Adwords Marketers – Do You Love Me Enough?

Here’s a challenge and an exercise  for  AdWords Marketers … but you’ll have to bear with me for a moment.

When I first became a psychologist I thought it was going to be like being a detective.  I honestly thought people would walk into my office, lay out their problems, let me connect the dots, and then they’d walk away and fix their lives.

For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why therapy was supposed to take years, because it only took a few sessions  to see the patterns, diganose the problem, and see what the solution was.  Honestly, it didn’t take too  much book knowledge either.   (With apologies to my University).

But it didn’t work like I thought.

People did come in and lay out their problems.

And within a few sessions, I WAS able to connect the dots.

Problem was, when I pointed it out to them, they’d give me some version of  “I already knew that”, and they became instantly blind to delving further … and more importantly, to CHANGE.

“I already know I’m  driving my wife away with constant criticism, I’m trying to stop” (He didn’t know he was even harsher on himself and thought it was a normal and healthy way to achieve)

“I already know my son’s involved with drugs because he sees me smoke pot in the yard on the weekends, I’m working on quitting” (What he didn’t know was how empty he felt inside because his father gave so little to him, and he was unintentionally doing the same with his boy)

You see, what I learned the hard way was, people aren’t all that willing to go beyond their “already knews”.   It takes a lot of courage.  They need to feel safe.  And that only happens when they love you enough to take a chance.

So it turns out, being a successful psychologist had more to do with my ability to help people love me than everything I learned in school.

What does this have to do with marketing?


Because all of we marketers have our “already knew its” too.

“I already know I can reduce my AdWords costs and increase conversions if I run the Search Query report, peel and stick, and mine for negative keywords” (What you don’t know is your overly complex account structure makes it very difficult for you to keep up with this on a regular basis)

“I already know my conversion would go up if I studied the conversation in my prospect’s head more thoroughly, did Glenn’s survey methods, and thoroughly reverse engineered my single most important competitor” (What you don’t know is that you find this task daunting because you’re not focussed on a single “bulls-eye” keyword and haven’t articulated the conceptual boundaries of your keyword strategy)

“I already know I need to more aggressively split test to keep up with AdWords bid prices” (What you don’t know is there’s only so much efficiency you can squeeze out of a PPC campaign.  After that the highest and best use of your time is developing back ends and working on the conversion and visitor value of your system as a whole, while you delegate the PPC upkeep and improvement)

“I already know my market backwards and forwards” (What you don’t know are the key differences between buyers and prospects,  repeat buyers and trial buyers, and hyper-responsive vs. regular customers)

The list goes on and on.

So my question for you is, do you love me enough to face something new in your Adwords account today?  Something you haven’t seen before?

Try this exercise.

I know it sounds silly, but go for a walk in a familiar place, someplace you can loop around 4 times on the same path.   It could be right in your back yard, your mall, or on a mountain trail.  Ideally it’s someplace you’ve been dozens of times before so you “feel” like you know it like the back of your hand.  It doesn’t matter how long it is.

Now, walk the loop 4 times, and each time you walk it, notice something you never saw before.  It can be anything … a pebble, a piece of dirt, a spot on the wall, a bird … as long as you never noticed it before.

When you notice this, REALLY notice it.  Take in everything about it … color, lighting, shape, … and how it makes you think and feel to see it.

When you get back, write down as much as you can about the new things you saw.

Then go look in your AdWords account and find 4 new opportunities you haven’t been paying attention to.   They could be in the account itself, or about your landing page, follow up systems, salesletters, products, or business as a whole.

Don’t say this is corny.

Don’t say you already know.

Just love me enough to do it  (pretty please) and I know you’ll thank me.

All my best,

G 🙂