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MP3: Insights for Search – Practical Uses

You’ll be Genuinely surprised at all the practical, immediately useful applications Rob Sieracki’s got for you using this underutilized and undervalued Google tool!

Enjoy 🙂

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More Math Can Make You Even More Money

The equation for the surface area of a wooden box is  (2 x (AB+BC+AC)) where the box has sides of length A, B, and C.

Who cares?  You do, if you want to make more money from your website.

You don’t have to understand the equation, pass a test on it, or even run it through a spreadsheet…

What you DO need to trust me about is, if you take the same box and cut it in three pieces, the overall surface area goes UP.    Cut it in ten, and it goes up more.  Cut it in a thousand pieces, and you get  a LOT  more surface area.

Cut it in a million pieces and you’ve got saw dust with unimaginable surface area as compared to the original, so much so that a match lit anywhere near it instantly sets it aflame.   (You’d have to sit for a lot longer with the match under the original box before it caught fire).

The point is, if you’re trying to light a fire, you break your box in pieces.

The classic formula for website profits is T x C x D.  (Traffic x Conversion x Dollars of profit per sale)

Now, here’s a little secret to bring this to life.

When I first launched my guinea pig site 5 years ago it barely made $250/mo  and I was a little despondent because I was targeting $1,000 profit per niche site at the time. (Please Note: I no longer recommend multiple micro niches as a business strategy, both because it’s harder to launch profitable niches these days, but also because the REAL money is in building a BUSINESS where you can go deep with back ends, cultivate customers, etc).

I asked Jonathan Mizel for advice.  He said:

“Glenn, if you double your traffic AND double your conversion you’ll be at $1,000”

It sounds obvious, but at the time I was stuck thinking about the overall profit level, and quadrupling it seemed an extremely daunting task.   I actually went to work doubling the conversion (mostly I wrote more follow ups and added pictures) and doubling the traffic.  It worked, and I’ve sold over 10,000 copies of that book to date.

Now here’s where this gets interesting…

Just like you can bust up a wooden box into more pieces to make it more combustible, if you want your website to “catch fire”,  you can do the very same thing with your entire sales system!

For example:

– In Adwords itself, traffic = Impressions x Clickthrough Rate

– On your website, “Conversion” = the percent of people who Opt In x the percent who Add to Cart (click the order button) x the percent of people who Complete the Order

So the formula really isn’t just T x C x D.   It’s Impressions x CTR x Opt In Rate x Add to Card x Complete Order. (Five factors)

Now, here’s where you can see the “combustibility” factor of breaking down the dollar generating process on your website…

If you think of your profits in terms of only Traffic x Conversion you still have to achieve monumental increases in each factor in order to double your profits BUT…

When you “bust up” your profit generation into 5 pieces, a mere 14% improvement in each piece DOUBLES your profit!

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I don’t know about you, but finding 14% more impressions in Adwords doesn’t seem so daunting.  Nor does increasing my CTR from 1% to 1.14%, my opt in from 15% to 17.1%, increasing order button clicks from 10% to 11.4%, or reducing shopping cart abandonment from 75% to 71.5%.

In fact, they all sound rather easy if I just focus and test and tweak a bit.

But when you take them together, you IGNITE the business and DOUBLE the profits.  (This is what Jay Abraham used to call working on the “geometry” of your business, just taken to a new level online)

You can go even further with this, of course, because you can bust-up ANY piece of your sales machine and make it more combustible.  For example, you could view and measure your salesletter conversion as Views x Percent Who Scroll Past First Screen x Order Button Clicks x Order Completion.   Or you could break up your opt in process into two steps as I’ve been consistently recommending.

It’s just a matter of conceptualizing the pieces, installing the tracking, and then working on one piece at a time.

The take-a-way?

If you want your site to make more money, break it into pieces and light it on fire!

Hope it helps,

Dr. G 🙂

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PS – Are you reasonably new to the internet, or have you had trouble making even one site profitable?  Most people don’t know I created an entire A to Z Blueprint for Beginners.

It comes with simple one page cheat sheets which tell you the least you need to know about traffic, conversion, social media, web development, copywriting, and everything else you need to know to get up to speed quickly.  (It includes Terry Dean, Fred Gleeck, and others, so I actually often refer to it myself when I’m working in one of their areas of expertise, like SEO Blogging or Professional Speaking)

I really wish something like this was available when I started!  A to Z Blueprint for beginners

PPS – As compared to the above, The Hyper Responsive Club is where I present all my best thinking about how to establish a Center of Gravity online which you understand and sell to better than anyone else.

Whereas the Blueprint product above is intended to get everyone up to speed with the basics of internet marketing as I see it (and to steer them away from the 99% of false prophets and scamsters) the Hyper Responsive Club is where you can leverage my unique and powerful experience as both a Fortune 500 researcher and a consumer psychologist. Everyone should join the club, but only people who haven’t yet made a profit online should purchase the Blue Print product.

I hope that clarifies things (we’ve been getting a lot of questions)

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Way Beyond PPC Traffic

Most of you know that I’m a PPC fiend.  Even as Google prices have gone through the roof, I’ve defended AdWords as the best place to develop most business messaging and perfect your sales machine.

But did you know there’s  traffic available WAY beyond Google, MSN, Yahoo, and PPC?  I’m talking several orders of magnitude of traffic … think “how can I add a few zeros to my visitor count each month”

It’s true.

“Enclosed” is a free MP3 interview with my former mentor and friend… the man who originally helped me put the pieces together in  PPC  has now moved way beyond PPC.  He’s been testing and tracking and creating his own formula.

Well worth the listen!


Dr. G 🙂

PS – Yes, he’s also got a course (and yes, I’m an affiliate).  Jonathan gave me the course, I’ve been through it thoroughly, and think it’s extremely worthwhile information.  (It’s also not at all expensive).  If you’d like to find out more, please visit

Google vs. Facebook – Advertising Wars

  1. There’s a LOT more advertising inventory available than what you see in Google. (Google owns search, but there are about a dozen other networks with MUCH more inventory for display advertising)
  2. You haven’t been able to get at it yet because of extremely high minimum spends (e.g. $10K to $20K/mo commitments) and because it’s much harder to target effectively …
  3. The coming war between Google (who organizes the world’s information – Web 1.0) and Facebook (who organizes and connects the world’s people – Web 2.0) really defines the differing values and changing search behavior we can expect to see in coming years…
  4. This war should open the vast traffic networks to the smaller entrepreneur (who has prepared the right tools)…
  5. To prepare for the opportunity, please listen to the free MP3 below

If you think your business might qualify for this type of advertising, please submit the paid ppc consultation request and mention this call in the comments section.   If you’re not quite ready for our services but are interested in improving your results yourself, please click here

This interview was inspired by a recent article in Wired Magazine.

My Best Thinking on AdWords, SEO, and Competitive Intelligence

Below you’ll find a FREE MP3 of an intriguing 45 minute conversation I had with my Director of Copywriting and Director of Sales at Rocket Clicks.   (NOTE: The call has been slightly edited to remove the details of our clients and their sites)

We did NOT intend to distribute this conversation, so I apologize for the speakerphone, but I thought it represented a unique opportunity for you to be a fly on the wall to see:

A) How a high-level copywriter interviews “in the trenches” sales people to elicit the benefits and objections necessary to write A level copy

B) How my thinking has evolved into a more comprehensive, yet simpler system for building a solid internet marketing structure

The original purpose of the call was for Tony to get the material he needed to develop a consultation form like the one we’ve got here, but targeted at people who wanted more than PPC management… instead desiring a more comprehensive package including market research + site design/repositioning + PPC/SEO.

You see, it’s been several years since I originally innovated and presented the How To Double Your Business process, and I’ve moved WAY beyond the advanced survey methods I originally presented.  The way I approach markets presently is simultaneously  simpler and more powerful.


The most successful of the 100+ clients I personally audited at Rocket Clicks last year (especially those who seemed to survive the economic earthquake in the fall of 2008) were   focused on many, many fewer keywords, leading me to develop a set of algorithms for choosing the smallest number of keywords likely to make you the most money.

In fact, I now believe it’s ESSENTIAL  to have a well articulated rationale for choose ONE dead-center bulls-eye keyword for your business… the one you’d advertise on if Google restricted your account to only ONE adgroup with ONE broad match keyword in it.  (The “ultimate elevator speech”).

Considerations of relevancy, volume, and bid price are essential in making this choice.

And once you know your Bulls-Eye, I think it’s also essential to define a very small set of concentric circles around it … no more than six keyword groups.  And you’d better have a good written definition of the CONCEPTUAL BOUNDARIES OF YOUR KEYWORD SET, or else you’ll wind up wasting time, money, and diluting your conversions by aiming off your “keyword archery target”


Once you know exactly where your keyword archery target starts and ends (and why!), I’ve innovated a NEW method for leveraging social media, competitive intelligence spy tools, and RSS fees to set up one systematic and comprehensive competitive intelligence dashboard…

Then identifying YOUR SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT COMPETITOR and totally reverse engineering their web testing diary.  (I’m not just talking about the stupid PPC spy tools … I’m NOT NOT NOT talking about figuring out what web changes they made which made them successful in the first place)


On the foundation of a more clearly defined and simpler keywords set AND comprehensive competitive intelligence, we then utilize the survey process to find point of difference benefits for the market.


With a clearly defined bulls-eye and keyword archery target, the knowledge of who’s winning the game on that target and why, the consumer language, emotional benefits, and point of difference benefits in hand, the process then proceeds to UNIFY ALL YOUR MARKETING COMMUNICATION AROUND A  SINGULAR, WELL RESEARCHED USP.


SEO and PPC are expensive and time consuming.   The gorillas who survive are the ones who know exactly where to FOCUS their time and money.   The new Livingston Process ensures you eliminate waste and laser focus on a hyper-responsive message for the short set of keywords which define your business.

6) OPTIMIZE YOUR CONVERSION:  Multivariate and Taguchi testing are still VERY powerful tools (always will be).  But they’re only useful when you’ve got the RIGHT INPUT to test.   The new process above ensures you’ve always got a prioritized list of options for continually bringing your business to the next level.

Enjoy the FREE MP3 below please!  🙂

ACTION OPTIONS: Do all this yourself, hire us to do for you,  or have me coach you through it personally.

Adwords Bragging

Sorry … just had to brag for a moment. (This is a testimonial received for The Naked Truth About Internet Marketing)

Email From A Client Who Previously Heard Me Present Hyper-Responsive Adwords Methods

“Hi Glenn, I just picked up your Truth Profits program and I gotta tell you…I was blown away by the PPC section you included. Like a lot of internet marketers, I’ve lost my shirt (and close to my pants! 😉 in getting pay-per-click completely WRONG for so long. I’ve purchased several programs but all they seem to do is tell you Google’s “rules” or how to try to “game the system”.

The format that your team used with discussing PPC was like being a fly on the wall as real pro’s discuss what’s REALLY working in this area. It’s obvious that the other marketers you teamed up with were somewhat challenged at some point with PPC. They asked all the right questions (for beginners and pro’s)…and you gave some incredible answers in a real step-by-step format.

I listened to the recording 3 times in a row and found new tips each time. In fact, I listened to it while on the treadmill at my gym and had to keep jumping off to scribble down the thoughts and ideas as they came pouring into my head! (I think you’re personally responsible for about 750 calories I could have lost if I’d just been able to keep running! Won’t hold it against you!)

Anyway, just wanted to say that I’ve listened to many of your recordings in the past but this one is by FAR the best yet. This section alone was worth far more than the price I paid.

Thanks for the tips!”

Jeff Anderson Chicago, IL

PPC Volume and Cost Estimation for New Markets

I get a lot of questions regarding updates to the Volume Estimation techniques in my method for comparing and choosing new markets.  Here’s a walk through of the EXACT and most up to date method I use for doing this!

For beginners, I recommend choosing markets where the calculation shown in the video is between 30,000 and 600,000.  PPC markets underneath this volume may not be worth the effort, and those above this volume may be too brutally competitive for a newbie to make their first dollar online!

Last, these pay per click search marketing techniques are ONLY intended for use in the How To Choose Your Market method, … I use other formulas and methods for other purposes.  (If you own another product of mine and are estimating volume for other reasons, please follow the formulas therein).

Adwords Success Factors

If you haven’t done so already, please download the FREE PPC MP3 with Bryan Todd, co-author of the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords here:

FREE MP3: Fundamental Adwords Assumptions Most Get Wrong,
Even, (And Perhaps Especially) After Years Of PPC Experience:

Bryan is the co-author of the “Definitive Guide to Google Adwords” and, by Perry Marshall’s own admission, he’s “a little better” at the ppc game than Perry himself.

The interview is particularly important for people who are trying to make it in Adwords, because it’s very easy to make FAULTY
ASSUMPTIONS, especially in competitive markets.

Download or Listen to the FREE Bryan Todd MP3 here:
Pay Per Click Success MP3

Bryan’s looked carefully at literally hundreds of student’s Adwords accounts during his years as a consultant, coach, and right hand man to Perry Marshall, …

So the question I asked Bryan, over and over in many different ways during the interview was … “What REALLY distinguishes people who
‘make it’ in PPC vs. people who flop and flounder”

His answer really surprised me because it had NOTHING to do with any technical skills or marketing genius.

In fact, Bryan said that the majority of people he coaches have very little trouble ‘getting’ the basic technical aspects right.

Download or Listen to the FREE Bryan Tood MP3 here:
Adwords Success MP3

Instead, he said what really distinguishes people who win the Google game is their ability to seriously question 10 fundamental assumptions most people make about their market … things most people never think to ask themselves.

I have to tell you that the interview was so powerful for me personally (even after 5 years of running ultra successful campaigns), that I pushed out the launch date for this very project (the one you’re reading right now) while I asked myself these very
same questions.

Anyway, … get this one now and have a listen while you’re feeling open minded about it.

I think it’ll be PARTICULARLY important for you. (Even if you’ve heard some of these things before)

FREE MP3: Fundamental Adwords Assumptions Most Get Wrong

All my best,

Glenn 🙂

Hyper Responsive Adwords Marketing

What’s wrong with this statement … “Help me flood my site with Traffic?”

You don’t want a flood of VISITORS, you want VISITORS WHO BUY … that’s what’s wrong with it.   (Most people learn the hard way)

Let’s look more closely.  I’m seeing an average conversion in client accounts these days from 0.75% to 1%.   The first implication of this is that only a small percentage of adwords visitors are responsible for their entire business.  

But when you look at distribution of income in your house list –(you DO analyze your internal customer list, right–   most marketers will find about 5% of CUSTOMERS responsible for 40% or more of their income.  

(The 80/20 rule says 80% of profits come from 20% of customers … if you apply it again to the top 20%, it says 4% of customers are responsible for 64% of profits.  On a practical level, however, I’ve observed more businesses in or around the 5% of customers = 40% of profits.

What does that mean?

Well, for starters, let’s translate so we can compare apples to apples and talk only about percent of VISITORS responsible for profits in your business.  (I’ll bet you’ve NEVER thought this thru!)

If 1% of VISITORS buy (being generous), and 5% of purchasers produce 40% of your profits, this means 1% x 5% = 0.05% of your VISITORS are responsible for 40% of your profits.

0.05% of your VISITORS = ALMOST HALF  your profit.

OR … it’s only ONE PAY PER CLICK VISITOR OUT OF 2,000 who really drives your business.  1 of 2,000 clicks!

This is radical for most adwords advertisers.

Virtually NO ONE understands this, and even fewer make concrete alterations in their ppc campaigns to go squarely after HYPER-RESPONSIVE customers.

And here’s the thing … hyper-responsive customers are almost always know what the rest of the market wants because they are, well… hyper responsive.   They spend a lot of time studying, searching, absorbing all they can about your market, trying to solve every last problem and get every last benefit they can from it.  

So when you sell to them, everything else falls in place.

Now, the obvious question is … how do you find them, and figure out what they want?

Stay tuned!  (I’ll give you a hint … they leave clues in surveys, they leave clues when you talk to them, they leave clues on your competitor’s site copy, they leave clues in your Adwords history, they leave clues in the blogosphere, they leave clues in offline media, they leave clues in the ppc keyword tools … they leave clues everwhere!)