Confuse and Conquer – Something Else I Hate

Know what else I hate?   Marketers who live by the dictum “confuse and conquer”. (Listen to my 5 minute MP3 at the bottom of this post please)

They prey on your willingness to believe that there’s just one “secret” thing you need to know, or special piece of software, or important relationship you need to have and then you’ll be a millionaire.   And because you’re confused and don’t understand, you fork over your money.

Do you know what gives them their power?

The 4 hour work week mentality.

People honestly believe there’s something wrong with them if they can’t make themselves rich on 4 hours a week.

Here’s the truth.  In order to stop trading dollars for hours you can’t just stop working.  You’ve actually got to work harder… a LOT harder.  But the difference is you work harder in a sustained way on building SYSTEMS which will then work for you.

Now here’s the thing, … I know everyone’s nodding their head along with this.  But because of the confuse and conquer mentality, people don’t realize just how much work goes into building those systems before you can step away from them.

It’s not “work once, get paid forever”.  It’s “work VERY VERY VERY HARD once, and get paid forever”.

Because as amazing as the internet is for automating your income streams, it’s also the most competitive landscape the world has ever known.  (11 PPC slots in Adwords for example, and anyone in the world can bid for them … that’s almost 7 billion potential suitors you’ve gotta beat to be on the first page!)

So the BAD NEWS is, you’ve got to settle down and become a VIRTUOSO at one business model online if you want to be a multi-millionaire (or even just retire in comfort).  And that’s going to take about 10,000 hours.

Not 10,000 hours until you make money … that happens progressively all along the way for people who settle down, focus, and keep solving problems.  But 10,000 hours until you’ve really mastered the skills you need to shine and have everything you want.

Now, the GOOD NEWS is that most entrepreneurs take 10,000 hours to ACCEPT it’s going to take 10,000 hours, if they ever get that far.   So it takes them twice as long as it should to really master the online craft.   But YOU CAN SKIP THE FIRST 10,000 HOURS by just accepting reality.  (There, I just saved you five years of your life, you can thank me below in your comments … or just tell me to “go screw” if you’re not ready for this level of reality yet)

Bottom line?

Find one way to generate traffic and one way to turn that traffic into dollars.  Settle down and focus on that business plan.  Keep solving problems until it’s humming.

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Dr. G 🙂