How to Debug Sudden Sales Drops

This month something hit me over the head like an angry housewife wielding a two headed spatula…

What seems self-evident to ME regarding the natural way to debug sales problems online, is really NOT second nature to others.

And it’s critical you develop your own comprehensive method for doing this, because I swear to my dead aunt Florence there WILL come a time when you face the following problem:

You’re humming along at a nice “cruising altitude” with  your business (even if  took you a LONG time to get there)

You’ve gotten into a regular rhythm for sales.  You’ve come to rely upon a certain level of monthly profits.

And then all of a sudden, blammo!  Your sales fall off a cliff.

You scratch your head (and other unmentionables) wondering what happened.  You ask yourself if maybe your Mom was right after all… you should have been a  doctor, lawyer, or accountant. (Or in my case, set up shop behind a couch with a cash register next to my chair)

Well, there really IS a step by step procedure for figuring these things out…

You don’t have to suffer in the dark…

In this uber-cool interview Ryan and I did this afternoon, we casually laid out exactly how we go about debugging sales problems, step by step.

So turn off all that other crap you’ve got going on your computer screen, tell your family to leave you the hell alone for once, turn up your speakers, and press play.

You’ll thank me for it!

Dr. G 🙂

PS – If you’re not yet part of my Make Them Buy Live Persuasion Webinars before this coming Friday, I’m going to drive to your mother’s house and tell her she was right!

PPS – Really, you don’t have to suffer in the dark.   I can teach you all sorts of market intelligence techniques to shed a blazing light on your market which will blind your competitors and show you exactly where the market gaps are.  But as a kind of parenthetical footnote, I thought you’d enjoy knowing that “No thanks, I’ll just suffer in the dark” is the OFFICIAL answer to “How many Jewish Mothers does it take to change a light bulb?”  (Trust me, I’ve got  first hand experience!)