Moola Monsters, Credit Creatures, and Saving Squirrels

About 10 years ago, I did a large study on the relationship between money and personality.  (At the time, I had formed the “Association for Money Mind Studies” with a friend and we were doing workshops, public speaking, etc).

I got a LOT of publicity about the “10 Money Personalities” I proposed as a result of this work, but never really developed it into anything significant.  I’m thinking of picking it up again and incorporating it into my work with entrepreneurs.  I actually have a full book proposal developed (I had an agent previously), but I’d like to get YOUR feedback on this simple 13 page e-book which describes the personalities.

Do any of them resonate with you?  Do they seem to represent people you know and love?  Maybe even yourself?  How do you think knowing your money personality might be useful?

I developed a test years ago and put it up on a site.  If people like this concept enough and I get the right feedback, maybe I’ll reactivate it so everyone can take the test.  In the meantime, download the 10 Money Personalities please and let me know what you think below!

Dr. G 🙂