How to Make Decisions Easier

Being an entrepreneur inevitably means having way more projects and opportunities than you can possibly handle.  Around this time of year, we all get busy with our planning systems and spreadsheets, setting goals, and making plans.

The bad news is,  the longer you work as an entrepreneur, the more opportunities you’ll get, and the harder the decisions seem to become…

But the good news is, there are tools and systems for making these decisions much easier.

One of my favorites is a simple little spreadsheet technique for calculating weighted averages.  I just list out my projects or choices one per row, and evaluate them against all the factors which I consider important to the decision in the columns.  Finally, I assign a relative importance level to each of the factors, and the simple spreadsheet calculates a “batting average” (overall score) for each project.

Have a look at the video to see what I mean, and feel free to download this example here

NOTE: be sure to download the spreadsheet here to follow along.
(My apologies for the visual quality of this particular video)

Hope it helps,

Dr. G 🙂

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