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Profiting from the Potty

Is it possible there’s money you’re neglecting during potty time?

Might you be literally “flush with cash” and just not know it?

Have a listen and find out now!

Onwards and Upwards,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Speaking of accidentally flushing cash down the potty, most people don’t realize just how much gold is in their existing prospect and customer lists.  And one of the BEST ways to salvage it is with AUDIO TESTIMONIALS.   That’s because emotional marketing without proof is just hype… which is a nice word for bullshit.  And while written testimonials might convey results, audio testimonials and case-studies bring those results to life so that your prospect can truly FEEL the same enthusiasm of your best customers.   Could you ask for anything more?

PPS – The above link is for Sharon’s Done For You Audio Testimonial Service.  If you’d prefer to learn more about doing them yourself, you can watch this webinar replay here instead.

Say What You Hate and the Money Will Follow

You’ve heard the phrase “do what you love and the money will follow”, right?

Well I’m not so sure it’s true.

I DO think you should do what you love.

I wholeheartedly think you should do what you love, and work every day to orchestrate your life so you DO less of what you hate to do.

I’m just not sure everyone can get people to pay them for doing what they love…

Rather, I don’t think doing what you love is SUFFICIENT to make money.   I’ve yet to figure out how to get people to pay me to go hiking… it’s not that I absolutely couldn’t, but a life of mountain hiking doesn’t make the money magically appear.

But you know what IS almost like magic?

Saying what you hate…

Opening your window and shouting “I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore!” (Movie reference for all you old farts out there)

Now I suppose I should qualify this…

You’ve got to hate something with a GOOD reason (which disqualifies bigots, racists, etc… people who, by the way, I abhor!)

And it’s got to be something you really want to fix in the world… WAY over and above the money you can make when you do.

But if you can find that certain something you hate…

Something desperately wrong with the world that nobody seems willing to take a stand on in that special, special way…

If you can be that voice of contrarian reason in the market that is constantly screaming “This is wrong!  Why is nobody talking about this!??”…

And you simply park yourself on a soap box (blog, press releases, newsletter, facebook, twitter, etc) and start ranting REGARDLESS OF THE MONEY…

Well I can virtually guarantee you’ll marshal a tribe ready to pay you to further the cause.

If you take some time to read this blog you’ll see that I often wrote the posts more because they HAD TO BE WRITTEN than for any strategic, money making purpose.   Oh, I DO add plenty of strategy, and the more I get to know my market, the easier it is to blend the two… but the truth is, I often write because I can’t NOT write…

It’s almost like a sickness…

I’m sick to death when I see people losing a fortune because they didn’t do their research, or didn’t do it the right way…

I want to throw up when I look at people chasing shiny objects in this market rather than learning marketing PRINCIPLES…

I’m fed up with people looking for easy, fast ways to make money when the truth is the ONLY way to build a solid, secure, and reliable business is to WORK. (The big fat internet marketing secret is that there are NO secrets.  Everyone who makes good money online consistently–EVERYONE!–had to work really, really hard, at least until their systems were set up)…

I’m disgusted by what passes for emotional marketing these days, which is nothing more than psychobabble, when the truth is what “pressing people’s emotional hot buttons” really means is meeting their human needs in a logical, compassionate, and believable way. (BTW, if you treat your prospects like they’re idiots, you’ll wind up with an idiotic business… why is no-one else talking about this?)

And I’m exhausted from being the “merchant of truth” at my bank account’s expense. (It’s SOOOOO much easier to sell “easy”)

But I keep on writing, recording, making products, salesletters, coaching programs, etc….


Because if don’t, well, then the bad guys win.

And I’m living proof that if you start ranting and keep ranting, amazing things start happening… things you’d never plan!

Speaking of which, wanna hear something really cool?

For the last month or so Ryan and I have been doing an audio series about our new favorite book “Pitch Anything.”   We did it first because we wanted to stamp in our own understanding of how his neuropsychological conversion theory applied to online marketing.  We did it because we ENJOYED bantering about it.  And we did it because we thought it DESERVED to be shared (this book is SO mind-blowingly different than the average “how to pitch” book that it really will revolutionize your thinking about marketing)

The point is, we really didn’t know how we were going to make money with it.  We DID know we felt passionate about it.

Well, guess who happened to be listening?  The guy responsible for marketing the author’s next project, that’s who.  And it turns out, he’s one of my long term students in the hyper-responsive marketing club. So now Ryan and I are not only interviewing the author, but we MIGHT be providing the online expertise in his training programs.

See what I mean?

Start ranting, keep ranting, and you’ll be amazed what happens!

(Say what you hate and the money will follow)

Glenn 🙂

PS – Know what else I hate?  People who think they don’t have enough money to spare $4.95 to try out my live webinars club.   Seriously, you really COULD build a whole business just based on the free bonuses.

Emotional Marketing Gold

For your reading pleasure, please consider my wife’s emotional marketing gem, republished with permission from Views (the journal of the Qualitative Research Consultant’s Association)

The Gold at the End of the Ladder


Dr. G 🙂

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Profiting from Every Day Life Experience

Listen to this SHORT MP3 and discover how to identify every day life experiences which can dramatically increase your conversion!

Dr. G :-)

PS – I’m raising the price on the Live Webinars Club THIS WEEK.  Take the $4.95 trial and lock in your low monthly rate while it’s still available.  How much would it be worth to double–or even triple–your profits?

Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever

Everything I’ve ever accomplished in my life has been a result of intellect, fortitude, and endurance.

I can’t think of anything worthwhile which didn’t extract it’s price in pain.

But that’s OK, because “pain is temporary, glory is forever”

I wish I could find the reliable author of this quote, because it’s had a TREMENDOUS influence in my life. (Lance Armstrong, the world-renowned cyclist said “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”… an equally worthy variation, but not the original source)

You see as I climb higher in my career, I find the “next level” is progressively harder to reach.  It always seems to requires longer time horizons, more setbacks, better strategic planning, and infinitely better people skills…

And I’d venture to say it’s like that for everyone.

But that’s OK, because when I feel the pain and want to turn back, I say the very same thing to myself that I do as I’m climbing a five thousand foot New Hampshire mountain “Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever”

Then, before I know it, I’m on top!

What says you?

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Getting your website to CONVERT is a similar endeavor, requiring intellect, fortitude, and endurance.  You need the intellect to know what to test next, the fortitude to endure failures, and the endurance to try again until you get it right.  But it’s a MILLION times easier if you’ve got the right help… I’m raising the price on the Live Webinars Club THIS WEEK.  Take the $4.95 trial and lock in your low monthly rate while it’s still available.  How much would it be worth to double–or even triple–your profits?

It’s Not The Market We Conquer, But Ourselves

“It’s not so much the MOUNTAIN we conquer,
but ourselves” – Edmund Percival Hilary
(New Zealand Mountaineer. 1919 to 2008)

“It’s not so much the MARKET we conquer,
but ourselves” – Dr. Glenn Livingston

(Market Researcher and Psychologist, 1964-???)

Bear with me on this one, I promise it has very important implications for marketers!

OK, so the quote above has been on my mind lately because I’m about to become one of approximately 10,000 people to have climbed all forty eight 4,000+ foot mountains in New Hampshire…

Which requires much more discipline, fortitude, and patience than you might imagine.

First you’ve got to research the mountains and make a plan of attack…

Then you’ve got to figure out where the trail heads are (which is no easy feat in New Hampshire since it seems that the city planners were either drunk when naming the roads, or else they purposefully had an evil plan to keep out the tourists)

Read up on the trails themselves to ensure you bring enough water, food, the right clothing, equipment, safety checks, and more.

Then you’ve got to find the TIME to get out and do it (many of these are spread out more than 3 hours from my home, for example, and can take as much as 14 hours to summit and return to the car once you reach the trail-head)

And once you know where the hike is, what you need to bring with you to do it, and approximately when you’d like to go, you’ve got to hope the weather cooperates.  Because these mountains will eat a man alive above treeline in the wrong kind of storm (unless your’e extraordinarily and professionally prepared… a level I’ve not yet reached and don’t really strive towards)

Oh, and then there’s the wife, sister, mother, father, nieces, and nephews… inextricable family commitments seem to have a tremendous proclivity to pop up just when all the other elements have aligned correctly.

Finally, when everything seems to work out just right to get you up to the trailhead, you have to be sure you slept well enough and ate well enough the day before…

And you can’t stop too many times along the drive or else you run out of daylight for the long hike when you get there. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ALMOST summited a mountain, only to realize I was just an hour or two short of the necessary time to do so.  Other times, I just dang petered out.  Or twisted an ankle.  Or ran into someone who needed assistance.  (There are a LOT of 80+ year old people up here climbing these things!)


If you’ve ever climbed one of these gracious monsters…

If everything’s ever worked out “just right” to get you to the trailhead on time, prepared, and ready to rumble on a glorious day…

If you’ve ever “turned on your engine” and just started moving forward, one step at a time up a path that you KNOW leads to an amazing place…

And you’ve sat “on top of the world” after struggling step by step to the summit, feeling like you OWNED it for just a few precious moments…

If you’ve experienced the MAGIC that only a mountain climber knows…

Well, then, my friend, you will have come a long way towards gaining the fortitude, persistence, patience, and general frustration tolerance to hold the larger goal in mind…

And you WILL get where you want to go in the end, no matter how long it takes.

And the best part is, you will KNOW it while it’s happening.

Not wish for it, dream about it, or send out affirmations to manifest in the universe…

You’ll KNOW.

Because it’s not so much the mountain we conquer, but ourselves, and you’ll feel yourself changing with every step!

It’s NO coincidence that I’ve met many successful CEOs wandering around these mountain summits, because many of the qualities of character one must develop to run a company can be found on these trails. (As a matter of fact, on my corporate website, my bio says “everything you need to learn about life you can learn from a mountain!”)


Suppose your goal is to be the dominant presence in your market…

To own a stable and secure piece of it (you don’t have to be #1 to make a very fat paycheck or accomplish important corporate missions)…

Or even just to make your first dollar of profit online!

This has EVERYTHING in common with conquering the mountain…

  • It seems deceptively simple from the distance…
  • Your friends, family, and loved ones just barely understand your obsession (and might outright oppose it)
  • You need to do exhaustive research to find the right path…
  • You need to come prepared with the right resources…
  • You need to coordinate your time…
  • You need to count on a certain amount of luck with regards to factors outside your control (market forces, economic conditions, etc… just like the weather must cooperate for a hiker)…
  • You need a LONG TERM time horizon in which you can constantly hold your goal in mind
  • You must develop immense frustration tolerance…
  • You may need to find the right partners (hiking buddies) to help you with certain challenges…
  • You will take real risks of injury (loss of capital, morale, energy, etc) along the way…
  • Odds are you will NOT have a smooth and easy story to tell (take some time to read biographies of ultra successful entrepreneurs…I can’t find even ONE who says it was easy)
  • You may have to return to the same “mountain” (project, business goal, etc) with multiple attempts, possibly over the course of many years before you can reach the summit…
  • You probably will need to do some rainy day hikes (where you’re determined to make progress no matter how difficult or muddy the project path)
  • You WILL feel uncomfortable, yet need to press on forward…
  • And some summits will have rather disappointing views (you will build some business successes you find you’re not so happy with after all)

And most of all I can GUARANTEE you this…

It will be AN ADVENTURE.

Which is the stuff of life, isn’t it?

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

(And when you complete your quest  you’ll be itching for the next one, I can guarantee that too)

Onwards and UPWARDS,

Dr. Glenn 🙂

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PPS – I’m thinking about doing a one day seminar either later this summer or early this fall on the psychological aspects of success online.  I know it seems like everyone and their dog has done some kind of “online mindset” seminar, but dammit I’m the one who’s actually a psychologist so it should be ME, don’t you think?  If I DO this, I’m going to try and coordinate it so that I have only one mountain left to finish, and (conditions permitting) anyone who wants to do it with me can come along the next day.  Good idea or bad idea?

Selling to Detail Oriented Geeks

Ever been interrupted in the middle of a sales presentation by someone who “wants the details?”

Then, before you know it you’re neck deep arguing over the fine points while the gist of your value proposition goes out the window (and the rest of the room goes to sleep?)

Ever found yourself struggling to EXPLAIN the features of your products or service in a salesletter and/or email, and wondered how on earth you were ever going to get your prospect all the way through?

If so, you’re a victim of the Analyst Frame according to my new favorite book “Pitch Anything”

In this third and final segment of the series, Ryan and I show you how to bust-up the Analyst frame and take control whether you’re on a webinar, in a salesletter, or in a boardroom…

Onwards and Upwards,

Dr. G 🙂

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Laser Case Study: Drop Box!

In the tradition of “doing your fricking research” (proving your concept before you spend time, money, and other resources to build your product and marketing system), Ryan and I wanted to present this “laser case study” about how DROPBOX pre-tested their concept.

Enjoy, make use of, and prosper 🙂
(To replace Mr. Spock’s old adage)

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