How to Make Money Off “Losing” Keywords

If you’re like most PPC advertisers, you’re probably making excellent money on your bulls-eye keywords.  And if you’re lucky, you’ve got another 10 to 20 ad-groups turning a pretty decent profit…

But let’s be honest…search advertising is a FINITE medium. So when we go beyond the closely related bulls eye terms, you’re struggling to expand.  Sure, you might fantasize about the perfect split test which will turn some of those ‘money pit’ adgroups into a gold mine. But deep down you know, these keywords don’t really belong to you…

They’re someone else’s bulls-eye keywords.  You might even be “cheating” on your bulls eye a little by dreaming about them.  (Is there such a thing as a “keyword therapist?”… there should be!)

The reality of PPC for most advertisers is that after you’ve optimized your campaign – your sales graph just levels off.   And then you just keep on split testing, mining for peel and stick optimization, negatives, and improvements to your ads and landing pages…but mostly this effort just fends off the competition and protects your sales at their current level.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to almost everyone…

In fact, a lot of gurus say you need to turn to SEO when you reach this point of diminishing returns in PPC…

But the reality is SEO is extremely hard work.  And, my SEO friends inform me (I’m not an SEO guy)… it’s become almost impossible to succeed unless youown a media network or are willing to go so black-hat you’ll feel like your soul shriveled up and died…

Plus … doing SEO destroys your marketing brain.  (Because it’s so easy to make a profit on free traffic, people who rely on SEO almost never push themselves to really learn CONVERSION)

But… with a quick shift in mindset I can show you not only how you can win this war… but how you’ve actually already won it.  Even with your losing keywords. You just don’t know it…

The thing is… if you’re able to consistently bid on even one high volume keyword, then you, my friend, have a successful offer.

That’s a huge achievement.  It’s also relatively rare--by definition–because there are precious few slots available on Google, Bing, etc.  Which means out of the hundreds or even thousands of people who’ve TRIED to sustain impression share on that keyword it was YOU who shone through to get one of those slots.

The fact of the matter is, for your bulls-eye your offer is an excellent front end.

But what if you thought of your product as a BACK END product for a whole slew of keywords you just haven’t been able to make work. 

Let’s say you’ve chosen to pursue a life selling vegetarian dog food.  (Hey, it’s better than picking up after the elephants in the circus!)  And you’re making good money on Google by advertising on ‘vegetarian dog food’ and closely related terms.

But you can’t expand beyond that, even though you know there are a ton of people who love their dogs and could definitely benefit from the health and longevity enhancement your product provides…

This is where turning your product into a back-end offer comes in…

(NOTE: This is the key point, and it’s something I’ve never spoken about before.  So this would be a great time to stop checking your email, looking at facebook between paragraphs, picking your nose, or whatever else you’re doing which could possibly distract you from profiting from this insight!)

PARADIGM SHIFT: Think of your product as a BACK END JOINT VENTURE for PPC players dominating the keywords you can’t seem to crack!!  

Suddenly you’ve opened up a whole new channel to increase your customer volume…

See, it’s NOT that the people searching for those keywords aren’t good prospects for you.  In fact, in many cases they’re BETTER than those on your bulls eye.  It’s just that either the “center of gravity” for your brand as a whole and/or the economics of the offer you’d need to make to crack it just don’t jive with what those great customers happen to be searching for…

Staying with the Vegetarian Dog Food model, here’s how you’d do it:

  1. Find a list of keywords that have significant traffic, where the intent of the searcher is to improve the well-being and life-span of their dogs. Here are a few examples:
    1. Dog insurance
    2. Dog health
    3. Dog Veterinarian
  2. Make a list of the advertisers for those keywords.  The top advertisers on those keywords often have huge email (and direct mail) lists of BUYERS who own dogs, are interested in protecting their health, and could be be perfect customers for you if they just knew you existed
  3. Form a joint venture with one (or all) of the vendors in the list and have them sell your product as a back end product.
  4. And finally, turn these promotions into evergreen funnels.  Integrate your back-end offer into their systems so that they make sales for you every single day.  (The single biggest mistake I made in the Joint Venture world was not going the extra mile to turn my deals into evergreen profit centers)

The beauty of this process is it helps you break out of your bulls-eye cage and lets you back into the “keyword candy store”.  (Note: You don’t want to START your business in the keyword candy store because you NEED a center of gravity for your brand if you’re going to have a real chance of success out of the gate.  But this strategy helps you dramatically expand your customer base once you’ve established your center)

Done correctly and with the right partners, joint ventures can easily double your sales and quadruple your profits…

And they can seriously mitigate your advertising risk and counter the rising costs of PPC!

In a couple of weeks Terry Dean and I will be launching an extraordinarily powerful, detailed, and very affordable program to show you exactly how to find, set up and profit from joint ventures in the long term. But in the meantime… try breaking out of your keyword cage with the PPC –> Joint Venture mindset shift above!


Dr. G 🙂