Getting Comfortable with Charging More Money

The other day I asked Howie Jacobson–(author of AdWords for Dummies and definitely a guy with something to say!)–if he’d do an interview for my coaches list about money…

You see, one of the strangest things about the people who are most interested in helping people is that they’re also the ones most uncomfortable about charging for it.

The interview came out SO good, and forced BOTH of us to reveal so many interesting nuances of our personal journeys with finances in the service business, I felt it needed sharing for my general entrepreneurial audience too.

If you have even the tiniest discomfort charging what you’re worth, I’d encourage you to listen soon. (This is a relatively short one, but VERY powerful)

All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – How many of you know I do the Make Them Buy Live Webinars club mostly for my own benefit? Seriously, there’s not a lot of direct money in there because most internet marketers don’t understand the relationship between traffic and conversion.  They’re unwilling to face the work involved in building a site that converts, so they stupidly chase traffic techniques instead. (Insert frustrated pirate-like sound here). But I’ve discovered pouring over other people’s sites and rank-ordering the winners in a market, then discussing it publicly with a sharp group of marketers is one of the absolute best ways I’ve found to keep growing as a marketer (and to stay on top of current conversion trends online).    Anyway, I did a presentation at the end of last year in the club itself on the TEN BEST insights of the year.  You can get that as a separate package here now.

PPS – Howie Jacobson’s blog is worth reading too.