EMOTIONAL MARKETING CONTEST: Using Emotion to Stimulate Consumer Behavior

EMOTIONAL MARKETING CONTEST:  Winner gets one 20 minute consult with me, and one 20 minute consult with Sharon. Two runners up will each get five minutes. We’ll announce the winner next Friday here on the blog.

This VERY SHORT video is an excellent example of stimulating emotion and human needs to motivate consumer behavior. (It’s also very appropriate for the upcoming July 4th Holiday travel weekend)

As an exercise, please watch the  video and see if you can answer the following questions (by the way, wholeheartedly embracing this exercise will definitely benefit your business in immeasurable ways)…

– What product FEATURE was the video promoting?

– What is the RATIONAL benefit of this feature?

– What is the EMOTIONAL benefit of this feature?

– MORE DIFFICULT:  What is the BRAND IMAGERY of the organization doing the promoting?  (Sussex  Safer Road Partnership)

And now, for the hardest, yet most important one…

What was the EMOTIONAL MARKETING INSIGHT which made this commercial so effective?


Here’s a refresher from Sharon’s FREE materials on emotional marketing, for those of you who might be a little confused by the terms…

“AN EMOTIONAL MARKETING INSIGHT is an in-depth understanding of your category as a whole. It simultaneously describes what consumers want, why they want it, and how to push their emotional hot buttons with features & benefits that are logically consistent with the emotional punch. It entails an intimate knowledge of …

  • The most desired FEATURES and RATIONAL BENEFITS that drive purchase in your market. (What people say they want).
  • The EMOTIONAL BENEFITS or human needs which are satisfied by providing the above. (Why they want it!)
  • How FEATURES and RATIONAL benefits are connected to EMOTIONAL BENEFITS (Which features push which emotional hot buttons!). (This is important to know because you can’t blurt out the emotional benefit to the consumer … rather we have to imply it with a focus on the right features in the context of a creative mood and tone consistent with the emotional need served.)
  • What BRAND & USER IMAGERY is most consistent with all of the above (So you can set the right creative mood and tone for all of your marketing communications, choose the best actors and actresses, and develop the right characters and dialogue for your ads.)

For example, here’s how I might describe the EMOTIONAL MARKETING INSIGHT for a fictitious brand of “Eagle’s Nest Hiking Boots”:

Hikers want boots that make them feel safe enough to enjoy all the adventure and splendor that the mountains have to offer (I’ve got hiking on the brain since I climbed one of the biggies in NH yesterday).

Practically, this means a super-grip rubber sole embedded with micro-fiber beads so they won’t slip on the ledges, high rise boots to protect them from twisting their ankles, complete water proofing to allow them to cross any stream, and winterizing with royal baby alpaca fiber so even the toughest winter won’t stop them!

Hiking boots are much more than the leather and rubber they are made of … they are a kind of spiritual fuel that makes it possible for the user to transcend the mundane world and reach a higher, more inspired level of being with a peaceful perspective on life.


OK, now, can you take a stab at the questions above, including what the sponsoring company may have concluded as their Emotional Marketing Insight?

AND, for extra credit, most useful to YOU, how would you then describe the Emotional Marketing Insight in YOUR market?

Post your answers below.  And remember, the winner gets one 20 minute consult with me, and one 20 minute consult with Sharon.  (We’ll announce next Friday)

Glenn 🙂

PS – Emotional Marketing is covered in depth in both the bonus area AND in Month #11 of the Hyper-Responsive Marketing Club.    And of course, you can always get direct coaching here.

PPS – No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, don’t pour hot coffee on your sensitive areas, avoid telling Dan Kennedy you use a cell phone, etc.

PPPS – Winners selected at our sole judgement and our sole option.