Goals, Norms, and Your Average Loser

If you want to enjoy life, money, and health, you’ve gotta break a few
norms AND deal with the critics!  Consider my typical shopping basket above…

EVERY time I check out with a basket full of greens like this (and please note the WHOLE darn basket is literally full of them, not just the top layer), people sneer and comment:  “Starting a forest, are we!???”, “Could you leave some for the rest of us?”, “Looks like you’re deficient in Vitamin Pizza”, “Is there a hiking trail in there?”…

Seriously, it was funny at first, but it gets old fast.

Still, I just smile and take it in stride.  Know why?

Because I’ve become accustomed to the fact that if I want to strive for excellence in my life and business, I can’t hold myself accountable to traditional norms.  I’ve had to resolve to get used to the discomfort my over-the-top efforts and goals cause other people.

Sure, I’d LIKE to think I inspire them, but the truth is that most people look at me and say “someday maybe I can do that but DEFINITELY NOT NOW” or “I could NEVER”…

The resulting discomfort is too much for them.  So they either make a joke, put me down, or otherwise rationalize why THEY can exempt themselves from striving beyond normality.  So here’s the sobering truth…



It’s only human nature to compare yourself to the “norm” but doing so, in my not-so-humble opinion, is a big hairy set up for a relatively miserable life…

  • AVERAGE body fat is, well…CHUBBY.  If you’re OK with that, you’re going to be dragging an extra burden around with you (and probably not enjoying your later years that much) no matter how much money you make…
  • The AVERAGE adult drinks too much, smokes too much, downs too much sugar, and generally gets themselves into one or more very bad relationships, business deals, and/or other personal situations…
  • AVERAGE life expectancy is only 77 and just a little more for women.  If you’re really OK with THAT then I’ve got a question for you:  How in the world are you ever going to enjoy the long term fruit of all your entrepreneurial pursuits?
  • And the AVERAGE entrepreneur fails, loses their shirt, has great difficulty making ends meet, and is often forced into bankruptcy 🙁   

In short if you set your sights on “average” or “normal”, you’re planning to live a short, uncomfortable, unhealthy, and relatively un-monied life.   (Don’t shoot the messenger please)

The ONLY viable alternative in my mind is to strive for stellar achievement, hope you inspire at least a few others, and let the critics be damned.

Now, there’s one VERY important clarification I need to make before you leave me today and it’s this…  There’s NOTHING wrong with trying hard but not succeeding.  I really DO believe “failure only exists in the grave.”

The point I’m trying to make has to do with the GOALS you strive for, not the results you achieve.

There’s a significant and serious problem with our cultural norms, reflected in what people think of as an average and acceptable goal.   And if you leave that unchallenged you’re setting sail for a not-so-desirable destination.  At minimum, I think people need to know this so they can choose more worthy destinations, or at least consciously decide not to, rather than following the herd in an endless line of cattle to slaughter.

“Aim for the stars and land on the moon” is perfectly acceptable.  So is “Aim for the stars and fall back to earth, then try again.”   Aiming for Camden, NJ, well, maybe not so much, unless you really, really LIKE it there.  (Which IS fine as long as it’s a conscious choice).  Makes sense?

That’s what’s on my mind, for better or worse today…


Dr. G 🙂

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