Can You Live Without Keyword Services?

I  just got an urgent email from a major keyword service which said something to the effect of:

“Your subscription expired on _____ (date)  and we just don’t know how your website can continue to grow without doing constant keyword research”

Assuming you’ve developed a strong center of gravity on a bulls eye keyword, here are 7 ways you can continue to grow your website, business, and profits WITHOUT doing constant keyword research:

  1. Just process your damn search query report in Adwords already.    Seriously, I called your Mom yesterday and told her to lay on the guilt extra thick, because I STILL find 80% of my list is just not doing this, and that’s like flying blind.     Adwords is getting more competitive by the day, and you NEED VISIBILITY into which keywords convert  and which ones don’t so you can peel and stick, adjust your bids, and empower Google’s fuzzy logic to do ITS thing, which is to EXPAND YOUR PROFITABLE TRAFFIC WITHOUT REQUIRING CONSTANT MANUAL KEYWORD RESEARCH.  Of course, this all assumes you’ve installed the conversion pixel on your website (look in the tools section of Adwords).   And if you don’t want to do this, maybe you could donate to my favorite charity instead of feeding Google unnecessarily?  Enough said.
  2. Ditto on the placement report.
  3. Taguchi test in Adwords to improve your click through and strengthen your center of gravity in Google’s eyes.  So they can automatically expand to more keywords on your broad match bids. (The stronger your keywords perform, the more Google will try to expand to related words, and who knows better than they?)
  4. Split Test using Profit Per Impression ( so you can afford to bid higher and command a larger share of voice, which, uh, like encourages Google to try and expand your broad match keywords
  5. Do an 80/20 Survey on your Opt In List or E-Commerce site, then use the results to improve your Adwords copy, landing pages, follow up sequences, back end products, and sales processes.
  6. Get on the phone and call your customers and prospects, just to ask how you’re doing and what you could improve.  (Forget all our fancy emotional interviewing techniques, just pick up the darn phone)
  7. Consider updating your site and your landing pages to a more substantial, web 2.0, modern Adwords compliant format.

Most if not all of the above, especially #s 1 and 2, should be done way before you start spending time and money in keyword services outside of Google.    And you should make sure you’ve leveraged Google’s FREE tools before you move to the paid services.  Only makes sense, right?

When you’ve done all above, the keyword services can be a source of incremental volume, bid efficiencies, and profit.   But it’s nothing like it used to be, thanks to all the wonderful free tools Google’s providing, and thanks to their ever improving fuzzy logic auto-expansion algorithms.

Sorry, this kind of pissed my off today, I should probably have held back my tone a little bit, I know it was out of character for me.  What do you think?

Dr. G 🙂