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Been cataloging and organizing the last 5 years of MP3 interviews, PDF Cheat Sheets, and Conversion Videos…

Thought I might as well give you the benefits of that too 🙂

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Dr. G 🙂

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Outsourcing Tip: My Garbageman Thinks I Can’t Spell (And I Don’t Care!)

My garbageman thinks I can’t spell…


Know why he thinks I can’t spell?

Because I asked my Portuguese housekeeper (Helena) to set up a system for separating the garbage from the recycling bin, and ensuring the garbage service knew which container was which…

And you know what?

It works.

I didn’t have to go outside and explain to the garbageman which was which…

I didn’t have to take the time to write the labels on the cans myself…

I just told her what the goal was and let her set up the system herself.

And if it didn’t work, I’d ask her to fix it, I wouldn’t go talk to the garbage people myself.

So I really don’t care if my garbageman thinks I skipped my spelling homework in the sixth grade.

Because while Helena was setting up that system, I was busy building the Make Them Buy webinar club.

I let her do the $18/hr work…

…while I kept right on working on my computer doing  $1,000/hr work.

Now, I’m NOT saying you should never supervise people you outsource to…

What I AM saying is you should give them a chance to come up with their own systems…

Learn what they’re good at…

Let them have at it.

When I outsource, I do my best to match the skill-set to the task at hand, and I DO develop many systems myself… but ultimately I discover some talent and/or dream the worker has and figure out how to leverage it.

For example, I hired a guy early last year to help with market research and some basic web templates.  But I quickly learned he wanted to design comic books.   He drew villains and heroes in his spare time.

So I came up with the “Traffic Demons” which confuse and conquer my audience when they’re unsure of how to convert their visitors into prospect.  (PPC Piranhas, SEO Scorpions, Social Media Snakes, and more).   I just asked what he could do with these concepts and voila:

The bottom line is, you don’t always have to dictate the how, as long as you’re clear about the what.

Onwards and upwards my fine marketing friends…

Dr. G 🙂

PS – I actually DID skip my spelling homework in the sixth grade, but made up for it when I studied for the GREs before graduate school.   (Like my grandfather used to say “I doesn’t speak so bery menee but I does the best what I are!”

PPS – To clarify the point on PPC Piranhas, what I mean to say is that cheap clicks aren’t worth much if you can’t convert the visitors into buyers.  They’re worth even less if you add expensive management fees.  PPC traffic is great, but you should choose your ideal keyword bulls eyes carefully, then slowly use that traffic as the engine to ramp up your conversion rate without blowing through a lot of money.  Then and only then (once you’re converting visitors into customers better than others in the market) do you expand your traffic and hire a PPC agency

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Outsourcing Disasters and Duplicating Failure

I’d like to make a brief, but obvious point today, because there’s something I see over and over again across dozens of students and hundreds of customers…

“Outsourcing Disasters and Duplicating Failure”

The desire to duplicate oneself and offload work is only human nature. In fact, it’s one of the strongest elements I’ve observed in the entrepreneurial mindset.

So it’s only natural that people want to COPY other sales systems, and OUTSOURCE all the work involved in building their own.

The problem comes when people don’t take the time to ensure they’re copying SUCCESS, and when they try to OUTSOURCE something they don’t really fully understand or know how to supervise.

Because here’s the secret…

The success of a sales system doesn’t lie entirely in the words on the sales page, or even necessarily in the system as a whole.    It relies much more on the understanding the writer has of the market. And since copycats can’t legally plagiarize the whole system, absent this understanding, they wind up copying an empty shell.

Moreover, it’s rare that a WHOLE system is successful. Lacking an exhaustive understanding of the market in which the system operates, people are prone to copy the failing elements just as easily as the successful ones.

In other words, many competitors are succeeding in spite of bad marketing, because just a few elements are right on target.  Without thorough research and market intelligence, how do you know you’re not duplicating their failure?

There’s also a lot of talk these days of just outsourcing your marketing, or your market research, Glenn-Style.

Now, I’m totally in favor of getting help to scale up your operations. In fact, I’ve been working through John Jonas’ materials, and they’ve helped me to hire no less than 8 people in the Phillipines now.    (You can watch the Outsourcing Webinar Replay through my affiliate link here.  John has a lot of very useful advice for hiring full timers at $300/mo, and provides some training to get them started.  I have a LOT of good experience with his hiring advice and resources, but can’t really say one way or the other about the training he provides for the outsourcers — I’d prefer you used them to do things you already do very well and just want to offload from your plate)

There’s a LOT you CAN outsource. You CAN outsource all the grunt work of setting up your automatic intelligence machine, doing some of the initial scanning of social media conversations, installing and managing your websites, installing wordpress blogs and plug ins, doing routine backups, setting up your surveys, programming scripts and databases, running through the first set of codes for your survey analysis, transcription, audio editing, video editing, article distribution, social bookmarking, data entry, a very, very rough first draft of your copywriting, and so on)

But in my opinion, you can’t outsource the STRATEGIC THINKING AND MARKET IMMERSION necessary to succeed in a project, especially in today’s competitive adwords auctions.

Somewhere along the way, if you want to build a REAL business, you’re going to have to spend a few hundred hours immersed in the market yourself.

Because no one’s really going to care about it like you do.

And because without doing this, you’re NOT going to pick up the subtleties which allow you to connect with the market above and beyond  your competitors.

You simply won’t know what your customers “smell like”, and they’ll sense your templated, outsourced approach.

Because prospects in any market can “smell” honesty, integrity, and passion when it’s poured into a project.

In my experience, the people who try to outsource strategic thinking and market immersion wind up with MORE work, not less, in the long run, because their systems simply don’t perform.   (You CAN partner with someone to champion a market for you, but only if they’re tested and proven in their entrepreneurial and strategic thinking abilities… and if they’ve got enough upside potential and skin in the game to make it worth their while)

A long time ago, I heard Brian Tracy say “if you want to make a mark in your market, make 100 phone calls to prospects and I promise you you’ll never look back”

At the time, I was starting a psychology practice in the midst of the collapse of  indemnity insurance (doctors could no longer get so easily reimbursed for their high session fees as the big companies cut off the gravy train).   My colleagues were all terrified, complaining, and going broke.

What did I do?

I made a few hundred phone calls to every psychologist, psychiatrist, counseling center, etc. I could find on Long Island.  I asked them if they had any patients they were having trouble working with.  I asked how I could help them.  I asked if I could volunteer to see clients for free at their clinic for a day.   I asked if I could work for them in any capacity whatsoever.

I also set up focus groups and individual interviews with people considering seeing a psychologist or counselor.

18 months later I had a private practice with 65 patients. (By the way, for any psychologists considering advertising, one of the critical insights was that no one looked for psychologists, only for counselors, ’cause “you’ve gotta be sick in the head” to see a shrink, “but everyone needs a little counseling sometimes” )

Why?    I knew what the market wanted cold.  I had more connections than any of my peers.   I WENT THROUGH THE IMMERSION EXPERIENCE.

I’ve got several coaching students now who are really getting the value of this.

One of them spent the bulk of this year doing low-end consulting with literally hundreds of people looking for help with a particular software program.   He’s now set up a lucrative PPC lead funnel in this VERY competitive space, and I’ll be utterly shocked if he doesn’t have a million dollar business in 18 months or less.

Another one got so psyched about immersion, he decided to make 1,000 phone calls to prospects in his market.  ONE THOUSAND.   Then he developed a training system based on his experience.  (I can’t imagine anyone else’s training system in that very, very competitive market could possibly be any better.  I can’t imagine any prospect not instantly sensing this after just a little exposure to his materials)

Moreover, both of these gentlemen are NOW in the ultimate position to leverage themselves and outsource their work.   NOW they can replace themselves, and begin building multi-million dollar enterprises.

I guess what I’m saying is,  we’re all in such a hurry to get away from the market, most of us never get into it deep enough to truly succeed.

And so we look for the short cuts…

And wind up copying failure, or outsourcing things we don’t really understand.

I’m not invulnerable to this…  I’m human too, and always fighting a tendency to get lazy.  (Plus, when you get a little money and can easily afford the help, it’s easy to think “I’m above this now”)

But when I look back at my successes, the #1 thing they all had in common were a passionate immersion period in the market, right there in the trenches with the customers and competitors.

Have YOU really immersed yourself in your market?

Something to think about,

G 🙂

Get in the Club Already, Huh? |  Get Step by Step Hand Holding and Motivation to Do It |  Blueprint for Beginners

The Tabasco Rule in Outsourcing

Guess what’s on my bathroom sink, neatly lined up with all my shampoos, soaps, electric beard trimmer, and dental floss:

A nice bottle of Tabasco Sauce.

It’s true.  My housekeeper puts it there for me every week and ensures it’s fresh.

What the hell do I need Tabasco sauce in the bathroom for?   Beats me.

But it seems Helena thinks I must indeed need it, because it’s there every week.  And the thing is, she’s a VERY bright, alert, hard working, sweet woman.

Turns out a few months ago I was rushing around and suddenly realized I was late for an appointment while I was eating my lunch (Amy’s organic black bean soup).    Apparently I didn’t want to stop eating it (it’s REALLY good) so I dragged it upstairs with me to the bathroom before I took a shower.  Not the most grown up thing I ever did, but que sera’ sera’.

Anyway, since I work at home, my housekeeper tries to bother me as little as possible.  She just tries to anticipate what I need and please me.  And apparently she thought that henceforth I’d be using tabasco sauce in my bathroom routines.

And me, mister brilliant, educated doctor that I am, fell right into the routine thinking it was so neatly lined up, it looked like it really belonged there… maybe I AM supposed to do something with it.   Of course, I kept meaning to say something, but I was just too busy.

So for months  there’s been a bottle of tabasco sauce, needlessly sitting on my bathroom counter, for no reason at all, and my housekeeper’s been wasting time and effort thinking this is an important way to please me.

Which got me to thinking…

In total, there are over a dozen people who work for and/or with me, many of whom have probably developed ridiculous and superstitious routines in their efforts to please me.

And the truth is, there ARE certain things I’d like to have set up in the bathroom in a very particular way each day for myself, I just never bothered to write out the system and communicate it.

Similarly, how many OTHER things am I dismissing as trivial while people around me scramble to read my mind and make me happy?

If you’re going to outsource effectively as an entrepreneur, it’s something worth thinking about!

Do the people working for you REALLY know what it takes to please you, or have you allowed them to develop their own “Tabasco Sauce” superstitions?  (Don’t answer too quickly now!)

Dr. G 🙂

PS – On January 1st, 2016 I’ll be opening my coaching practice to NEW students for perhaps the last time.  This will be for one day only, and because very few people ever leave me I haven’t opened for almost three full years.  (Actually, I think it will BE three years on January 1st).  If you’re even remotely interested in working with me directly, read this letter and get on the priority notification list at the bottom… then watch your email on New Year’s morning at 9 am.  The rest of the list gets notified at 10.

Outsourcing Sucks, Delegating Sucks, Unless…

It’s common to hear internet marketers say “just outsource it” or “delegate or die”.

And of course, there’s really no way to earn $1,000 an hour if you’re busy doing $10/hr work yourself.

But, the vast majority of online educators leave out the critical piece … how the do you do that?

Not “where do you find good quality labor for low rates” … that’s relatively easy.   Not “how do you decide what to delegate and what to do yourself” (an admittedly harder, but manageable task).

What you never hear is how to preserve your VISION of the outcome, and the purpose of your delegated/outsourced work across the multitude of people and personalities working on your project.

If you get this component wrong, that $10/hr writer you hired on elance can end up costing you $500/hr in lost productivity, delayed deadlines, and squelched morale when they come back a month later with something totally different than what you really needed.

How the hell do you do THAT?

Dan Pfister is one of my favorite students.  He’s taken my research methods to the nth degree and applied them not only to his marketing and sales process, but more importantly to the development of materials and products which actually DO scratch the itches no one else is scratching in his market (the leadership market).

In this very practical interview, Dan reviews some of the most important components of vision and team building which elude the vast majority of entrepreneurs.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed in the slightest at the prospect of getting REAL help for your business, or even if you think you might be when you grow in the future … I definitely endorse Dan’s materials.

Dan’s the real deal, and I’m proud to present this free MP3.

Enjoy 🙂