Adwords Marketing Success – The Naked Truth

Listen, we’re all chasing the same dream … “escape the dollars for hours trap by moving some electrons around the internet using auto-piloted systems while our bankers scratch their butts and look at us curiously wondering  how it all works”

Am I right?

Now there are a lot of people out there telling you it’s easy.   In fact, some are telling you it’s VERY easy.

Which leads a lot of people to have broken hearts, shattered dreams, and to dig very large holes for themselves 🙁

And worse yet, it prevents people from following through with focus and determination … which in my estimation is the ONLY way to conquer a market (even WITH my particular skills, background, and research protocols)

Let me ask you this … HOW COULD IT POSSIBLY BE EASY?

According to the latest stats I’ve seen, 88% of searchers NEVER go beyond page one of the search results, and the vast, vast majority of those click on one of the first five links (both paid and organic).

Which means there’s room for only about 10 players in any given market.   Which means you’ve got to figure out how to be amongst the TOP TEN VENDORS IN THE WORLD for your market to get ANY significant traction.

So let me ask you, is there ANY other endeavor where people would so easily believe it is EASY to become one of the top ten in the world?

When you put it like that, all the internet hype kind of melts away, doesn’t it!

Now, before I leave you too depressed, the counter-claim to all this is that there are tens of thousands of markets … and the vast majority of marketers have NO idea how to …

– Focus on relationship building with prospects
– Do their research appropriately
– Understand the “keyword conversation” behind each search phrase
– Gather free competitive intelligence
– Fully optimize their sites for organic traffic
– Please the Adwords Quality Score Monster
– Use audio, video, and graphic design effectively
– Emotionally connect with their prospects and customers
– Relentlessly build value with back end products and continuity
– Test, track, and continually beat their conversion rate
– Write compelling copy
– Actually talk to their customers and prospects
– Estimate the necessary resources to deliver value better than
their competitors
– Determine which competitors to copy and which to avoid
– Identify market gaps, etc.

Which is WHY I say it IS entirely possible, but it takes SERIOUS focus and determination, usually over a period of at least 4 to 6 months for a new market, and sometimes more than a year if it’s very competitive.


My intention was to paint a picture of reality for you in hopes you’d be able to be kinder to yourself when assessing exactly how far you’ve come, what you know, what you don’t, and what lies ahead.

How’d I do?

Let me know,

Glenn 🙂