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The Silliest Entrepreneur I Know

Mrs. Stephanie Padovani has got to be the silliest entrepreneur I know.  She showed up in the Alpha Wolf Den in September last year giggling her way to profitable advice on all our webinars, and has ever since been impressing me with her expertise, fortitude, and emotional sensitivity.

Since y’all hadn’t heard from me for a little while I thought it might be fun to do a biographical interview with Stephanie all about her Entrepreneurial Journey… all the way from her lowly beginnings as a struggling disc jockey… to her humble position now as the premier marketing advisor for businesses in the wedding industry at


The Paradox of Joint Ventures

Know what’s really weird about joint ventures?   If you go after them the right way, you actually won’t need them.

Think about it for a minute…

Let’s say you control a 100,000 person mailing list.  Maybe you’ve generated through paid advertising.  Perhaps the leads cost you $15 each.  And to maintain that list, you’ve got to KEEP paying for new leads.  (One thing a lot of new marketers don’t realize is that once you get to a certain size with a list, you actually can’t keep growing it with the same lead source.  Because at some point, even with a very low unsubscribe rate, the number of leads dropping out exceeds the volume you can attract each month.  It’s just a byproduct of the math)

The “bandwidth” (mailing slots) on that list are therefore NOT really cost-free, despite what most people who’ll be pitching you joint ventures seem to assume.  You actually HAVE TO earn substantially on every mailing to “keep the lights on” for that particular list.  Plus, especially with a list that size, every mailing has it’s own costs…mostly in unsubscribes, but also in managing complaints, customer service inquiries, and the like.

The upshot of this is, before you’re going to agree to mail for someone, you really want some kind of proof their system is going to profitably convert your visitors into customers.  You’re going to ask to see evidence of previous mailings… or even better, paid advertising tests to a similar audience.

This is why it’s difficult to get major list holders to mail for your new offer.  What you really need to do before you approach a major mailer is develop PROOF that your system works. Which means, oddly enough, to get really solid joint venture partners you usually need to spend some money on advertising and conversion optimization.

Now, here’s the paradox…

If you develop your paid advertising funnel correctly (so it converts!) you actually may not need the joint venture partners at all.  Or rather, you may only desire them for extra volume… but most likely you’ll be able to buy all the traffic you need.

In fact, you should be able to approach the joint venture partners and just BUY traffic from them directly, rather than asking for a joint venture.  (For example, if you’ve got a proven list of 2,000+ responsive coaches, consultants, authors or speakers I would consider paying you $2 per visitor you send to my site via a specific email I’ve tested… contact me via if you’re interested)…

Of course you’d need to test this out slowly in order to protect yourself.  But if you CAN do it–and the fastest way to get there is by conversion optimizing your site on paid advertising–you’ll be in an incredibly powerful position…

Because it’s unlikely your “JV Partners” will want to reciprocate.  (Thanks to Bill Harrison for pointing this out to me originally)

On the other hand, if you have a brand new site with no proven conversion statistics, but you approach a power JV player to mail for you, what you’re really doing is asking THEM to take all the risk.

In a rational world, they won’t play ball…

Hence the JV Paradox.

However, we don’t live in a completely rational world.  Not even close!  And because of this, there ARE ways to convince power players to joint venture with you:

  • Perhaps they’re really in love with your idea…
  • Or maybe you’ve built the relationship in such a way as to imbue a feeling of reciprocity or obligation…
  • They could love YOU…
  • Or they really feel your free promotional series is valuable for their list and they’d like to use it to educate their own customers (Perry Marshall once told me I made his customers smarter, and that made it possible for them to buy more from him)
  • Or maybe you offer them a ridiculous commission to compensate them for the risk you’re asking them to take.  (But remember, 100% of zero is still zero if the system doesn’t convert.  And no matter how much of the work you do for your partner they STILL are spending their credibility and mailing-list-bandwidth on your promotion)

There are actually about 101 different ways you can compensate for asking a JV partner to take more risk for you… but before you can use them effectively you really need to understand and accept the magnitude of what you’re asking.

Asking for a serious joint venture is kind of on the level of asking to stay at someone’s house for the evening.  You kind of have to prove you’re trustworthy, have something to offer, and invest a little time in the relationship first.

If you’d like to learn more about using joint ventures to put cash in your bank account and visitors on your list year after year, please opt in to the JV Fast Track Sublist here.

How to Obliterate Time Wasting B.S.

There’s no nice way to say this.

Well… OK there probably is, but I’m not going to pull any punches…

All of us allow too many precious hours, weeks, months and years to slip by while we occupy ourselves with things which do little, if anything, to move us productively towards our most important goals.

You know the drill… you wake up in the morning with the best laid plans, but before you know it the day’s over and you haven’t accomplished nearly half what you planned.

Why?  Because time-sucking, mostly worthless activities snuck into your day, usually beyond your awareness.

Here’s how to make them go bye bye!


The Very Good Dr. Glenn 🙂

PS – If my new productivity coaching service doesn’t double your progress towards any meaningful goal you choose (measured in any way you choose), I’ll give you double your money back.  No kidding!

How I Won Over Perry Marshall’s Audience

As we roll out Joint Venture Fast Track this week I wanted to make one VERY important point clear to everyone considering building their own joint venture channel:  Winning the JV game involves more than just getting a big mailer to promote for you.  You’ve got to win over the hearts and minds of their audience too…

Of course, your partner’s endorsement goes a long way, but do you know what goes MUCH further?


No, I’m not advocating you ask your JV partner to send one of your “Selfies” via their Twitter account!  I’m talking about bearing your soul and telling the most painful part of your own journey.  Show them that you’ve been someplace much worse than they have, but emerged realistically and believably victorious.

Once you do THAT–provided you do it thoroughly and with 100% honesty–you’re no longer part of some “big boy’s club” who’s trying to siphon cash from them.  You’re ONE of them and they want to connect with you.

And it’s from this perspective that I’m re-presenting an extremely powerful interview Perry Marshall and I did many years back as we were first starting to JV together.  See, most entrepreneurs believe they should bombard a JV partner’s list with “Benefit Heavy” offers in order to squeeze out the maximum amount of cash…

But Perry knew we wouldn’t really win over his best customers that way…even with my strongest offers.  (This was particularly true since I was selling a “how to do your market research” system… and no matter how you slice it, research isn’t sexy!)

So he asked me to get on a teleseminar–which wound up being attended by more than 2,000 people!–and share my most intimate, embarrassing business story (ever).  If that wasn’t enough, I was to have my wife Sharon join us to discuss the total financial meltdown and near bankruptcy we went through from 2001 to 2003!

This was certainly enough to require a double dose of Kaopectate for even the most confident entrepreneur… but I really respected Perry’s instincts so I agreed without hesitation.

It turned out to be extremely valuable on many, many fronts. Listening to it you can’t help but absorb tools to better manage your most serious financial problems.

In fact, since the time of this one hour spontaneous call–which was recorded and distributed to literally hundreds of thousands of people–dozens of people have approached me in conferences, seminars, and other meetings to tell me the recording “saved their lives” and helped them get through some very serious financial downturns.  Strangers have hugged me.  People have come up to me in grateful tears.

In fact, this might have been the first time where I understood the notion of capturing emotion in an interview and distributing it’s power far and wide…

It’s also very entertaining – in a train wreck sort of way. (I don’t cringe quite as much when I hear it anymore)


While you’re listening, I want you to put your JV hat on and think about the business impact the interview had on Perry’s customers (and mine). Take a step back and think about how this interview effected people who’d never heard of me yet and had no idea what I was selling.  Think about the bonding impact it had with Perry’s audience…and then think about what story in your own past YOU could tell with 100% honesty, humility, and a little bit of shame to bond with YOUR prospective JV partner’s audience.

In under 60 minutes, two thousands of Perry’s customers and prospects got to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST me… and within a few weeks hundreds of thousands more!

Even though we sold nothing on this call, we laid down a VERY strong foundation for Perry’s audience to purchase my products and services in the future.  We sewed the seeds for a powerful, long term JV.

Listen soon, while you’re in the “learn how to JV” mindset. And then…build on this template to win the hearts of new customers for whatever JV partnership you set up.

And whatever you do, be sure to get in on the introductory price for Joint Venture Fast Track.  Because if you miss it, you’re going to want to smack yourself in the head with a spatula.  And that’s something none of us wants to see!  (Intro price good only for a few more days)


The Good Dr. Glenn 🙂

The No Begging Rule for Joint Venture Success

It’s no secret Terry Dean and I have been promoting Joint Venture Fast Track

So today, I wanted to share an important joint venture insight…



Good JV promoters know if you’ve got a great offer you’re actually doing them a favor by allowing them to promote.  Sure, you need to be sure they know about it… but once they do it’s they who should be begging you!  

The moment you start begging you’ve already lost the game.  I’ll give you an example…

For the right partners with qualified lists, I can currently offer a payout of $150 on a $25 offer.  (I know my back end numbers really, really well.)

But because the back end is a laborious high end service, I have to strictly limit the number of front end purchasers each month, otherwise quality really suffers.  And even if I didn’t have this real-life limit, hard-won experience says setting a very specific ceiling on the number of purchasers doubles sales (at minimum).

Which means that the opportunity for affiliates to promote this offer is itself limited.  And those who I ALLOW to do so will be, well… lucky.    It’s like handing them a chunk of money.

But I’m NOT looking for new partners on this at present.  In fact, I have to specifically ask that you NOT inquire, because the very few quality promoters I already have could flood me for the asking, and keep me full for at least a year.

In truth, I can’t even let those promoters mail at the level they would like to.  Because not only don’t I have the capacity, but I can fill the spots with paid advertising for just slightly worse economics.

So if I were to call a promoter tomorrow and say “I can take another 100 sales”, I’m actually doing them a favor.  I’m LETTING them promote, not begging them to do so.

I’m NOT saying this to impress you… but to impress upon you the paradoxical mindset you need to achieve to successfully attract joint ventures.  You need to CREATE an offer that’s SO good potential partners will be banging down the door to promote.

And before you tell me “my offer doesn’t really convert well yet so I’m stuck”… let me tell YOU there’s more to a great joint venture offer than conversion…

There’s the percentage you pay out.  One way to get started before you’ve got proof the offer works is to just pay 100%.  Or even more.

Then there’s the upsell flow you set up.  If you’re not happy with, or don’t think partners will be attracted by your payout, consider creating a funnel with JV UPSELL partners before you approach anyone to send you traffic…

What this means on a practical basis is to find people who DO have offers that are converting well and approach them about installing those offers as UPSELLS in YOUR FUNNEL.  Of course these vendors will get their normal percentage, but you can take your cut and dedicate it to the TRAFFIC SENDING PARTNER you haven’t approached yet.

This is almost no risk for the UPSELL partners since you’re not asking to borrow their list… in essence you’re asking to promote them with the hard-won traffic you haven’t acquired yet…

And now every sale you make is suddenly worth more to your promotional partner.  Because YOU thought through a better funnel for THEM.  (And you get more customers, proof, and experience… so that next time you can take a healthier cut)

You could also add value for a promotional partner by offering a FREE service to them in addition to their cut of sales.  Know how to write copy?  Great – tell them you’ll do a FREE first draft for another one of their upcoming products.  Know how to find and interview experts? Create a product for them…

Are you beginning to see how you can craft an irresistible offer for your promotional partners even if your own product doesn’t convert and/or payout that much?

What I’m saying is, do whatever it takes to create a truly powerful payout for the partners you’re planning to approach.  Craft an irresistible offer for partners before you approach them…

But whatever you do, don’t beg!  Take your irresistible offer to several partners and make it clear you’re only working with X number.  Maybe it’s one per niche.  Maybe it’s limited to six partners because of the free service you provide along with the offer.  Or whatever believable and true reason you can think of to make your JV offer itself SCARCE.


If people aren’t responding and you start feeling like you need to beg, it’s because you haven’t added enough value for your partner yet. And the biggest mistake rookie JV’ers make is underestimating how much value it really takes to attract and execute powerful joint ventures.

Begging is the result of the intuitive knowledge your offer isn’t ready for prime time.  If you’re begging, it means you haven’t sweetened the pot enough to get promoters begging you…

And you’re asking the promoter to assume too much risk.

See, even though email is largely free to send, promotional partners DO take a risk when they promote you.  They’re risking their bandwidth.  They’re risking their reputation.  And they’re losing the opportunity cost of the other things they might have promoted using the same “air time.”

They’re not going to do it unless they can smell a big enough pay off…

And of course, for the right partner we’re talking about more than money…

We’re talking about the true value you can add to their list…

How you can help their customers become better, more appreciative customers…

But they do need to smell it, or it ain’t gonna happen…

And once they do, you can cherry pick the best ones to your liking.

So no more begging allowed, OK?  In the formal training we’ll show you several more ways to approach and gain the trust of a JV partner without Begging at all!

Get JV Fast Track Here  

I Have 100 Trillion Dollars and I Can Prove It

I’ve got 100 trillion dollars and I can PROVE it!  In fact, here’s a picture of it sitting on my desk:

Impressed?  Don’t be.  Because you can have 100 Trillion Dollars too!  You see a few years ago in Zimbabwe, hyper-inflation caused the rapid devaluation of currency to such a degree it became necessary to print hundred trillion dollar bills just to pay for groceries.  (I’m not making this up… it got so bad they had to abandon their currency entirely)

Today you too can buy an authentic hundred trillion dollar bill on for as little as 27 cents!  Why do I feel compelled to share this with you?  A few important reasons:

  • First, I want to drive home the point that money is only an idea
    It’s worth what we all agree it’s worth, and what our government manages to sustain.  And because money is only an idea, it’s not something to get truly miserable OR exuberant about… it’s just a necessity of the system.  I’ve worked intimately with many millionaires
    (even hundred millionaires) and I’ve also personally been both financially privileged AND on the edge of bankruptcy.  My conclusion?  A reasonable amount of money is a necessary but not sufficient condition for a rewarding life.  And it’s a morally neutral force… you can use it for good, evil, or anything in between.  It’s all too easy to confuse money with happiness, and just as easy to confuse the lack of it with misery.  Neither is true unless you make it so, and you suffer needlessly when you do.  We’ve all got to master money while becoming wary of it’s power to obsess us on both extremes.
  • Second, I’d like to neutralize the power of the “I Fart Money” approach to sales.
    I think it’s fine for marketing educators (I don’t like the term “guru”) to share what they’ve done as long as it’s true and lawful… and it’s very difficult to sell in this space if you don’t have an “I Fart Money” back story of some kind.  But at the same time, I’ve gotta say it’s truly unfortunate how starry eyed people become when they see big numbers.  It tends to foster the fantasy that money will solve all your problems, the belief that money is all that matters, and the not-so-smart business practice of obsessing about people’s income when it only represents ONE side of the ledger!  (Seriously… I’ve experienced so many “other sides” of “I Fart Money” businesses given my position that I can say with complete confidence that knowing a businesses gross income is virtually meaningless)
  • Last, I wanted to illustrate how marketers can get an audience’s attention with dramatic statements WITHOUT having to support them with dramatic claims. Remember, the definition of “hype” is a promise without proof… so if you can’t prove your claims you shouldn’t make them.  But that does NOT mean you can’t find outrageous and interesting ways to engage your audience, then bridge this attention to something more meaningful and valuable.

Speaking of value, there are still a few spots left for the Coach Training and Certification class which meets on Mondays at 9 AM Eastern.  If you’re interested, please sign up today, or call the number on the site with questions.

A few things to note about this class in particular:

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  • Of course, the $500 Early Bird Discount deadline for the class expires in just a few days…

Long story short, if you’re interested, please sign up today or call the phone number on the site with questions.  (If you’ve got a more detailed questions you prefer answered by email you can also just submit the contact form on the site above)

Won’t you join us?

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Real Business vs Bull Crap IM Business

There are a just a few insights into the nature of REAL businesses vs. BULL CRAP internet business ideas I’d like to share with you today…

1. REAL BUSINESSES SELL LOTS OF PRODUCTS (AND SERVICES) AND RUN VOLUME ON UNDER-OPTIMIZED FRONT ENDS. (Bull-crap internet businesses, on the other hand, spend all their resources waiting to perfectly optimize their front end.  This is based on the very faulty belief that a well optimized front end will make the whole business profitable in the long turn.)

This one’s a little tough to grasp, because intuitively we all know optimization is a good thing.  I mean, I’ve spent the last several years studying and teaching RESEARCH AND CONVERSION, all in the name of optimization, and I’ve been trying to hammer home the notion there’s no such thing as a traffic problem, only a conversion problem.

It’s all true.

But what’s equally true is, it can take a LOT of time, money, and labor to optimize your front end…

And once you’ve got a customer who trusts you, that customer is likely to be interested in buying LOTS of products and services from you…IF you’ve got them available to purchase!  (One of the most common complaints from MY customers, for example, is “I wish you had more for me to buy, Glenn.”) 

Once a REAL business has a semi-manageable front end, they turn their focus to creating a multitude of back end products.  A WHOLE CATALOG of things to sell.  They say “good enough is good enough” (to quote someone we all know) and just run with the damn front end conversions…

SHOULD they keep optimizing the front end?  Sure….

But it’s often easier, faster, and more economical to add visitor value by pumping out back end products and services…

And the overall profits in the business get maximized not so much by the efficiency of front end acquisition, but by the VOLUME of customers acquired who then go on to buy lots of back ends.

Short story?  Once you’ve got the ability to build a list of buyers, build baby, build!  (And add LOTS of products and services). You can fix the front end ROI later.

Another way to look at this is, what if you had to make a business work with crappy front end conversions?  It’s a good exercise to model out in a spreadsheet for your business because several of the 8 figure businesses I’ve run into recently are built on really crappy front end conversion numbers! (Seriously… even some really famous ones you’d recognize in a heartbeat if confidentiality didn’t prevent me from revealing them are running 0.5% front-end conversion or worse)

2. REAL BUSINESSES HAVE LONGER TIME HORIZONS.  (Bull-crap internet marketing businesses, on the other hand, start out with the question “how can I make money quickly without a lot of work”)

It’s become fashionable to make fun of the “Wall Street” business model.  You know the one I mean… let’s go raise $50,000,000 and burn through it at a million a month while we talk about lots of ideas and make lots of spreadsheets.  We’ll get profitable in 3 to 5 years…

So in many ways it’s only natural for the pendulum to have swung the other way…

We internet marketers HAD to say “that’s silly and wasteful, you should hold yourself to profitable results MUCH sooner, perhaps immediately”…

But you know what?  Thinking you’ve got to be profitable immediately is probably the best way to fail!

  • It prevents you from doing the 20 or 30 market tests you may need before you can achieve escape velocity.  (Because you’ll deem the business a failure way before then)
  • It prevents you from seeking funding when necessary, so you  really CAN have time to study the market, craft the best offer, and see it to fruition and profitability…
  • It prevents you from recognizing your true successes, which prevents you from building upon and strengthening them..
  • And it creates an overall sense of panic and “unworthiness” in your organizational culture…especially in the founders.

In my experience the sweet spot is in-between.  REAL businesses make a realistic plan for achieving profitability in 12 to 18 months. Sometimes it takes them longer to achieve that profitability but it’s clearly worthwhile to keep going because the path is so well laid out and progress in that direction is obvious.

Real businesses also figure out how to FUND this time horizon so that the members of the business are financially calm and focused on achieving it.

Food for thought, right?

3. REAL BUSINESS PEOPLE WORK LIKE *$#*&%!! MANIACS (AND THEY LOVE IT!).  Bull crap internet-marketing people work as little as they can get away with, and only do so in order to be able to not work later on.

My apologies… it’s pretty rare for me to curse, but I wanted to underscore the point!

If you’re in the right business, you’ll know it because you won’t want to stop working…

Instead of looking at your workload and saying “I have to do this work today”, you look at it with a kind of perverse excitement and say “Oh good, I get to work on this today”…

Not every moment of every day…

But there’s a general feeling of passion, interest, and excitement for the business…

The essence of your being gets poured into it.  You burn the ships at the shore and fully commit to conquering the territory…

You feel in your heart it’s not a matter of IF the business succeeds but WHEN it will…

And because of this you’d rather be working on the business than almost anything else…

In your “free” time your head is constantly running with thoughts, images, and feelings about the business…

You feel thrilled with the littlest successes, and heartbroken with the smallest defeats…

Much the way a mother might about their child. (The best description of having a child I’ve ever heard was  “It’s like having your heart outside of you”)

What does this all mean for YOU?

1. Do the math.  Set up a spreadsheet with at least a half dozen products and services in the mix, and see if you can make it work with a low front end conversion.

2. Once you’ve achieved escape velocity and you have a catalog of products, buy as many customers as you can as fast as you can (provided your business systems can withstand the load.)  The cost of advertising almost always rises over time, so get them in your funnel while it’s most profitable to do so.

3.  Keep developing your conversion and optimization skills, but recognize these are NOT the only skills required to build a real business, and that because optimization is a resource-intensive activity, keep thinking about whether optimizing a particular front end (especially) is the “highest and best use” of your available time, capital, and labor.

4. If you can’t see your way to becoming passionate about your business so you’ll actually WANT to work like a “*&$#*!! maniac”, think about how the business would have to be transformed to make this possible, or how to safely transition to something where that motivation would exist.  Because SOMEONE’s going to have to provide that driving force or else, in my experience, escape velocity eludes you.


Dr. G 🙂

PS – In a mood today I guess!

PPS – I’ll be opening my business coaching practice for perhaps the LAST time on January 1st, 2016…for one day only.  (It’s been closed to NEW clients for almost three full years.) If you’ve got any interest in working with me personally, now’s the time to sign on.  Read the letter and get on the priority notifications list please.

Getting Comfortable with Charging More Money

The other day I asked Howie Jacobson–(author of AdWords for Dummies and definitely a guy with something to say!)–if he’d do an interview for my coaches list about money…

You see, one of the strangest things about the people who are most interested in helping people is that they’re also the ones most uncomfortable about charging for it.

The interview came out SO good, and forced BOTH of us to reveal so many interesting nuances of our personal journeys with finances in the service business, I felt it needed sharing for my general entrepreneurial audience too.

If you have even the tiniest discomfort charging what you’re worth, I’d encourage you to listen soon. (This is a relatively short one, but VERY powerful)

All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – How many of you know I do the Make Them Buy Live Webinars club mostly for my own benefit? Seriously, there’s not a lot of direct money in there because most internet marketers don’t understand the relationship between traffic and conversion.  They’re unwilling to face the work involved in building a site that converts, so they stupidly chase traffic techniques instead. (Insert frustrated pirate-like sound here). But I’ve discovered pouring over other people’s sites and rank-ordering the winners in a market, then discussing it publicly with a sharp group of marketers is one of the absolute best ways I’ve found to keep growing as a marketer (and to stay on top of current conversion trends online).    Anyway, I did a presentation at the end of last year in the club itself on the TEN BEST insights of the year.  You can get that as a separate package here now.

PPS – Howie Jacobson’s blog is worth reading too.

All My Free Cheat Sheets, Mp3s, and Videos

Been cataloging and organizing the last 5 years of MP3 interviews, PDF Cheat Sheets, and Conversion Videos…

Thought I might as well give you the benefits of that too 🙂

Right click the image above and you’ll get a PDF full of links to my BEST Cheat Sheets, Interviews, and Conversion Videos

It’s all my best stuff, all in one place!

(Don’t say I never gave you anything)

Now go turn some visitors into buyers, would you?

Dr. G 🙂

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