Adwords Antimonials

Apparently, the FTC is working on regulations which require marketers to show more typical results.   They’re addressing a real problem … what if only 10% of customers get amazing results, whereas 90% of them lose a fortune?   If we only show the top 10%, we’re misleading customers, right?

But marketers honestly be expected to aggressively display their BAD side?

I’m actually in favor of it and plan to do so.

In fact, I’m COINING a new term right here and now “ANTIMONIAL(tm)”. (An Antimonial is genuinely negative customer feedback published right along with Testimonials to give more credibility and honestly to your sales presentation)

I have the opinion that honestly displaying negative feedback about your materials, along with your own response and defense of same, gives people the right to decide for themselves.  And if what you’re offering has genuine value, the fact that both positive and negative commentators are displayed will make it obvious that you’re telling the whole truth.

It also puts more pressure on us as marketers to actually DELIVER, because we won’t be able to hide behind a short list of satisfied (and sometimes manic) customers anymore.

So let’s start with this very post … let me have it please!  (What am I doing wrong?  How can I improve?  And if you’re so inclined, what am I doing RIGHT too?)