Free Ebook: The Emperor of Amazon Reviews

Hey Everybody 🙂

Sorry to be dark for a week…

Hurricane Sandy was very annoying!   (Took a lot of productivity last week.  We didn’t wind up getting it too badly though. )

Anyway, here’s the nice ebook I promised you from John Chancellor’s interview last week.    (He’s the “Emperor of Amazon Reviews”…but the e-book won’t tell you why.  Listen to the interview to find out more)

Truth is, I could talk about REAL mindset and psychology stuff all day. Not “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction” kind of fluffy affirmation mindset stuff, but REAL psychology of success stuff you can only get through deep reading, soulful introspection, and good old hard work!

I enjoyed the interview with John very much, and I wish people understood and took to heart the relationship between this kind of stuff and real success in business AND life…

But as with everything else, these kinds of insights are for the few.


Dr. G 🙂

PS – Did you ever wish I could just do my fancy research FOR you?  Grab one of the spots before the price goes up!

PPS – Remember, the ebook won’t tell you how to get top ranking as an Amazon reviewer.  For that you need to listen to the interview.  The book is just something (in my estimation even more valuable) John graciously offered to provide to my list for free.