Negative Keyword Webinar (Free)

Negative keywords are usually the quickest and easiest way to sqeeze extra margin out of 90% of the accounts we see at Rocket Clicks.  That’s because the vast majority of AdWords marketers really have no idea how to mine for literally thousands of keywords which can soil their traffic with worthless searchers.

Rob Sieracki, the Director of the Pay Per Click department at Rocket Clicks, has innovated a VERY interesting and immediately useful paradigm for finding NEGATIVE KEYWORDS in your market.

You haven’t heard this before, and I’ll be shocked if anyone spending more than $100/mo in AdWords doesn’t save money within a week after watching this FREE NEGATIVE KEYWORD WEBINAR.


PS – We finally nailed the webinar reply audio-visual issue … this one is very easy to watch.  Click here to watch the FREE NEGATIVE KEYWORD WEBINAR.

PPS – The Free Quality Score Webinar is also still available.