Internet Marketers Are Neurotic At Best

OK, I’m both a shrink AND an internet marketer so I’m definitely allowed to say this and you can quote me…

“Internet Marketers Are Neurotic (At Best)”

What you’ll find on this link is a quick little cheat sheet I prepared in advance of an MP3 I recorded with Perry Marshall last year, talking about all of the crazy-making psychological elements in the internet marketing game.

We did this interview because every now and then I think we all need to pause from the mad rush to turn electrons into money, breathe, and just look around at what’s really important to us.

Here, I’ll get you started by sharing some of mine:

My niece Sarah teaching my wife the right way to eat strawberries

My puppy “Stewie Fonzerelli” after watching
his first full episode of “Happy Days”

My nephew Benjamin, who is now 7 years  old and calls me EVERY DAY (literally) to tell me he’s writing another letter to the President

3 Generations in One Shot (my Mom, my Sister, and my Niece… I’ll leave it to you to figure out which is which)

Hiking the 4,000 footers with my dog Zachary (I swear he must run up and down, back and forth 5 times for every time I hike the mountain once, and he’s 9 years old)

22 Years with One Woman I Adore (by the way, we asked the audience if we were too “smushy” with public displays of affection and the overwhelming answer was to “bring on the smush”)