4 Video Conversion Tips

Video Sales Letters are all the rage these days…

But do you really know how to use them?  When to use them?  How to optimize them?  How to create the “hypnotic effect” that boosts conversion?

Ryan Levesque does…

In fact, his obsessive (almost psychotic) study of video sales letters in the past 6 months is largely responsible, in my estimation, for his recent meteoric rise.

Fair warning… he’s going to sell you a (rather affordable and amazingly easy to consume 80/20) product in a few days…

And I’m definitely going to promote it…

But for today, I just wanted to GIVE you some of his most valuable tips for free (as is my custom).

Eat it up, yumm yumm, eat it up!

(I know I did)

G 🙂

PS – You can read his hero story here too.  (Affiliate link if you happen to buy later on)