Outsourcing Tip: My Garbageman Thinks I Can’t Spell (And I Don’t Care!)

My garbageman thinks I can’t spell…


Know why he thinks I can’t spell?

Because I asked my Portuguese housekeeper (Helena) to set up a system for separating the garbage from the recycling bin, and ensuring the garbage service knew which container was which…

And you know what?

It works.

I didn’t have to go outside and explain to the garbageman which was which…

I didn’t have to take the time to write the labels on the cans myself…

I just told her what the goal was and let her set up the system herself.

And if it didn’t work, I’d ask her to fix it, I wouldn’t go talk to the garbage people myself.

So I really don’t care if my garbageman thinks I skipped my spelling homework in the sixth grade.

Because while Helena was setting up that system, I was busy building the Make Them Buy webinar club.

I let her do the $18/hr work…

…while I kept right on working on my computer doing  $1,000/hr work.

Now, I’m NOT saying you should never supervise people you outsource to…

What I AM saying is you should give them a chance to come up with their own systems…

Learn what they’re good at…

Let them have at it.

When I outsource, I do my best to match the skill-set to the task at hand, and I DO develop many systems myself… but ultimately I discover some talent and/or dream the worker has and figure out how to leverage it.

For example, I hired a guy early last year to help with market research and some basic web templates.  But I quickly learned he wanted to design comic books.   He drew villains and heroes in his spare time.

So I came up with the “Traffic Demons” which confuse and conquer my audience when they’re unsure of how to convert their visitors into prospect.  (PPC Piranhas, SEO Scorpions, Social Media Snakes, and more).   I just asked what he could do with these concepts and voila:

The bottom line is, you don’t always have to dictate the how, as long as you’re clear about the what.

Onwards and upwards my fine marketing friends…

Dr. G 🙂

PS – I actually DID skip my spelling homework in the sixth grade, but made up for it when I studied for the GREs before graduate school.   (Like my grandfather used to say “I doesn’t speak so bery menee but I does the best what I are!”

PPS – To clarify the point on PPC Piranhas, what I mean to say is that cheap clicks aren’t worth much if you can’t convert the visitors into buyers.  They’re worth even less if you add expensive management fees.  PPC traffic is great, but you should choose your ideal keyword bulls eyes carefully, then slowly use that traffic as the engine to ramp up your conversion rate without blowing through a lot of money.  Then and only then (once you’re converting visitors into customers better than others in the market) do you expand your traffic and hire a PPC agency

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