He Who Lives on Hope Dies of Starvation

Know why it’s so easy for gurus to sell one bright shiny object after another?

Because hardly anyone has the courage to face reality.

The reality is you CAN build a passive income stream, but not by magic, by hard work.

It’s not “work once and get paid forever”, it’s “work once very, very hard, get the crap beaten out of you while you figure it out, then get paid forever on a certain percentage of your projects which you can build into a very big, ongoing, passive income business by sweat, teamwork, relentless focus and determination”

We’d much rather buy hope…

And who could blame us.

That’s why snake oil salesmen always have, and always will have a place on this planet.

Just remember: “He who lives on hope dies of starvation.”

My advice?

Instead of dreaming, put your head down and get to work on your dreams .

Yes, it’s painful… but it’s more painful to spend a lifetime without movement.

Yes, it’s a lot of fun to dream… but it’s even more fun to accomplish them.

Yes, it can be exhausting, but it’s 80 times better than the alternative.

WINSTON CHURCHILL SAID:  “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others”…

GLENN SAYS: “Entrepreneurship is the worst way to make a living, except for all the others”

Food for thought.

Dr. G 🙂