Are You Getting Killed?

People tend to use very powerful, frightening language when previously profitable AdWords campaigns start to drop in efficiency, or go into the red.

Whether it’s due to the recession, increased competition,  or tightened quality score requirements, people feel and speak as if they’re actually “bleeding”, “dying”, “getting killed”, etc.

Sometimes it’s important to step back, breathe, and look at this language with fresh eyes.

I’m NOT talking theory.  Most of you know Sharon and I went through near-bankruptcy losing $2M when we only had a little less than $1M.  Did you know you can lose $2M without having it first?  It’s not like losing your car keys where you can at least remember having them all in your hands at one point in the recent past.  (NOTE: my bankers did NOT think this analogy was very funny)

What you might not know is that by continually frightening myself I created an emotional situation which I ran to food to escape.  (Well, not really food, more like chocolate, pizza, and ice cream)

I gained 60 pounds, drove my triglicerides into the 800s, my cholesterol near 300… and created a bunch of other numbers which almost gave my DOCTOR a heart attack.

Seriously… I was not only broke, I was almost dead.

The thing is … I COULD have just been broke.

And in the end, the whole experience turned out to be what gave me the courage to make a life transition I was wanting to make for a very long time.  (A good psychologist can make about $150K/yr without too much struggle, but my skills were worth many times that in marketing… I really had no choice but to push forward.  Look where I am now)

So …

I KNOW things are tough all over.

I KNOW the numbers in your account don’t look so hot … maybe downright frightening.

But my question is … are you really bleeding?  Being tortured? Getting killed?  Dying a slow death?

How are YOU scaring yourself, and what’s it costing you to do so?


It’ll pass.

You’ll be here when it does, and with the right perspective, you’ll have a smaller hole to climb out of.

Glenn 🙂