Crowdsourcing Conversion Optimization

What if you could instantly break out of the “myopic mindset” which causes virtually all entrepreneurs to reach that dreaded point of diminishing returns on their advertising tests…

What if you could get a team of optimizers working on your site, and only pay when they succeeded in bumping your conversion?

OR – what if you could put YOUR conversion expertise to work and get a guaranteed payment when you succeed for any number of clients?

That was Hagi Erez’s concept for his start up “Pluralis

Listen to this audio interview first, then use coupon code “GlennL” at checkout if you choose to try the service for a significant discount on the success fees…

Three notes before you listen…

1) Hagi is a partner of one of my partners.  I don’t own any equity in Pluralis, nor do I make anything from these referrals at this time.  I just think it’s an interesting concept and wanted to share the interview…

2) If you listen carefully, you’ll pick up on some rather Geeky points regarding conversion optimization, including how to manage the risks, how and when to make statistical adjustments to your standard test protocols, etc.

3) Our Skype connection was less than perfect.  Sorry 🙁  (Still WELL worth listening in my humble opinion)

Onwards and Upwards,

The Good Dr. Glenn 🙂