Irresistible OFFLINE Offers

I know this is hard to believe for us internet marketing junkies, but there really are people who make millions¬†OFFLINE too ūüôā

I met Steve Rifkin in the gym.

We both go to this masochistic exercise class where a crazy ex-police Sergeant (among others) beats the hell out of us and insults us for an hour.  If we complain it, it gets worse.  But we both keep coming back.

Now, I’m not sure¬†exactly what the correlation of this kind of class is with success, but¬†I think the density of extremely accomplished entrepreneurs there is a lot higher than what I’ve seen at most internet marketing seminars. ¬†A lot…

Maybe it has something to do with having the fortitude to keep challenging yourself to get better and better…

Or maybe it’s a perverse¬†drive to enjoy the pain in a sick kind of a way…

But these are a group of VERY successful people, many of whom run multi-million dollar businesses.   The thing of it is though, most of them are OFFLINE marketers.  They own construction services, hardware stores, car washes, etc.

Sharon and I went for a hike with Steve and I over the summer, during which I had the opportunity to grill him about his background.  It turns out he started and built out a set of SEVEN car washes in the area and blitzed them full of customers.  He now works as a Vice President for Spectrum Marketing, a $50,000,000 direct marketing company which specializes in OFFLINE media.

So of course, I took the opportunity to interview him about his secrets to success…

And what I learned was VERY intriguing…

Have a listen and give us some feedback please.

Trying to bring you something different.

Onwards and Upwards!

The Very Good Dr. G ūüôā

PS – If you decide to call Steve, please let him know you heard this interview and I’m sure he’ll make an extra effort to help.