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All My Free Cheat Sheets, Mp3s, and Videos

Been cataloging and organizing the last 5 years of MP3 interviews, PDF Cheat Sheets, and Conversion Videos…

Thought I might as well give you the benefits of that too 🙂

Right click the image above and you’ll get a PDF full of links to my BEST Cheat Sheets, Interviews, and Conversion Videos

It’s all my best stuff, all in one place!

(Don’t say I never gave you anything)

Now go turn some visitors into buyers, would you?

Dr. G 🙂

PS – If you haven’t already joined the LIVE CONVERSION WEBINARS club, you should do so now.  If for no other reason than (a) the “best conversion secrets of 2012” video is about to scroll out of the archived club recordings and become a $67 product in it’s own right; (b) the “Persuasion Architecture” bonus audio contains the crowning jewel of all my work for the past 8 years and (c) today you can still download both of these for less than five dollars

PPS – If you’ve been through the hyper-responsive club but never got around to implementing the work (or not quite as thoroughly as you wanted to)–OR–if you’re servicing clients and think whitelabeling Glenn’s hyper-responsive bulls eye research behind you might make you look stronger to your client… get your tuchas over to

PPPS – If you’re spending more than $20K/month in paid advertising and would like my team to start optimizing your landing pages and conversion funnel FOR you, well, you may be in luck!

PPPPS – If you’ve got a system that converts really well online but you’ve got NO telephone follow up in place, you really ought to consider letting this funny looking phone genius do it for you on commission.

A ZILLION Ps S:  Would much appreciate you SHARING this page, posting it in your forums, passing around the PDF by email to ALL your contacts, and telling your mama’s how cool it is to have Dr. Glenn’s stuff. (Not particularly modest, but hey, I’m too old for that)

AdWords Mobile and The Rocket Clicks Blog

Today, I want to alert you of a major new AdWords blogging initiative headed up by the Director of our PPC management department  at   Each of our in-the-trenches ppc managers will be attacking critical AdWords and SEO issues such as (click the links below to visit the relevant topics):

– Targetting 405,000,000 people via AdWords mobile text ads
Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties
– How Quality Score operates differently on Google’s Search Network

… and much, much more.

So get out your RSS readers, head on over to the new much more active Rocket Clicks Blog, and reap the benefits of a dozen search marketing professionals regularly revealing insights and tips you won’t see elsewhere.

Do Blogs Convert Better?

I have to admit, I was a reluctant blogger because of my love of the “greased chute” model. I just didn’t want all those links distracting people from the sale, and I didn’t see what all the fuss was about. Plus, as I’m sure you all know, I regularly solicited feedback and engaged in dialogue with my market through surveys, telephone interviews, and “field research” (actually going to hang out with people).

So who needs blogs?

Turns out ME.

Seems there’s something to the “readers are buyers” philosophy, and when you continually pump out quality content organized in blog format, people get more and more involved, reading what they like.

The conversion from my blog is unbelievable, and it provides a very nice Quality Score for AdWords landing pages. (Which is what I’m seeing across the board with people who have focussed their content on relevant keyword siloes)

Plus there’s just something more spontaneously satisfying about getting your thoughts out in this format, continually referencing the comments and interactions, and knowing there are hundreds of people waiting for you to say something every day.

Not to mention blogging makes the whole podcasting experience SO much easier.

I stand corrected.

(If blogging, converting blog visitors to sales, and/or getting traffic to your blog is at all still a mystery to you, I’d highly recommend Terry Dean’s Blogging DVD package.  I got through it in one long afternoon, and was up and running the next day)