My $500,000 One Click Mistake

So, here’s something which makes me want to smack myself
repeatedly in the head with a spatula…

A $500,000 mistake I could have fixed with ONE click!

That’s right… I literally left a half million dollars on
the table by failing to lift my lazy-ass finger up and
down just one time on the mouse.

About 7 years ago I set up a joint venture with a major player
in the field. I built literally dozens of promotions, audios,
videos, and emails for him to send to his list, program into
his autoresponder system, and basically put on autopilot.

They all pointed to an opt in form in aweber.

And guess friggin what?

I forgot to turn off the double opt in setting. ONE click
on the big-old “OFF” button.

This left the default double-opt-in confirmation message
going out of course, which has ZERO benefits and really
ZERO reason for people to confirm. (I’ve had great success
lately in other systems using double opt in with carefully
crafted confirmation copy AND a stronger ethical bribe)

Just happened to be breezing through aweber settings on all
my list segments (I’ve got about 50 of them in this market)
and saw the problem.

Sales from that partner proceeded to jump by about 80%.

When I did the math on the improvement, it comes to
over $500,000 left on the table because of that one friggin

Can you say “OUCH!!??”

Anyway, here’s the thing.

This is definitely not the first incredibly expensive, stupid,
easy to fix mistake I’ve ever made… it’s kind of part of the
game when you’re moving at the speed of business and constantly
taking massive action.


It got me VERY interested in looking for OTHER simple things
I might have ignored in my business.

Like, for example, not sending DIRECT MAIL to my customers.

Direct mail might be difficult to make work with cold prospects,
but once you know someone’s a happy buyer (and you know the
kinds of things they buy), well, the math is decidedly in
your favor.

So in the next few weeks I’m going to do a webinar with
someone who knows quite a bit about the mechanics of direct
mail, especially with customer lists. (He lived with Gary
Halbert for several months)

In fact, what I’ve been learning this year from him actually
has me REPEATEDLY smacking myself in the head with a spatula!

“If only I knew then what I know now…”

Please click here now on my sneaky affiliate link to see what
he’s got to offer…

WARNING: you might want to put on a helmet before you click!

Onwards and Upwards,

Dr. Glenn 🙂