathroom sink, neatly lined up with all my shampoos, soaps, electric beard trimmer, and dental floss:

A nice bottle of Tabasco Sauce.

It’s true.  My housekeeper puts it there for me every week and ensures it’s fresh.

What the hell do I need Tabasco sauce in the bathroom for?   Beats me.

But it seems Helena thinks I must indeed need it, because it’s there every week.  And the thing is, she’s a VERY bright, alert, hard working, sweet woman.

Turns out a few months ago I was rushing around and suddenly realized I was late for an appointment while I was eating my lunch (Amy’s organic black bean soup).    Apparently I didn’t want to stop eating it (it’s REALLY good) so I dragged it upstairs with me to the bathroom before I took a shower.  Not the most grown up thing I ever did, but que sera’ sera’.

Anyway, since I work at home, my housekeeper tries to bother me as little as possible.  She just tries to anticipate what I need and please me.  And apparently she thought that henceforth I’d be using tabasco sauce in my bathroom routines.

And me, mister brilliant, educated doctor that I am, fell right into the routine thinking it was so neatly lined up, it looked like it really belonged there… maybe I AM supposed to do something with it.   Of course, I kept meaning to say something, but I was just too busy.

So for months  there’s been a bottle of tabasco sauce, needlessly sitting on my bathroom counter, for no reason at all, and my housekeeper’s been wasting time and effort thinking this is an important way to please me.

Which got me to thinking…

In total, there are over a dozen people who work for and/or with me, many of whom have probably developed ridiculous and superstitious routines in their efforts to please me.

And the truth is, there ARE certain things I’d like to have set up in the bathroom in a very particular way each day for myself, I just never bothered to write out the system and communicate it.

Similarly, how many OTHER things am I dismissing as trivial while people around me scramble to read my mind and make me happy?

If you’re going to outsource effectively as an entrepreneur, it’s something worth thinking about!

Do the people working for you REALLY know what it takes to please you, or have you allowed them to develop their own “Tabasco Sauce” superstitions?  (Don’t answer too quickly now!)

Dr. G 🙂

PS – On January 1st, 2016 I’ll be opening my coaching practice to NEW students for perhaps the last time.  This will be for one day only, and because very few people ever leave me I haven’t opened for almost three full years.  (Actually, I think it will BE three years on January 1st).  If you’re even remotely interested in working with me directly, read this letter and get on the priority notification list at the bottom… then watch your email on New Year’s morning at 9 am.  The rest of the list gets notified at 10.


Are you already feeling overwhelmed by your projects this year?

Feeling overwhelmed is a by-product of lacking CONFIDENCE in your plans.

Why?   Because when you’ve got 100% confidence your plans are the right ones, you also know with certainty which plans are wrong.  And when you know that, you can just say “NO” to distractions, put your head down, and execute the job you’ve laid out for yourself.

On the other hand, if you’re not SURE your plans are correct, you’re always thinking “Is this the right project for me to be working on?  Maybe there’s something better?  Would this other opportunity over here work out better for me?  Did I make a mistake in choosing this first one?”

Then, if you’re an entrepreneur–and this is the downside of having NO boss breathing down your neck to keep you focused, on time, and on point–lacking confidence in your plans you choose whichever opportunity makes you FEEL best at the time.

Take a second and breathe that in again…

Lacking confidence forces you to make important choices with your EMOTIONS.    Consumers make choices with their emotions… but successful Marketers make choices with their HEAD (their intellect).

How do you GET the confidence you need to conquer your projects with focus and determination, and move yourself to the next level in your business?

One word — spreadsheets.

I’m not talking about ultra-precise, rocket science engineered, high octane spreadsheets accurate to 7 digits after the decimal point.

I’m talking about, for your important decisions (like which projects to work on, what your bullseye keyword target is, whether or not to take a job offer, etc), listing out the important criteria, then listing your choices, and coming up with a way to “score” each option.  (EXAMPLE: A few days ago I posted an ultra simple video and spreadsheet for making decisions)

For example, choosing between major projects to execute in a given year may involve considerations of short term profit, long term profit, likely pitfalls, fun and enjoyment, independence and control, fit with other successful projects, joint venture opportunities, etc.

And of course, in the hyper-responsive club we review in detail how to choose your single most important keyword using a spreadsheet which accounts for volume, relevance to your ideal prospect, and bid price.  (If you’re planning an SEO strategy, you also consider competition)

But the point is, breaking up a decision into it’s component parts, thinking through how those parts fit together (should some be weighted more heavily than others in the scoring formula?), and then systematically applying this scoring system to the choices at hand leaves you not only with a much clearer picture of the relative merits of each choice, but also with a system for quickly re-evaluating when things change.  In short, … CONFIDENCE.

Now, I’ve got my special formulas I’ve worked on over the long haul in Glenn Club, and of course I’d like to sell you on using those.   But I’d also like you to know there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you developing your own formulas and spreadsheets.  You don’t have to wait for anyone to grant you a certificate, give you permission, or promise not to call on you in class tomorrow.

Spreadsheets are just kind of a special way of “thinking on paper” in numerical format, and if you’ve ever used a journal (and you understand basic arithmetic), there’s really nothing stopping you from spreadsheeting your own unique problems and situations.

For what it’s worth,

Dr. G 🙂

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PS – My private coaching slots are filling very quickly now when I notify the “priority notification list”, and I apologize for being unable to notify the general list on this last round.   Therefore, if you’ve got any interest in a slot the next time an opening is available (I anticipate late February or early March), please opt in to the priority notification list at the bottom of the coaching letter.

How to Commit Social Media Suicide

You might think this post would be all about what not to do while marketing your site in the Web 2.0 nexus we call “social media” … but it’s not.

You see I ran across a very interesting service yesterday called the “Web 2.0 Suicide Machine“. It’s designed to automatically erase your profiles, contacts, and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and MySpace, and ensure you can’t log back in again.

Apparently this is a task which would take several hours if you tried to do it manually, but now you can kill your social self with just one click… brilliant.   (They plug the benefit of “discovering your real friends again”)

Now,  whether or not this is a good idea for a marketer really depends upon how judiciously you’ve been using social media, and what results you’ve been getting.

The majority of marketers I’ve spoken with seem to be aggressively TRYING to profit from social media, at the expense of time and energy which could definitely be put to better use in more traditional direct response efforts.   (NOTE: there ARE a small minority, however, who seem to be leveraging social media, particularly Twitter and Facebook… it’s still not clear to me the exact principles and techniques they’re using which distinguish them from the riff raff… as soon as I can find someone who talks about it clearly and cogently I’ll get them for an interview!)

What I think the emergence of the Social Suicide Machine does point out is, it’s worthwhile beginning the year by asking yourself  “Are you spending too much time in Social Media?” Is it possible you’re inadvertently committing marketing suicide by doing so?

What do you think?  I’d really like to know!

Dr. G 🙂

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More Emotional Marketing Examples

A few months ago I made a post about “rational purchasing consciousness” the essence of which was to underscore the need to communicate emotional benefits subtly in order to avoid harming the consumer’s desire to perceive themselves as a smart shopper.

In other words … “Show Them, Don’t Tell Them”

At that time,  several people asked for more detail on exactly HOW to do this.

So Sharon and I recorded this little audio … hope you enjoy!

Dr. G 🙂

How to Make Decisions Easier

Being an entrepreneur inevitably means having way more projects and opportunities than you can possibly handle.  Around this time of year, we all get busy with our planning systems and spreadsheets, setting goals, and making plans.

The bad news is,  the longer you work as an entrepreneur, the more opportunities you’ll get, and the harder the decisions seem to become…

But the good news is, there are tools and systems for making these decisions much easier.

One of my favorites is a simple little spreadsheet technique for calculating weighted averages.  I just list out my projects or choices one per row, and evaluate them against all the factors which I consider important to the decision in the columns.  Finally, I assign a relative importance level to each of the factors, and the simple spreadsheet calculates a “batting average” (overall score) for each project.

Have a look at the video to see what I mean, and feel free to download this example here

NOTE: be sure to download the spreadsheet here to follow along.
(My apologies for the visual quality of this particular video)

Hope it helps,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Are you relatively new to the game, or still struggling to make your first dollar of profit online? If so, I’d highly recommend you pick up a copy of the Internet Marketing Truthprints