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Use Personality Type to Bond Quicker, Sell Faster, and Get Better Results for Clients

If your job involves working with people I’ll bet my pinky toe this has happened to you at least once…

You clearly and carefully explain something to a client…but they respond with a painfully blank stare.  Or a long, uncomfortable silence.  Or perhaps you posed a simple question, or asked them to participate in an exercise, but something just didn’t click.

Wanna know why? You used the WRONG communication style for your client’s personality.  You see, there really are different TYPES of clients.  And the approach which works miraculously for one can be—and often is—completely useless for the next…

You’d have better luck getting your dog to read an email.  

In fact, using the WRONG type of communication for your client’s personality type is probably the world’s #1 sales, consulting, and marketing error.  Because no matter how much they may genuinely want to understand you, it’s almost impossible they ever will. Worse yet, this type of communication mis-match actually harms rapport, prevents referrals, and can cause clients to terminate prematurely.

Right click the image below and “save as” to download this brilliant interview with my darling wife and partner Dr. Sharon Livingston (who wrote her dissertation on personality types and has used them to build faster, stronger rapport with over 63,000 paid interviews in a very high pressure environment)…

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My Most Disturbing Conversion Secret…

The time has come to share my MOST disturbing conversion secret…

It’s another one of those “nobody REALLY wants to
know the truth they just want an ‘easy button'”
kind of insight…

So I’m sure it’ll be a sales killer.
At least for a certain segment of my audience.

As I get older I’m willing embrace that cost.
In fact, that’s another conversion secret, just
not the most disturbing one:

There’s no way to connect with the RIGHT audience
without becoming a “hated merchant of truth” by
at least some of the people who follow you.

So be it!

What IS my most disturbing secret?

It’s NOT the “Cockroach Conversion Secret”  (Google it
if you haven’t seen the video)…

It’s also NOT the very disturbing things I do in restaurants…

Actually, it’s not disturbing in the grotesque sense of the word at all…

Just in the “very sad commentary on the state of things in society” sense
of the word…

Here’s my MOST disturbing conversion secret:

“You’ve Gotta Chase People to Get Them to
Do What’s in Their Best Interest”  

See, in my ideal world business should work like this…

You offer something of genuine value to the market place,
and you charge less than what it’s really worth.  This
creates a friction free market place where a lot of money
and value is always changing hands.

Because people are getting what they need there’s always
money moving through the machine.  And that keeps vendors
innovating and delivering progressively more value. Which
causes productivity to go up across the board.

In this Utopian world, you’d offer something in people’s
best interest and they’d just buy it.  After all, why wouldn’t
they?  Over and over again they have the experience of
getting both more than they paid for and improving their
lives… because all that was for sale in the world were
products and services which actually were in people’s
best interest!

SELLING WOULD BE EASY. And we’d all be smiling!  (Glenn for President!!!)


And that’s why consumers don’t just jump at
things which genuinely ARE in their best interest.

Now, that’s NOT news.  You already knew that.

The reason it’s a conversion opportunity is
most entrepreneurs forget the context, so
they experience the consumer’s reflexive rejection
of their genuinely-helpful-and-in-the-customers’-best-interest
product or service as a deep rejection of themselves…

Or they confuse this rejection with the notion that
their offer is no good, there’s not enough value, etc…

When all that really needed to happen was for the
entrepreneur to pursue the customer longer, harder,
and more passionately…

Unfortunately that really IS what’s necessary to get
people to do what’s in their best interest in the first place!

And because most entrepreneurs are unwilling to
do this, those who ARE willing are harboring one
of the greatest conversion secrets of all…

If what you offer really IS in the customer’s
best interest…


You owe it to them, to yourself, (and even to society)
to make them realize things will be much worse
if they pass you bye.

Unfortunately, this is why we ALL have to work
incredibly hard to get our sales funnels converting…

It’s also the reason the amount of time, money,
energy, and other resources which must go into
making your funnel convert is astronomically higher
than anyone thinks it will be at first…

And it’s why so many broken-hearted-entrepreneurs
come to me crying that they don’t have what it takes…

Which is a shame because a lot of them really DO
have what it takes, they just don’t KNOW what it takes
because they’re still living in the fantasy world 95%
of internet marketers inhabit.

But if connecting with the right customers is worth
it and you’ve got something which really will make
their lives better, then it’s definitely worth the effort…

SO KEEP GOING.  Put your head down and do what’s
necessary to reach your customer and convince them
you’ve got what they need.  Because in all likelihood
you DO…

But getting them to realize it is going to take a LOT
more than you thought it was.

You miscalculated.  So what!  Go back, lick your
wounds and get back in the battle better prepared
next time.  And then again…

Until those people wake up and smell your coffee!
(Or green tea, or carrot juice, etc)

And that’s the secret.  Be the one who puts your
ego aside and accepts that you’ve gotta chase
people to get them doing what’s in their best
interest.  While your competitors are giving up
in exasperation, you keep going.

Yes, we all wish things were different… but they’re not.

So go sell something!!

Dr. G 🙂

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The Fastest Way to Find JV Partners

If you’ve been on my list for any length of time then you know I’m definitely NOT a “shortcuts” kind of a guy.  I don’t believe in “silver bullets” and “get paid quick formulas”…

  • I believe in order to create a business, you have to do your research… 
  • You’ve got to isolate point of difference benefits…
  • Slave over sales copy for a ridiculous number of hours until it shines…
  • Rigorously follow-up with your prospects to be sure they fully understand the benefits of your product… to say nothing of the cruel, hard fate which awaits them if they decide to pass…

And I most certainly believe it’s serious work, NOT “half-assing it” which creates the deepest level of business success.

That’s what I’ve preached for years on end, perhaps even to my detriment.

If you put a group of MY students in a room, you’ll see a group of very serious people who believe in hard work and dedication…

As a matter of fact if you’re reading this, odds are you’re ONE of those people!

But sometimes… the easier, faster way actually is the right one. So I’m writing this to remind you (and myself) that when it comes to finding joint venture partners, the “low hanging” fruits are truly the easiest and sweetest pick.

You see… in order to get a partner to promote your products or services to his hard won customers he needs to know, like and trust you.

That’s much more than a phrase.  Because JV seekers often forget how hard their partners have worked to “win” their customers.   (If you’re a vendor, you know how much time, money and emotional investment goes into getting a single customer.  But for some reason when vendors seek JV partners they forget about this and minimize the request in their minds.  “I’m just asking for him to send one email.  I’ll even write the damn thing for him!” they rationalize.  But this utterly ignores the risk your prospective partner is taking)

Potential partners want to protect their investment.   If they don’t know you their relationship with their customers is worth a LOT more to them than the potential extra income you can bring.

That’s why in Joint Venture Fast Track, we devote a great deal of time and effort to show you how to quickly move through the phases of ‘knowing’, ‘liking’ and ‘trusting’ with a new partner…

And how to prepare in advance to maximize your chances of successfully advancing through these stages.

But… that’s not what this post is about.   Rather, it’s about a group of people who already know, like and trust you…

You see, hidden within your phone’s contact book, your friend-list on Facebook, your Linkedin and Twitter contact there is probably at least one blogger, list owner or guru that you’ve been in touch with.

Maybe you’ve studied under him.  Maybe you’ve purchased one of her products.  Perhaps you’ve written a guest post for their blog (or they wrote one for yours).  

The bottom line is this.  Map out your existing relationships. People who already know you, like you, and trust you.

Approach them first.  It’s ten times easier to get a response from these existing contacts. And if they aren’t amenable to promoting, they might give you a referral to someone who will be.

Plus, they’ll help you find the bugs in your offer, and should be a lot more tolerant when (not if) you make a mistake.

Creating joint ventures with people you already know helps you hit the ground running.  It makes it possible to enter the JV world with a lot less friction.

And the ‘evergreen’ principles we teach in Joint Venture Fast Track help you turn these friendly first JVs into perpetual money streams… which give you the moral boost and extra financial security you need to go after bigger JV deals.

Onwards and Upwards ,

The Glenn 🙂

P.S.  Make sure to get JV Fast track before the deadline on Friday.  Right now it truly is a fantastic deal.  But the price goes up substantially at midnight on Friday.  And even before that you’ll risk missing out on the “Fast Action” Bonus.

How I Won Over Perry Marshall’s Audience

As we roll out Joint Venture Fast Track this week I wanted to make one VERY important point clear to everyone considering building their own joint venture channel:  Winning the JV game involves more than just getting a big mailer to promote for you.  You’ve got to win over the hearts and minds of their audience too…

Of course, your partner’s endorsement goes a long way, but do you know what goes MUCH further?


No, I’m not advocating you ask your JV partner to send one of your “Selfies” via their Twitter account!  I’m talking about bearing your soul and telling the most painful part of your own journey.  Show them that you’ve been someplace much worse than they have, but emerged realistically and believably victorious.

Once you do THAT–provided you do it thoroughly and with 100% honesty–you’re no longer part of some “big boy’s club” who’s trying to siphon cash from them.  You’re ONE of them and they want to connect with you.

And it’s from this perspective that I’m re-presenting an extremely powerful interview Perry Marshall and I did many years back as we were first starting to JV together.  See, most entrepreneurs believe they should bombard a JV partner’s list with “Benefit Heavy” offers in order to squeeze out the maximum amount of cash…

But Perry knew we wouldn’t really win over his best customers that way…even with my strongest offers.  (This was particularly true since I was selling a “how to do your market research” system… and no matter how you slice it, research isn’t sexy!)

So he asked me to get on a teleseminar–which wound up being attended by more than 2,000 people!–and share my most intimate, embarrassing business story (ever).  If that wasn’t enough, I was to have my wife Sharon join us to discuss the total financial meltdown and near bankruptcy we went through from 2001 to 2003!

This was certainly enough to require a double dose of Kaopectate for even the most confident entrepreneur… but I really respected Perry’s instincts so I agreed without hesitation.

It turned out to be extremely valuable on many, many fronts. Listening to it you can’t help but absorb tools to better manage your most serious financial problems.

In fact, since the time of this one hour spontaneous call–which was recorded and distributed to literally hundreds of thousands of people–dozens of people have approached me in conferences, seminars, and other meetings to tell me the recording “saved their lives” and helped them get through some very serious financial downturns.  Strangers have hugged me.  People have come up to me in grateful tears.

In fact, this might have been the first time where I understood the notion of capturing emotion in an interview and distributing it’s power far and wide…

It’s also very entertaining – in a train wreck sort of way. (I don’t cringe quite as much when I hear it anymore)


While you’re listening, I want you to put your JV hat on and think about the business impact the interview had on Perry’s customers (and mine). Take a step back and think about how this interview effected people who’d never heard of me yet and had no idea what I was selling.  Think about the bonding impact it had with Perry’s audience…and then think about what story in your own past YOU could tell with 100% honesty, humility, and a little bit of shame to bond with YOUR prospective JV partner’s audience.

In under 60 minutes, two thousands of Perry’s customers and prospects got to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST me… and within a few weeks hundreds of thousands more!

Even though we sold nothing on this call, we laid down a VERY strong foundation for Perry’s audience to purchase my products and services in the future.  We sewed the seeds for a powerful, long term JV.

Listen soon, while you’re in the “learn how to JV” mindset. And then…build on this template to win the hearts of new customers for whatever JV partnership you set up.

And whatever you do, be sure to get in on the introductory price for Joint Venture Fast Track.  Because if you miss it, you’re going to want to smack yourself in the head with a spatula.  And that’s something none of us wants to see!  (Intro price good only for a few more days)


The Good Dr. Glenn 🙂