Marketing with Your Bald Spot

Here’s a first.

I went for a walk with my wife this week.  Before we left she stroked my head and said “honey, I think you’d better put some sun lotion on your bald spot”  And just the day before, the eye doctor prescribed bifocals!  False teeth can’t be too far behind.

All of which makes me painfully aware life is short.  And even though I still perceive myself as young, healthy, and vibrant,  I’m not going to live forever.

Which means, since building something significant online takes solid research, time, energy, and capital… you really can’t do everything.  There comes a time when you have to narrow your projects, choose your weapons, double down and focus.

Or else you don’t grow old, wise, and content with your adventures (like Odysseus), you just get old.

For me this means accepting the harsh reality that nothing moves forward unless I spend 80% of my time focused on it, and asking myself the serious question “What deserves 80% of my attention this year?”

That’s what “marketing with your bald spot” means to me.

What does it mean to you?

All my best,

Dr. G 🙂

PS – my answer this year is my marketing club and the Emotional Eating business people are watching me build successfully within it.