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Say What You Hate and the Money Will Follow

You’ve heard the phrase “do what you love and the money will follow”, right?

Well I’m not so sure it’s true.

I DO think you should do what you love.

I wholeheartedly think you should do what you love, and work every day to orchestrate your life so you DO less of what you hate to do.

I’m just not sure everyone can get people to pay them for doing what they love…

Rather, I don’t think doing what you love is SUFFICIENT to make money.   I’ve yet to figure out how to get people to pay me to go hiking… it’s not that I absolutely couldn’t, but a life of mountain hiking doesn’t make the money magically appear.

But you know what IS almost like magic?

Saying what you hate…

Opening your window and shouting “I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore!” (Movie reference for all you old farts out there)

Now I suppose I should qualify this…

You’ve got to hate something with a GOOD reason (which disqualifies bigots, racists, etc… people who, by the way, I abhor!)

And it’s got to be something you really want to fix in the world… WAY over and above the money you can make when you do.

But if you can find that certain something you hate…

Something desperately wrong with the world that nobody seems willing to take a stand on in that special, special way…

If you can be that voice of contrarian reason in the market that is constantly screaming “This is wrong!  Why is nobody talking about this!??”…

And you simply park yourself on a soap box (blog, press releases, newsletter, facebook, twitter, etc) and start ranting REGARDLESS OF THE MONEY…

Well I can virtually guarantee you’ll marshal a tribe ready to pay you to further the cause.

If you take some time to read this blog you’ll see that I often wrote the posts more because they HAD TO BE WRITTEN than for any strategic, money making purpose.   Oh, I DO add plenty of strategy, and the more I get to know my market, the easier it is to blend the two… but the truth is, I often write because I can’t NOT write…

It’s almost like a sickness…

I’m sick to death when I see people losing a fortune because they didn’t do their research, or didn’t do it the right way…

I want to throw up when I look at people chasing shiny objects in this market rather than learning marketing PRINCIPLES…

I’m fed up with people looking for easy, fast ways to make money when the truth is the ONLY way to build a solid, secure, and reliable business is to WORK. (The big fat internet marketing secret is that there are NO secrets.  Everyone who makes good money online consistently–EVERYONE!–had to work really, really hard, at least until their systems were set up)…

I’m disgusted by what passes for emotional marketing these days, which is nothing more than psychobabble, when the truth is what “pressing people’s emotional hot buttons” really means is meeting their human needs in a logical, compassionate, and believable way. (BTW, if you treat your prospects like they’re idiots, you’ll wind up with an idiotic business… why is no-one else talking about this?)

And I’m exhausted from being the “merchant of truth” at my bank account’s expense. (It’s SOOOOO much easier to sell “easy”)

But I keep on writing, recording, making products, salesletters, coaching programs, etc….


Because if don’t, well, then the bad guys win.

And I’m living proof that if you start ranting and keep ranting, amazing things start happening… things you’d never plan!

Speaking of which, wanna hear something really cool?

For the last month or so Ryan and I have been doing an audio series about our new favorite book “Pitch Anything.”   We did it first because we wanted to stamp in our own understanding of how his neuropsychological conversion theory applied to online marketing.  We did it because we ENJOYED bantering about it.  And we did it because we thought it DESERVED to be shared (this book is SO mind-blowingly different than the average “how to pitch” book that it really will revolutionize your thinking about marketing)

The point is, we really didn’t know how we were going to make money with it.  We DID know we felt passionate about it.

Well, guess who happened to be listening?  The guy responsible for marketing the author’s next project, that’s who.  And it turns out, he’s one of my long term students in the hyper-responsive marketing club. So now Ryan and I are not only interviewing the author, but we MIGHT be providing the online expertise in his training programs.

See what I mean?

Start ranting, keep ranting, and you’ll be amazed what happens!

(Say what you hate and the money will follow)

Glenn 🙂

PS – Know what else I hate?  People who think they don’t have enough money to spare $4.95 to try out my live webinars club.   Seriously, you really COULD build a whole business just based on the free bonuses.

Profiting from Every Day Life Experience

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Dr. G :-)

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Monkeys, Sticks, and the True Nature of Insight

Are monkeys really capable of “insight?”

And what the heck does this have to do with making more profit in YOUR business anyway?

Listen and learn my friends 🙂

Using Microcommitments to Increase Profits

What’s that?  Do I hear some of you in danger off in the distance?
Are there too many money-sucking-conversion-leaks on your website?


Fear not!  Today’s post and accompanying MP3 is something most marketers can quickly take advantage of…

And it all starts with something Perry Marshall told me about 8 years ago…

“If your sales process isn’t working, break it up into pieces” – Perry Marshall.

I think Perry first told me this over lunch in 2005…

And those words have rung in my ears ever since.

The vast majority of marketers forget just how mistrusting, frightened, and paranoid the average consumer is online.  And hey, if the internet has proven ANYTHING it’s this: just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get you!

The consumer is reinforced for developing mistrust, fear, and paranoia online because even if the majority of vendors are trustworthy (and maybe only 1% truly out to scam you), when you multiply 1% by the sheer numbers of vendors on the internet the truth is you find a scam around every corner.

We live in a world where it’s sane to trust people only to the extent that they’re PROVEN trustworthy…

NOT “trust until people prove otherwise”…

Especially with internet vendors.

Know what the implication is for marketers?

You’ve gotta work a LOT harder to earn every little bit of trust along the way.

  • You can’t assume people will scroll down your page, you’ve gotta earn it…
  • You’ can’t assume people are ready to buy, you often have to get the opt in first…
  • You can’t always assume people are ready to opt in, you frequently have to earn their trust with valuable content, proof, and the look and feel of your site first…
  • And you can’t even assume people are willing to CLICK.  Instead, you’ve gotta earn the right to pull them deeper into your site by being sure to cover the “3Ps” above the fold (problem, promise, and proof!)

Listen to this intriguing interview I did with Ryan Levesque all about Using Micro-Commitments to Increase Web Profits…

And if more than 20% of you don’t find at least one HUGE conversion leak in your sales funnel by the time you’re done I’ll shave my big hairy beard off!  (Note: I haven’t seen my own chin  since literally August of 1987, and Sharon will kill me if I ever show it again–she says it makes me an Adonis–so you’d better believe I’m confident!)

Oh, and when you’re done, get your butt into my Live Webinar Club (just $9.95/mo as of the time of this post) and/or Personal One-On-One Coaching (openings available on January 1st, 2016 for the first time in three years) so you can interact with me and start plugging ALL the conversion leaks on your site!

Marketing Lessons from My Dogs

Hey, maybe this is cliche’, and I know I’m definitely not the first one to say it, but every marketing project starts with enthusiasm and passion.  If you don’t have it, it’s really WAY more difficult to get over the rough spots.

See someone do something you think you could emulate?  Sometimes even if you’re wrong, it’s worth the effort and you DO get partial credit for TRYING.  Consider the little guy in this video:

You’ve gotta believe he saw someone playing, maybe his master.

Then, during the day when his master was away, he took his time and started wailing away…

Who knows where he’ll be after HIS 10,000 hours of practice?

While I’m on the topic, there’s an MP3 interview with Sharon and I below talking about everything OUR dogs taught US about marketing… worth listening to!

For what it’s worth,

PS – Do you ever feel alone in your marketing quests?

PPS – Did you join my live webinar club for the $5 trial yet? (As of time of this posting)

When is Crappy Advertising Actually MORE Profitable?

Q: When is crappy advertising the MOST profitable route you can take?

A: When it’s working–AND–you have bigger fish to fry!

Today’s insight is for the more sophisticated marketer…

(At least I like to think it is because I didn’t realize this until I had already burned through a LOT of cash, and the alternative is that I’m just an idiot!)

You see, when I first started building my own advertising systems, I really thought it was possible to have a perfectly optimized system.

I figured I knew how to split test, and I understood what consumers responded to in advertising…

So all I needed to do was aggressively split test every last part of my system until it was a perfectly tuned machine, making more money than anyone else’s machine on the market, and thereby becoming an unlimited traffic magnet. (Because due to the “Unlimited Traffic Theorem”,  if I’m making $3 per visitor and you’re only making $1 per visitor, I can pay you $1.50 per visitor and eliminate your reason for competing… you should just start sending all your traffic to me!)

Here’s what I didn’t take into account…


I really started understanding this when I started Rocket Clicks with Jeff Hughes about 4 years ago. (As a side note, time goes SO fast and I’m SO fricking old!  I wish I could remember which comedian said this first but when I look at my receding hairline I think “that’s not a forehead, that’s a fivehead!)

Anyway, way back in 2008 I was talking to all these entrepreneurs, constantly astounded at how much money they were making with relatively crappy advertising, seriously under-optimized AdWords accounts, and landing pages which had conversion leaks in them the size of Kentucky!

When I interviewed these people about their business, I was kind of shocked to find out that it wasn’t that they didn’t KNOW there was a problem…

They all kind of “hung their heads in shame” (metaphorically over our GoToMeeting conferences), dropped their voices and said “I know, I feel so guilty but I’ve been so busy with other things I just can’t get to it!”

But the more people I interviewed, the more I started to realize these people weren’t stupid by a long shot…

In fact, they were making BETTER prioritization decisions in their business than I was.  Because the kinds of things they were attending to were making them a whole lot more money than doubling their conversion on the front end would… at least at the moment.

How could that possibly be?  Let me give you a few examples:

Consider someone selling a supplement for prostate health with a just barely profitable front end.  Maybe they’re spending $2 per click and making back $2.10, all things considered.  Now, suppose they’re a one man shop, and so far they’re able to sell 10,000 customers per month.  Might sound like a lot, but because of the margins it’s just $1000 profit.  Certainly not enough to hire a PPC agency or conversion expert.  And worse yet, he’s at the mercy of ONE supplier with limited capacity.  So even if he COULD ramp up his sales, the supplier can’t keep up!    And he’s got customer service problems (e.g. he can’t afford to hire a team but he can’t afford not to!) so refunds are climbing.  What do to?

With seriously limited time and resources, this person’s got several options for where to put his time and resources.  He could:

  • Work on striking deals with other supplement companies to eliminate the vulnerability in the business…
  • He could work on back end products to sell to his buyers to seriously increase his margins…
  • He could build a stick sequence via direct mail to get existing customers on the continuity to stay longer…
  • He could spend a month building a better customer service system…
  • Or he could dig into AdWords, learn optimization techniques, test and optimize his landing page, in hopes of making an extra 20% to 30% on the front end.

Now, it’s not that there’s no money in the optimization…

And it should be done EVENTUALLY…

But the hard reality is that the other problems really take precedence given his capital resources and available time.    Because what good will the extra 20% to 30% be if his supplier drops out of the game, can’t keep up with capacity, or if he loses his merchant account due to too many chargebacks (from lousy customer service?)

This is why all businesses develop a long list of “guilty projects” which they KNOW would make them more money if they could only find the time and resources to do it.

And sure, you can make joint venture arrangements to solve a lot of these problems, but you can’t choose these partners randomly… finding JVs itself takes time and effort. (You’ve also gotta vet the prospective partners or you could be making more trouble than it’s worth… trust me, I learned the hard way!)


The reality of business is that it’s a constant game of priorities.

“What is the highest and best use of your time and resources this week?”

As much as I hate to say it, sometimes optimizing this or that part of your advertising system just isn’t the answer.

And even when it is, it’s rare that you have the time and resources to optimize the WHOLE THING.  Rather, you usually need to pick the point of greatest leverage where you’ve got the greatest potential for increasing your profit volume…

Like your highest end product…

Or often it IS the front end, because that increases the value of the whole system.  (Hint: most people totally ignore their email follow up system when it comes to optimization… but you can often quadruple your site traffic with a well optimized long follow up system without spending another penny on traffic!)

But there’s a bright side…

Because when you KNOW and UNDERSTAND this essential business reality…

You also know that everyone else is going through it too…

And that the best we can ever do is  (as Stephen Covey taught me) is to “organize and execute around priorities”

So throw away the “guilt” from that “guilty project list” you’ve got building in Outlook…

And just put your head down and ask yourself “What’s Next?”

Dr. G 🙂

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CHEAT SHEET: Supercharge Your Testimonials

This is a CHEAT SHEET I made for you to go along with the  “testimonials that sell” MP3 and transcript.

What you might not know about my darling wife is that a good part of her consulting for Fortune 500 companies over the past 20 years has involved casting and spokesperson research for television commercials for big brands (like Excedrin, etc).  She’s really developed an ear for what sells, but more importantly a PROCESS for interviewing customers to bring their testimonials to life, elicit every last benefit they derived from your product, and get them to EMOTE while describing their results.

This is information you won’t find elsewhere… I hope you enjoy it!

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Testimonials That Sell (Transcript)

Testimonials Done For You Service with Dr. Sharon Livingston

The other day I posted a popular MP3 about generating testimonials that sell.    You can still grab that interview with my darling wife Dr. Sharon Livingston here (testimonials that sell MP3)

Today I wanted to get you the “Testimonials That Sell Transcript“.

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The truth is, EVERYTHING opens up when you’re the best at turning visitors into dollars in your market.

Traffic techniques are an illusion… conversion is THE magnet which tilts everything in the market in your favor.

Now, I don’t mean to make it sound easier than it is (I’m always the voice of reality, aren’t I?)…

But I HAVE  spent the last two years studying conversion principles to complement and supercharge everything I knew how to do with research…

And I now find now I can often help people bump their sites in MUCH less time than it used to take.

More importantly, I ENJOY it.

It’s very gratifying to see people succeed…

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Of course, I can’t promise you a rose garden…

But I’m quite dedicated…

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But the net-net is,  at least as of the time of this posting, you can get your questions answered LIVE for less than a $5 Starbucks Card

Onwards and Upwards,

Dr. G 🙂

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The Pimp That Taught Me How To Market

It’s true…

One of the MOST valuable marketing lessons I ever learned came straight from the pimp who picked up my Mom in Harlem one summer night when I was eleven years old.

Listen to the 11 minute mp3 below to get the whole story and see how you can incorporate the marketing insight into your funnel too!

All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

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PPPS – This was the only good picture of a pimp I could find on iStockphoto, sorry!  (Doesn’t do the story justice)