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The Fabulous Dr. Jacobson

Did you know AC/DC uses essentially the same four chords in ALL their songs?  And that this four-chord formula has earned them over $200,000,000.00?  In this intriguing interview with the Fabulous Dr. Jacobson, we’ll talk about focusing in and finding your own four-chord formula.  Click play now… if for no other reason than there’s nothing better to do in August than to spend a half hour listening to two old doctors chatting about marketing.

G 🙂

My Most Disturbing Conversion Secret…

The time has come to share my MOST disturbing conversion secret…

It’s another one of those “nobody REALLY wants to
know the truth they just want an ‘easy button'”
kind of insight…

So I’m sure it’ll be a sales killer.
At least for a certain segment of my audience.

As I get older I’m willing embrace that cost.
In fact, that’s another conversion secret, just
not the most disturbing one:

There’s no way to connect with the RIGHT audience
without becoming a “hated merchant of truth” by
at least some of the people who follow you.

So be it!

What IS my most disturbing secret?

It’s NOT the “Cockroach Conversion Secret”  (Google it
if you haven’t seen the video)…

It’s also NOT the very disturbing things I do in restaurants…

Actually, it’s not disturbing in the grotesque sense of the word at all…

Just in the “very sad commentary on the state of things in society” sense
of the word…

Here’s my MOST disturbing conversion secret:

“You’ve Gotta Chase People to Get Them to
Do What’s in Their Best Interest”  

See, in my ideal world business should work like this…

You offer something of genuine value to the market place,
and you charge less than what it’s really worth.  This
creates a friction free market place where a lot of money
and value is always changing hands.

Because people are getting what they need there’s always
money moving through the machine.  And that keeps vendors
innovating and delivering progressively more value. Which
causes productivity to go up across the board.

In this Utopian world, you’d offer something in people’s
best interest and they’d just buy it.  After all, why wouldn’t
they?  Over and over again they have the experience of
getting both more than they paid for and improving their
lives… because all that was for sale in the world were
products and services which actually were in people’s
best interest!

SELLING WOULD BE EASY. And we’d all be smiling!  (Glenn for President!!!)


And that’s why consumers don’t just jump at
things which genuinely ARE in their best interest.

Now, that’s NOT news.  You already knew that.

The reason it’s a conversion opportunity is
most entrepreneurs forget the context, so
they experience the consumer’s reflexive rejection
of their genuinely-helpful-and-in-the-customers’-best-interest
product or service as a deep rejection of themselves…

Or they confuse this rejection with the notion that
their offer is no good, there’s not enough value, etc…

When all that really needed to happen was for the
entrepreneur to pursue the customer longer, harder,
and more passionately…

Unfortunately that really IS what’s necessary to get
people to do what’s in their best interest in the first place!

And because most entrepreneurs are unwilling to
do this, those who ARE willing are harboring one
of the greatest conversion secrets of all…

If what you offer really IS in the customer’s
best interest…


You owe it to them, to yourself, (and even to society)
to make them realize things will be much worse
if they pass you bye.

Unfortunately, this is why we ALL have to work
incredibly hard to get our sales funnels converting…

It’s also the reason the amount of time, money,
energy, and other resources which must go into
making your funnel convert is astronomically higher
than anyone thinks it will be at first…

And it’s why so many broken-hearted-entrepreneurs
come to me crying that they don’t have what it takes…

Which is a shame because a lot of them really DO
have what it takes, they just don’t KNOW what it takes
because they’re still living in the fantasy world 95%
of internet marketers inhabit.

But if connecting with the right customers is worth
it and you’ve got something which really will make
their lives better, then it’s definitely worth the effort…

SO KEEP GOING.  Put your head down and do what’s
necessary to reach your customer and convince them
you’ve got what they need.  Because in all likelihood
you DO…

But getting them to realize it is going to take a LOT
more than you thought it was.

You miscalculated.  So what!  Go back, lick your
wounds and get back in the battle better prepared
next time.  And then again…

Until those people wake up and smell your coffee!
(Or green tea, or carrot juice, etc)

And that’s the secret.  Be the one who puts your
ego aside and accepts that you’ve gotta chase
people to get them doing what’s in their best
interest.  While your competitors are giving up
in exasperation, you keep going.

Yes, we all wish things were different… but they’re not.

So go sell something!!

Dr. G 🙂

P.S.  If you’re a coach or consultant, it’s almost certainly in your best interest to go through my coach training and certification program.  And at least at the time of this publication we’re offering a 10 day test drive of the full program for a one time payment of just $25. And you get a LOT during the ten days, including the ability to come to up to 5 live supervision webinars.  Plus, as of this writing this is the ONLY place you can work with me directly without paying my $1,000/hr consulting fees.  (Yes, that’s a real number).  And of course, like just about everything else I sell, even the $25 one time trial fee is guaranteed and refundable.  Register now, while there are still spots available.


Progress, Profit, and Carnegie Hall

This little guy is my nephew Ben Richman…who’s playing Carnegie Hall on January 19th!   

My whole family is amazed because he’s only ELEVEN YEARS OLD.   (Not in this picture of course)  

But Ben’s not so amazed with himself.  In fact, he’s kind of taking the whole thing in stride.  “Oh yeah, Uncle Glenn… I won a competition.  It’s no big deal”  Yeah, right!

Except he really means it.  To him, it’s a natural outcome of the routines he’s adopted, the mentors he’s sought out, and the daily practice he’s lived for the last six years.

Ben EXPECTED this to happen, he just didn’t know when.

See, my sister discovered his talent and passion when he was five.  And because of our family history she decided to ACT on this discovery in a BIG way.

Let’s go back to 1969 for a moment so I can explain:  Viet Nam was in full force.  Free love was all the rage, and my parents embraced the movement as much as any good hippie could…

(“Oh wow, man, like, look at the pretty colors, man! Like, OH WOW, MAN!”)

Because of the chaotic household environment this created, I never really got to maximize my own musical talents.  I had a penchant for piano when I was five and took a few lessons, but mostly my parents just encouraged me to grow my hair long, put on a tie-died shirt, and hang out with rock n’ rollers.  I got good enough to impress teenage girls, but that was pretty much where it began and ended for me.


But my sister went the OPPOSITE direction…

She shopped around for a real grand (not baby-grand but GRAND) piano she could afford, found the best conservatory in the area, got him lesson after lesson, encouraged him to practice every day, and took him to performance after performance.

All of which he absolutely LOVED!  It became “his thing”

To give you an idea of the level of immersion, consider how he reacted when, while having a particularly good time at my house, I asked Ben if he’d like to sleep over.  He got REALLY nervous.  Not because I’m such a weirdo (he likes that)… but because sleeping over would mean he’d wake up in a house with a barely-functional upright piano…

Ben wouldn’t be able to do his morning practice… and this was LITERALLY UNTHINKABLE.

Practice is a 100% required part of his daily morning routine.  His reaction to the thought of skipping his regular practice was SO strong, you’d think I had threatened to pee on his toothbrush.   Simply NOT an acceptable way start to the day!

See, Ben practices first thing when he wakes up.  Then again when he gets home from school…and again after dinner.  He LOVES that Piano… it doesn’t feel like work to him at all.

And so Carnegie Hall is just something he EXPECTS to happen.  It had to happen…he just didn’t know when.  And he didn’t particularly CARE when either.  All Ben really cares about is learning, practicing, and performing…  

It’s a part of his soul.

So here’s the point…

What looks like a kid with a genetic gift who found himself in the right place at the right time is actually anything but!  Sure, he’s got passion and talent.  But he’s thoroughly embraced daily routines to shape that passion and talent into it’s finest expression…

He 100% accepts and does whatever it takes to achieve his goals…

And eagerly looks forward to the daily work.

As a result, he never frets or complains about “When will I play Carnegie Hall?  When will it happen for ME?”…

He practices, learns, and plays until his heart is content.

So it occurs to me as I reflect upon various resolutions I might want you all to consider for New Years this year, the most significant one I can think of is to apply this insight to YOUR business and/or personal life:

Marketing is hard…

Internet marketing is harder…

And internet marketing in a brutally competitive niche is about the hardest business challenge you’ll ever face.

But so is getting to play in Carnegie Hall.

Couldn’t we all take a lesson from Ben, identify and nurture our best talents, find the top mentors, and gracefully do whatever it takes each and every day to make “Carnegie Hall” (the lucrative, meaningful, fun internet business you’ve been dreaming about) inevitable?

Start by listing the core competencies you need to practice every day to REALLY build your business… the things you’re SURE of, not the maybes.  Limit it to five simple things you KNOW always improve your business, but take some time, energy, and/or money to implement.  Then resolve to embrace those with your soul, whatever it takes!

Here’s MY personal list:

  • Writing and installing good follow up content.   I had a mentor who once told me “Glenn, if you want to make more money, write some more follow ups”  Which totally makes sense if you think about it, because it doesn’t cost anything to send another GOOD follow up, and a percentage (however small) always respond.
  • Applying the Golden Glove of Persuasion Test to anything I want to improve, then exhaustively implementing the findings.   Whenever something’s not working as well as I want it to, I analyze it using the Golden Glove principles: (1) How well have I identified a desperate problem and called out to the appropriate audience so they’re SURE they’re in the right place to solve this particular issue?; (2)  Am I making a truly unique promise they can’t find anywhere else in the market? Something almost magical, but still 100% TRUE? (3) Have I presented overwhelming, incontrovertible PROOF that I can deliver on the promise I’ve made, specifically for this audience: (4) Is there a truly irresistible, absolutely no-brainer offer?  (Note: On a personal note, if there’s a problem this is where I’ve usually fallen down.  That’s because it takes the most time, energy, and money to create so human nature wants to THINK it’s irresistible when it’s really not); (5)  Is there a reason to act NOW or have I just left the offer “out there” for people to buy whenever they “get around to it”.  (As an exercise, see if you can identify all five elements of the Golden Glove here.  I’ll make it interesting by offering a free 20 minute one on one consultation to the best analysis left in my comments section below within the next week’s time.  My judgment of what’s best is the sole determinant)
  • Developing a new product or service for existing lists in enthusiast market:  I find my list’s capacity to consume far outstrips my ability to produce.  Simply put, there’s more demand than I can put out for, so there’s ALWAYS money in developing more products and services.  Just not enough time to do it, and not enough good, proven people to joint venture with.
  • Researching what’s stopping people from buying a particular product or service, and listing out those objections in exquisite detail.  You’ve gotta be brave to hear what’s wrong with your stuff.  But this definitely IS an area where what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
  • Generating audio testimonials to overcome specific objections I’ve identified in my research:  Here’s an excellent interview and cheat sheet about how to generate testimonials that sell!  (Interview links are inside the cheat sheet)
  • Testing and optimizing new advertising in a system which is already producing an ROI:  It’s kind of like shooting a rocket into space.  It takes a ridiculous amount of fuel to achieve escape velocity, but once you have it, fine tuning things to hit their target is an incredibly high pay off activity.   But sometimes I forget to make the time to do it.  Stop that Glenn!  (Note: There ARE times when you’ve reached a point of diminishing returns and the best thing you can do is focus on getting more money from the same customer rather than optimizing the conversion rate on the front end.  Keep that in mind)
  • Recording and distributing interviews with Sharon to my list.  About pretty much anything even remotely related to psychology or business.  People WANT to hear her perspective on my thoughts.  They actually want to hear from her period.  Heck I want to hear from her!  (The other day in an audio testimonial interview one of our Certified Professional Coaches said something particularly revealing to Sharon “Hey Sharon, you know what?  I think sometimes Glenn TRIES to be funny, but you’re the real NATURAL!”  I must say I’ve got to reluctantly agree!)
  • Systematizing and delegating things I’ve already figured out are profitable and which I have already mastered on my own.  

Now, most of these things are easy to say but hard to remember to do.  But what if we all made these lists and made them as much a part of our routines going forward as practicing Chopin and brushing his teeth are for Ben?   Dare I say we’d all become confident in our “Carnegie Hall” debut?

Happy New Year!

Dr. G 🙂

PS – I meant to refer to Ben brushing his own teeth above, not Chopin’s teeth of course.  (That would be “just wrong!”)

PPS – Seriously, the best Golden Glove analysis of my Coach Certification Academy’s front end gets a free 20 minute one on one consultation with me (otherwise sold at the very real rate of $1,000/hr)

Instant Profit Bump? Smack Me with a Spatula!


Know why?  Because I just did an interview with Ryan Levesque about Email Remarketing…and I couldn’t believe the profitable opportunities I’ve been passing up.   (Why the hell aren’t I doing this yet!?)

YOU! Listen now!  (Seriously, you’ll thank me)


Dr. G 🙂

PS – To learn more about the event Ryan mentions at the end of the interview please click here.  (Of course, this is my sneaky affiliate link, but I really DO wish I could go to this one in particular.  Ryan’s totally obsessed with online marketing and is rapidly figuring out things I never could.  I’m seriously considering paying his outrageous rates to just have him revamp some of my funnels)

Profiting from Your Local 9 Year Old (Guest Post by Sharon Livingston)

Here’s a little something you can profit from which my wife felt inspired to write the other day after an intriguing interaction with our 9 year old niece…

I have to tell you a story about my adorable niece Sarah. She’s 9 and very active, bright, fun, but whenever you ask her what she wants to do she says, “I dunno.” Or if you ask her what she wants for her birthday, she says “I dunno.” Or if you ask her where she wants to go, she says “I dunno.” AND, she’s been doing this since she was 2.

It was her birthday a few weeks ago and she and I got to spend the day together. I took her to my favorite place for a mani/pedi. We went to pottery place and painted pottery and then I asked her what she’d like to do next – what was I thinking – and she told me to call her Mother [my sister in law] and ask her what we should do. Of course, Sis, said, “whatever the two of you want to do!” Now we know where she got that from.

So, I’ve been strategizing how to help Sarah tell me what she wants. Last week Glenn and I were scheduled to babysit Sarah and her 11 yr old Brother Ben. Before we went over, I again asked Sarah what she’d like to do. Duh! She said, “I dunno.” Well, at least she’s consistent.

Then I had a brainstorm. Sarah, on a scale of 1 – 10, where 10 is something you’d really like to do and 1 is something you really wouldn’t want to do, how much would you like to stare at a bowl of goldfish? She said, 2. Woo hoo!! I got an opinion. Then I asked her, and how much would you like to go to the movies? She said “9” OMG!!! Could this be working? And, how much would you like to stay home and work on a puzzle? “10” Wow!!! And how much would you like to go play miniature golf? “9”

We stayed home and made a puzzle, as well as danced, read Harry Potter outloud [again] and watched the Mets lose in the background.

So, research techniques REALLY do work!!! What took me so long to figure it out!!!

Then last night, Glenn and I and Laurie and the kids went to Good Karma Cafe for dinner in Exeter. Dad Sam was busy with his buds. We ordered our organic vegan fare and were about to sit down. Glenn and I like to drink a fizzy probiotic Kombucha. I got two bottles, Strawberry Serenity and Passion Fruit. I asked Glenn which he preferred. He said “either one” I said “really?” On a scale of 1- 10 where 10 is the highest and 1 the lowest what number would you give Strawberry. “6” And, Passion Fruit? “9” Ha! It works in lots of places I’ll bet.


So how can we profit from this as marketers?

  • First of all, remember that consumers HATE to make decisions, so don’t make them think!  (“Thinking is the hardest work there is, that’s why hardly anyone ever does it” – Henry Ford)   I see website all over the place which require customers to “do the math”, but nobody wants to do math when they’re in a buying mood.  They’re (hopefully) entranced by your emotional appeal and swept away in their impulses.  If you make them think, they’re probably gonna say NO!
  • Second, and this might be obvious but I’ll say it anyway, when you’re doing surveys and opinion polls and you DO want your research participants (prospects and customers) to think, don’t force them into excruciating choices.  Give them an “out” by letting them express LEVELS of interest or concern.   “Which would you prefer?”, asked on it’s own, is kind of the equivalent of playing those torturous games we all used to in college where you ask someone to choose between two impossible alternatives.  (“Which would you prefer, drowning in a pool of camel urine or being repeatedly poked in the eye by an oaf with dirty finger nails?”  The answer, of course is “Neither, I’ll just slap YOU, thank you very much!”)
  • Third, don’t force yourself to write three major points for every significant essay.  If there are only two, say there are only two.  Otherwise you’ll just look silly 🙂

That’s it!

Dr. G 🙂

PS – Just a few hours until the price goes up on the Coach Certification Academy.  (Sharon and I are STILL personally teaching at this price, but not for much longer)

I accidentally shaved off my beard (And it really helped my business!)

No, that’s NOT a turtle you’re looking at… It’s ME, about 6 weeks ago, a few hours after I ACCIDENTALLY shaved off my beard. Now, I’m not a guy who shouldn’t have a beard.  I’ve had one literally since I was 23 years old. (26 years ago, by the way, as I just turned 49).  The day before my 23rd birthday my wife told me she REALLY wanted me to grow it, so I told her I wasn’t going to shave anymore, uhm… ever.

And I kept my word… Until just a few weeks ago, when I literally did shave my beard by accident. Here’s what happened… Things have been happening for me very quickly this year since launching the Coaching Certification Academy.  VERY quickly.

The only time I ever remember being busier than I am now was during my last year of graduate school during which I (a) finished my dissertation; (b) published three scholarly papers in professional journals; (c) ran the finances for what was then Sharon’s company; (d) worked full time as an intern at Nassau County Medical Center; (e) ran several reasonably intense corporate consulting jobs and (f) occasionally went to the bathroom.  All simultaneously, in one year!

You know the saying “If you want something done, ask a busy man”… I’ve really found that’s true over the course of my career, and I’ve also come to believe that when you find yourself on a train you really want to be on and things start moving FAST, you do your best to keep up. But there IS such a thing as going too fast… And you have to remember there’s really NO such thing as multi-tasking, only sequential tasking really fast.  (If you disagree, please read “The Myth of Multitasking”, and then come back to tell me if you still think I’m wrong).

I’ve also learned the hard way (when I started Rocket Clicks with Jeff 5 years ago), that putting too many clients into a new company too quickly is a REALLY bad idea, no matter how intoxicating it can be to see the sales funnel working the way it’s supposed to work. So this time around I THOUGHT I had things under control.  I set up no more than 5 classes to get things moving.  I’m teaching them all my self (with Sharon) for now so we can ensure quality, make sure the clients are happy, and really nail the system that helps them become successful.

But I apparently HAD fallen into the multi-tasking “corporate jet-set” mindset again.  And I only figured it out when, while simultaneously “trimming” my beard (like I’d done 1,000 times before), responding to yes/no emails on my iPhone, AND brushing my teeth (I kid no you not!), I happened to look up to say “Holy F____… where’s the left half of my beard?” Turns out I left the guide completely off after trimming my mustache.  (The guide is the top piece that determines the amount of hair you want to LEAVE on your face)

There, staring me in the mirror was the blatant result of getting intoxicated by growth, doing too much at once, and not being fully “present” for my life as it happened. It was a ruthless example of letting my life go by in ways I swore off of twenty years ago.

Because I really DO try to live by the dictum “If somethings not worth being present for, then just don’t do it” (Which, if you follow to it’s natural conclusion, completely preempts the multi-tasking mentality.  And by the way, it includes appointments, people, places, things, etc… everything)

Of course, with my beard half gone I said to myself “no point in looking like HALF a turtle!”…

At that point, the only sane thing to do was shave the other half off, unless I was going for that “completely psychotic” image.  (Which, I suppose, one could make an argument for) Thankfully, I have the genetics of a mountain gorilla, so today the beard is back in full swing! But as a psychologist in business, I’ve learned to pay very close attention to tiny disasters, because I’ve come to know they often foreshadow of really big ones in the making…

That’s the moment when I proactively decided to move up the date when I get other very experienced coaches to teach FOR me… When I realized I had to get out of the “Superman” mentality, because I really wasn’t invulnerable, couldn’t be everywhere at once, and, well, wasn’t 25 years old anymore. And wouldn’t you know it, all I really had to do was ask, and it hasn’t been very hard at all to find them.

Not only experienced coaches, but many very qualified, talented people who’ve really been clamoring for a chance to work with me (copywriters, programmers, sales people, facebook managers, Infusion experts, etc) Slowly but surely, it’s turning into a real business.  Not a lifestyle business, but the “Real McCoy”…

Am I still tempted to run around in a million directions like an Octopus on Roller Skates?  Sure. But I love my beard (and my business) too much to let that happen!

For what it’s worth…

Glenn 🙂

PS – Unfortunately, I did NOT accidentally shave off half of my hair line… it really is receding.  (I wish I could find the comedian who said “it’s no longer a forehead, now it’s a five-head”, because that’s what I think every time I look in the mirror)

PS – Tomorrow is the LAST day you can get into the Coach Training and Certification program before the price goes up.  And because I’ll be slowly backing away from teaching myself, the classes posted on the schedule are likely to be some of the last where we can work together directly.  (These are small, intimate groups of no more than 15 people, so unlike some of my earlier programs this is a chance to get personal attention.  About 1/2 the course is coaching skills focused while the other half is marketing)

How I Became a Conversion “Genius”

Many years ago I devoured a Jay Abraham seminar called “How I Became a Marketing Genius.” It’s worth tracking down and consuming if you haven’t done so already… but that’s not what this post is about.  (I’ve only borrowed the structure from his admittedly immodest title… something I always liked about Jay)

No, today I’m going to tell you how I became a CONVERSION “Genius”… because although it took a long time, it actually wasn’t very hard, and YOU can become one too.

First, let’s talk about the psychological mindset you need to achieve:

  • MINDSET ESSENTIAL #1: The first step is developing an insatiable curiosity for why people buy.  You’ve gotta take this to an almost “sick in the head” level where the infomercials on TV are more interesting than the movie or sports game you’re watching, where you’d rather talk marketing than eat chocolate ice cream (or have sex), and where it becomes difficult to have a conversation with normal people who care about what, to you, are mundane day to day issues.  Got it?
  • MINDSET ESSENTIAL #2: You’ve gotta be willing to look beneath the conventions of normality into the dark heart of society without losing your soul.  That means you stop pretending that everyone’s nice and loving, stare the beast in the face so you can truly see human nature… but then when you’re just about to throw up you realize that striving for love and harmony are STILL the only worthwhile pursuits, not in spite of what you’ve seen, but because of it
  • MINDSET ESSENTIAL #3: You need a certain level of “rational grandiosity.”  You’ve gotta believe that despite the fact that the rest of the world opts to hide from reality, you’re going to be able to deal with it.  Then you pursue the truth ruthlessly no matter what you find, all the while insisting you can take it.

Now, do you know how you know that you don’t have the mindset yet?  If you feel compelled to dismiss the above as unnecessary, introspective and irrelevant to making money, that’s how.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, we ALL feel compelled to ignore it… but if you can at least intellectually accept that connecting with the essence of human nature is a BIG part of becoming a conversion genius, well, then you’re at least half way there.

And the GOOD NEWS is that the other half is simple.

Because all you really need to do once you’ve got the right mindset and drive in place is focus on research, copywriting, testing, and list building. And NONE of them are complicated, you just need enough time, experience, and sweat to learn what really works:

  • RESEARCH: Narrow your target market to make it more possible to study.  (Choose a bulls eye keyword, etc) Then look at who’s winning the game in your clearly defined target, and study HOW they’re converting prospects.  Finally, talk to your prospects and customers.  Really, for Ch___t’s sake will you just talk to them already?  I’ve been doing this for 8 years and I can only get maybe 5% of people to get on the fricking phone with clients.  Yet EVERY TIME I DO manage to get someone to do it they are amazed by what they learn.  Just fricking talk to them… I don’t care if you’re a research genius or not.  The ONLY way to do this wrong is to avoid it.  Nobody’s gonna start throwing money at you through your computer screen (in any kind of significant way) if you don’t talk to them to understand them first, OK?
  • COPYWRITING: Look, this is elegantly simple too.  It’s not about flowery words or amazing literary prowess.  It’s about using words to show them (a) you understand their particular problem; (b) you’ve got the best solution for this problem in particular; (c) you can overwhelm them with PROOF that you actually CAN solve this particular problem; (d) you’ve got an irresistible offer to do just that and; (e) it’s not available forever or for just anyone, but in some way this is a significantly limited opportunity.   And copywriting is infinitely easier once you’ve talked to your prospects
  • TESTING: This is where the rubber meets the road.  It’s easy to talk about testing, but it’s hard to implement a lot of them because you need enough qualified people to look at different alternatives to see which ones make them buy.  Which means you’ve gotta have the capital and/or time to obtain the traffic… or work with someone who does!  Still, this doesn’t make it a well-kept-secret by old men on the top of a mountain somewhere in Tibet, it’s a plain old wall of business risk.  AND, you can watch what other paid advertisers are testing in public for FREE if you don’t have enough time or money to do your own.  It’s not rocket science
  • LIST BUILDING: Look, no matter what happens, your RELATIONSHIP with a significant list is what’s going to move you forward in this life.  It’s PEOPLE out there who have the money with your name on it… and it’s the PEOPLE who care about you that are going to save you when Google issues the next mega-slap, Panda-Update-On-Steroids, not your tech geek or some secret you learn in an info course.

So that’s really it.

For some not-so-healthy reason I was born with a psychotic desire to figure out why people buy…

I arranged my life to make it possible for me to pursue this desire (at great sacrifice to other, healthier and more balanced pursuits in many ways, I might add)...

I stared headfirst into the pit of the human soul and, despite being disgusted by what I saw came out the other end even more committed to do good in the world…

And I used this to drive my constant research, testing, copywriting, and list building efforts.

Period, end of story.

Along the way I coached and treated a lot of people…

I taught a lot of what I learned…

And I got seriously burned on more than one occasion.

But I kinda like where I wound up.

Just a little (somewhat useful) rant the day after my 49th birthday here on a hot August day in New Hampshire 🙂

For what it’s worth,

Dr. G 🙂

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Best Conversion Example I’ve Ever Experienced…

This old man climbed Mt. Washington on Wednesday in only 3 1/2 hours (thank you very much!)… and when I got to the top I experienced what was probably THE best example of leveraging the Golden Glove for conversion I’ve ever come across.   In fact the use
of it was SOOOO strong, I forgave this particular business a host of egregiously insulting
errors and purchased anyway!

For those of you who haven’t been following for the past few years, the Golden Glove consists of calling out the Desperate Problem, making a truly Unique Promise, providing Overwhelming Proof of your ability to deliver that promise, presenting an Irresistible Offer, and finally a Reason to Act Now…

And in EVERY transaction where money has changed hands (and even those where it doesn’t), if you look closely enough, there is some way at least one, if not all five of these elements are at play. The more competitive the market, the better the use of them has to be, and the more they need to integrate with one another.

OK, so let’s get to it.

MY DESPERATE PROBLEM: I just busted my ass to hike up the tallest mountain in the North East in 3 1/2 hours, was standing literally drenched in sweat at the awe-inspiring “top of the world” without an ounce of energy left to hike down. This is a fricking BIG mountain, and the gorgeous waterfalls, outstanding 80 mile vistas, and amazingly fresh air in the Arctic tundra environment pulls a LOT of hikers gleefully along to the top without giving much thought to the idea that they’re going to have to go back the other way!

THE UNIQUE PROMISE:  There is a train that goes down to the trail head where my car was parked…

The Mt. Washington Cog Railway is the ONLY way to get down without walking
(The picture doesn’t do the steep grade any justice… it’s as much as 37% in places)

It’ll take you right to the parking lot with a tour guide to entertain along the way.

The alternative?  Ugh!

OVERWHELMING PROOF:  Trains packed with 150 people or so can be SEEN going up and down the mountain as you’re hiking, and obviously the people arrive alive, intact, and smiling.  (It’s worth remembering that a REAL DEMONSTRATION of EFFECTIVENESS is almost always the best kind of proof you can present to the market)  There were also sweaty, coal-faced engineers and brake-men running the trains once you got to the top and you felt like you were in an old 1800s movie where everyone respected the guy who shouted “all aboard”… but these didn’t matter that much until you needed a reason for scarcity (see below)…

IRRESISTIBLE OFFER:  For just $45 you can buy a ride down.   Heck, I’d bet some of the other sweaty old men up there would have forked over $100 without blinking an eye.  (This is a vacation spot where out of shape old bald guys with money often try to prove themselves young for one week a year… hopefully I’m NOT one of them yet!)

REASON TO ACT NOW:  Here’s the kicker:  Every last train was completely full AND they always had to leave the station exactly on time.  (I’m not sure I understand exactly why the latter was the case, but it seems very believable when a coal-covered engineer tells it to you with a straight face… almost as if the trains would start crashing into each other if they got even one minute off schedule)

So if you wanted a ticket down you had to (literally!) run from train loading dock to train loading dock and get on the END of the line hoping against hope that there might be room for you.  You see, as a hiker you were a second-class-citizen and the people who were willing to buy a ROUND TRIP ticket from the bottom and back were better customers.  (This is actually a very powerful marketing tactic which I do NOT endorse or use, but worth knowing so you can recognize when it’s being used ON you)  As a second class citizen you couldn’t buy a ticket unless and until the engineer gave you his blessing.

To make things even worse, you often couldn’t find the engineer.  Sometimes he was in the post office building on top.  Other times he was coordinating things on one train or another.

Oh… and they didn’t take credit cards either.  You had to pay in cash.  Of course they had a handy-dandy ATM in the building if you found yourself with enough time to get to it while you were running from platform to platform.

Long story short, I finally was “blessed” with the ability to give the engineer $45 cash and get a ride down in a soot filled train…

I think I would have given him $100…

Or my sister.

When I got down and got my wits about me, although I was happy to have not had to have found the energy to hike down and rattled my knees (this trail takes about 6 hours to hike one way at a more reasonable pace)…

I realized this was the MOST desperate I’ve felt to spend money in years, so I had to analyze it using the Golden Glove, hence this post!

There are TWO things I’d like you to do at this juncture having read this…

  1. First and foremost, I’d like you to go through each step above and consider whether YOU could adapt or strengthen that particular Golden Glove element in your marketing by emulating or borrowing from the story.  More importantly…
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That’s it…


Dr. G 🙂




Running a Crowdsourced CRO Service

When you were a little boy or girl and your Mom asked you what you wanted to do when you grew up, here’s something I bet you did NOT say:  “Mommy, I’m going to run a crowd sourced conversion rate optimization service.  I’m going to figure out how to develop the right incentives and infrastructure for a large, talented group of web-optimizers, and I’m going to connect them with entrepreneurs and web merchants who want better response to their sites”

Oh, you DID say that?

Then your name must be Brock Kaye, CEO of, and you must be the nice gentleman I interviewed from Israel the other day below.

Sorry… I forgot!

Enjoy 🙂

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