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The Power of Singing Testimonials

About fifteen years ago when my ex-wife was consulting for Novartis, she got one of the doctors she interviewed to do a singing testimonial for a particular drug she was researching. That video made the rounds at Novartis and got her more exposure in the company than perhaps anything else.

Well, I’ve kind of ignored the power of the singing fan testimonial for a long time…

Until Stephanie Padovani insisted on submitting one… below!  (What could a singing testimonial do for your business?  They’re not that hard to get – just ask your list to upload them to YouTube!)

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The Strangest Way to Get People to Click Your Emails

The strangest way to get people to click your emails is to do what I just did (assuming you got here from my email with the same subject line)…just hyperlink the subject line which got them to OPEN the email in the first place… duh!  I mean, it only stands to reason that if they were interested enough to open for a particular benefit+curiosity subject line, then that same unique combination should drive them all the way through.  This follows the principle of “message continuity” and works especially well when the hyperlink is at the top of the message.   

You can and should also apply the principle of message continuity to all your advertising.  Look at your ads on Facebook, Bing, Google, etc.  Is the mindset YOU put people in to generate the click from the teaser ad carried forward on the landing page?  Are you delivering on the exact promise you made in the teaser ad?

It’s easy to drift away from the mindset you developed at the beginning of a funnel as you move to each successive piece because people tend to consider these pieces as separate entities and work on them in stages… but really, the system is a cohesive whole.  The same guy who invites the girl to the dance has gotta show up at the dance and act like he promised to act in order to get a second date.  Then, on that date, he’s got to deepen the same promise…

Women NEVER forget and neither do your prospects.  Food for thought right?

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I woke up this morning to perhaps the 400th email of my career from a client who refuses to give up a bad business idea… simply because they’ve invested so much into it.

If I’ve learned anything in all my years doing this it’s this…


I run into so many people who keep throwing good money after bad because they just don’t
want to see the writing on the wall.

Granted, persistence IS a virtue.  And the name of the game IS staying in the game until
you win the game…

But the thing of it is, for this to work you have to have picked a good game to start with…

And you have to have at least a 50/50 chance of actually getting INTO the game at all.

It’s a very painful position to be in, having to give people the bad news that they’re chasing a
dying dream…

Honestly, I’d rather NOT be the merchant of truth.

I HATE being the guy who can see the pins coming at someone’s bubble dream at a million miles an hour when so many other people are telling them it’s a good idea…

When it represents their biggest hopes…

Sometimes they even feel it’s their ONLY option 🙁

But what should I do, lie to them?…

Tell them “sure, go ahead, pour every ounce of sweat, money, and love you’ve got left in your soul into what for all intents and purposes looks to me like a money-sucking-black-hole?”

It was a lot easier to be a plain old psychologist, back in the day.  In most cases, even though I had to find ways to give people bad news, I didn’t have to do it urgently.  I could find a way to do it with love…

Now sometimes I only get one shot with someone willing to pay my ridiculous fees… and I’ve got to be sure they walk away with the RIGHT advice!

Ah well, I guess I made my bed, so now I’ve got to lay in it right?  (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Anyway, speaking of money-sucking-black-holes, do you know where MOST entrepreneurs have one sitting right under their nose that’s REALLY easy to turn around?

Credit card processing!

Most card processing underwriters are incredibly bloated fat-cats sitting around and overcharging you to move money around the internet for you…

And because processing goes on forever with very few business owners ever taking the time to investigate and switch, that extra 1/2 to 1% off the top can REALLY add up.

For example, if you’re paying 2.75% when you COULD be paying 2.25% in a $100,000/year business, the five year value of that half percent is $2,500 in your bank account instead of theirs.   In a $1M/year business we’re talking about $25,000.  And sometimes people  are running at 3% or more… I’m sure you can see how this can ad up to $50,000 or even more as you grow!   That’s a full time employee you might be paying for instead of just letting the money
slip out the door for no reason to the fat cats in your merchant processing deal.

Plus, most business owners never consider a strategy for protecting their accounts from the sudden spikes in processing volume associated with a strong promotion… or difficulties with chargebacks if their customer service gets out of hand.

If you’re processing $1,000/mo. or more, please just CLICK HERE AND FILL OUT THE FORM for a FREE rate analysis and strategic consultation.  Let us know your monthly volume, whether you’ve got a system in place for chargebacks, and (only if you know it) what discount rate you are currently paying.

Of course, feel free to fill us in on any other details of your situation that you think are relevant.


We’ll have an expert get back to you as soon as possible!

Glenn 🙂

PS – If you have CLIENTS and/or PEERS who sell successfully online we can arrange to pay you a hefty commission FOREVER on your referrals too… let us  know the details and we’ll tell you how to work that out.  You can reply to the confirmation email you’ll get after you fill out the form.