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The Worlds Biggest Affiliate Commission?

Does anyone know the world record affiliate commission for a single referred sale?
One of my former coaching clients is in a VERY unusual business and I believe he may be offering a record breaker.  Several orders of magnitude bigger than anything you’re likely to have seen in our marketing circles.

Listen to the short interview here.  Who knows, if you happen to know someone who knows someone, you might be part of breaking a world record too!  I doubt you’ll ever see it on ClickBank, but it’s  definitely worth a listen, if for no other reason than to stimulate ideas for non-traditional affiliate programs in your own business.  (In full disclosure, Giussepe will
compensate my company too if you refer a sale)

All My Free Cheat Sheets, Mp3s, and Videos

Been cataloging and organizing the last 5 years of MP3 interviews, PDF Cheat Sheets, and Conversion Videos…

Thought I might as well give you the benefits of that too 🙂

Right click the image above and you’ll get a PDF full of links to my BEST Cheat Sheets, Interviews, and Conversion Videos

It’s all my best stuff, all in one place!

(Don’t say I never gave you anything)

Now go turn some visitors into buyers, would you?

Dr. G 🙂

PS – If you haven’t already joined the LIVE CONVERSION WEBINARS club, you should do so now.  If for no other reason than (a) the “best conversion secrets of 2012” video is about to scroll out of the archived club recordings and become a $67 product in it’s own right; (b) the “Persuasion Architecture” bonus audio contains the crowning jewel of all my work for the past 8 years and (c) today you can still download both of these for less than five dollars

PPS – If you’ve been through the hyper-responsive club but never got around to implementing the work (or not quite as thoroughly as you wanted to)–OR–if you’re servicing clients and think whitelabeling Glenn’s hyper-responsive bulls eye research behind you might make you look stronger to your client… get your tuchas over to

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A ZILLION Ps S:  Would much appreciate you SHARING this page, posting it in your forums, passing around the PDF by email to ALL your contacts, and telling your mama’s how cool it is to have Dr. Glenn’s stuff. (Not particularly modest, but hey, I’m too old for that)

Your Marketing Center of Gravity

There’s one mistake I see people make more often than any other (in both Adwords and Organic SEO), which could be defined as not having a “marketing center of gravity”.

You may THINK you know what I mean, and on the surface, you probably do.  But when you watch the video below, you’ll see the IMPLICATIONS are much further reaching, and in many ways the opposite of what you currently think they are.

I can’t recommend you watch this one more highly (I know that’s kind of immodest, please don’t tell my Mom):

Center of Gravity Part ONE:

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn

Center of Gravity Part TWO:

How to Do It Yourself | Coach with Glenn

Perry Marshall – All My Best MP3 Interviews

Perry Marshall EXTENSIVELY UPDATED his Definitive Guide to Google Adwords today.

To celebrate, I’ve zipped up 6 of the BEST interviews I’ve done with Perry and his office over the years into one big “Fill Up Your MP3 Player Perry Marshall Mega-Download” (there’s an important interview with Bryan Todd, his co-author too.

Perry’s NEW Definitive Guide includes intensive MULTIMEDIA modules on:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • The Content Network
  • “Just Getting Started”
  • Information Marketing
  • Marketing in the UK
  • Copywriting (with Michael Fortin)

Here’s more specific list of changes to the Definitive Guide:

  • Over a dozen brand new chapters covering things like the Content Network, Analytics, Quality Score, and the new interface
  • Over 15 hours of brand new audio files (supplementary content included with purchase)
  • Video presentations on targeted AdWords sections (supplementary content included with purchase)
  • PDF documents and reports never released to the general public before – in other words, stuff from Perry’s private AdWords Vault.
  • Niche specific modules that elaborate on how you can specifically use AdWords to profit in your industry. (Think modules for affiliates, info marketers, etc… )
  • A brand-new “Beginner’s Guide to eCommerce” that takes Definitive Guide owners from zero to building a website, picking a niche, and launching and AdWords campaign profitably.
  • And, of course, Perry and Bryan take you deep inside the AdWords machine, crack the code and reveal how to attract millions of potential buyers in a matter of minutes at the lowest cost possible. With all new tactics and insights, they’ve completely cracked the code anew.

It also includes up to $75 in free traffic from Google for new advertisers.

If you’re marketing in AdWords, you really need to keep up with these changes (personal opinion).   You can pick it up here today

Dr. G 🙂

Affiliate Gold MP3

Hi all 🙂

On Monday, I led a live Q&A teleconference for affiliates via

While it would be most interesting for those wishing to promote Rocket Clicks itself, there were some VERY strong ideas for any affiliate campaign and it’s well worth your time to listen if you do any affiliate marketing at all.


PS – Please watch for a BRAND NEW COMPREHENSIVE DONE FOR YOU SERVICE from Rocket Clicks in just a few days.  (First come first served)

Adwords Bragging

Sorry … just had to brag for a moment. (This is a testimonial received for The Naked Truth About Internet Marketing)

Email From A Client Who Previously Heard Me Present Hyper-Responsive Adwords Methods

“Hi Glenn, I just picked up your Truth Profits program and I gotta tell you…I was blown away by the PPC section you included. Like a lot of internet marketers, I’ve lost my shirt (and close to my pants! 😉 in getting pay-per-click completely WRONG for so long. I’ve purchased several programs but all they seem to do is tell you Google’s “rules” or how to try to “game the system”.

The format that your team used with discussing PPC was like being a fly on the wall as real pro’s discuss what’s REALLY working in this area. It’s obvious that the other marketers you teamed up with were somewhat challenged at some point with PPC. They asked all the right questions (for beginners and pro’s)…and you gave some incredible answers in a real step-by-step format.

I listened to the recording 3 times in a row and found new tips each time. In fact, I listened to it while on the treadmill at my gym and had to keep jumping off to scribble down the thoughts and ideas as they came pouring into my head! (I think you’re personally responsible for about 750 calories I could have lost if I’d just been able to keep running! Won’t hold it against you!)

Anyway, just wanted to say that I’ve listened to many of your recordings in the past but this one is by FAR the best yet. This section alone was worth far more than the price I paid.

Thanks for the tips!”

Jeff Anderson Chicago, IL

Niche Affiliate Marketing – Many Niches or One?

On Friday, in response to my hyper responsive pay per click marketing video I was asked…

“How do you use this info as a super ppc affiliate when you do a huge volume – in different markets? Is there enough time to do all the research needed or do you just pick one of 2 markets to focus in on? ALso, do you focus on a market or a product? Ex. the health market is huge should you focus on a niche and only one product like arthritis or wt. loss- and in the market should you focus on one product in the market?”

Here’s the short answer …

Pick a well defined market area, study the hell out of it, become the person who knows the hyper responsive customers in that market better than anyone else, and only consider expanding once you’ve milked all the juice you can out of that one market.

Early in my career I experimented in a LOT of markets, and I built a name for myself as the “dude who went into 17 niches in a row”.

While that may be true, and it did make me kind of famous (if you can call it that in these circles), it was also an extraordinary headache, and an extremely self limiting business model.  I’m out of that game now, and I try to persuade as many brokenhearted beginners as I can to get focussed and stay focussed!

Especially as the internet evolves (and pay per click in particular has turned out to be brutally competitive), it’s really necessary to specialize, and win with determination and depth.  Hyperlinks make you hyper, and internet induced ADD is rampant.

You see it’s really not extremely hard (it’s a little hard, not extremely) to develop a 6 figure income with some experience and understanding of  how things work online.  But getting from 6 to 7 figures is MUCH harder in the multi-market model, and 8 figures is almost out of the question unless you’re tuned in on ONE.

So my advice for this person is …

1) Pick the market responsible for most of your income and focus there.  At the absolute most, make it 3.

2) Study and love the market before you fall in love with a particular product.  Product love in the absence of market understanding is death online and off.

3)  The “health” market is much, much, much, much, much too broad.  Pick a specific condition, and even a specific, reachable sub-group within that condition (e.g. women with diverticulitus) and become the only marketer who really understands them.

You can’t develop a hyper-responsive magnet without being hyper-focussed yourself.

Hope that helps 🙂