Chilli Pepper Mango Marketing

Do me a favor please.

Go get a fresh mango and throw a liberal glob of chilli pepper and sea salt on it.

Sounds absolutely disgusting, right?

It’s NOT.  In fact, it’s rather amazing, and the unusual combination of flavors will light up your mouth with a relatively low calorie treat that will surprise and delight you.  It’s also got a liberal dose of antioxidants and vitamins.   And it’s SIMPLE.

Trust me, you’ll love it.

Now, here’s the marketing analogy.

The BEST marketing surprises you with ingredients no one else would think to combine, in a delightfully simple and easy to implement fashion.  For example…

Everyone else tells you you’ve gotta have the fanciest digital camera with hundreds of features, as many megapixels as possible, and more buttons than you’ve got fingers.  Then along comes the FLIP phone with a single record button, no fancy features, anda direct USB connection to your computer.  Boom!  Marketing sensation.

Everyone else tells you to use sophisticated bid management software, long tail databases, and endless keyword tools to optimize your AdWords account.  But I insist 90% of entrepreneurs are better off sticking with the FREE Google tool, choosing ONE keyword conversation, and learning to manage it with HUMAN attention.

See what I mean?

So… what surprisingly simple, counter-trend elements can YOU combine to surprise and delight your market?

Food for thought.

Dr. G 🙂