FREE SPREADSHEET: Profit from Your Own Bad Advertising

This is my second post in a series on “How to Profit from Your Own Bad Advertising”…

And today I’ve got a short (18 minute) mp3 interview with none other than THE Ryan Levesque illustrating several very specific examples…

Along with a free spreadsheet to help you implement this in your own market! (IMPORTANT: Listen to the interview first or the  spreadsheet won’t make any sense)

Last thing…

You might have noticed the new club where you can interact with me LIVE 2x/mo.  (There are also video recordings of course)

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Honestly, this is the best deal you’re EVER going to get from me…

I’m doing it so I can bond more with my audience in a group environment without costing you a fortune.  (People keep asking for a forum, but honestly I hate those… people get so yucky-ass-stupid on them, and there’s just SO much nonsense to deal with!)

Anyway, if you’ve been around GlennWorld for a while, you know that I introduce my products and services at a low price in order to prove the concept, gather market intelligence about the buyers quickly, and then I steadily raise the price.  (You might wanna copy this philosophy by the way… because it frickin works)

You also get two crushing bonuses immediately when you join (1) Maximum Sales Bumps in Minimum Time – a collection of the BEST sales bumping techniques which I’ve identified as working across markets and (2) Building Your Persuasion Architecture(tm) – How to Focus on a Two Minute Verbal Sales Pitch Before You Publish a Single Page.

Anyway, why anyone would read this deep into a blog post of mine without spending $5 for live interaction AND those two bonuses is beyond me 🙂  But hey, you know, with the recession and all, you could almost buy a whole gallon of gas for that money!  (Not in Europe of course)

But seriously, if this isn’t worth $5, I don’t know what is.

All my best,

Glenn 🙂

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.