Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever

Everything I’ve ever accomplished in my life has been a result of intellect, fortitude, and endurance.

I can’t think of anything worthwhile which didn’t extract it’s price in pain.

But that’s OK, because “pain is temporary, glory is forever”

I wish I could find the reliable author of this quote, because it’s had a TREMENDOUS influence in my life. (Lance Armstrong, the world-renowned cyclist said “pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever”… an equally worthy variation, but not the original source)

You see as I climb higher in my career, I find the “next level” is progressively harder to reach.  It always seems to requires longer time horizons, more setbacks, better strategic planning, and infinitely better people skills…

And I’d venture to say it’s like that for everyone.

But that’s OK, because when I feel the pain and want to turn back, I say the very same thing to myself that I do as I’m climbing a five thousand foot New Hampshire mountain “Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever”

Then, before I know it, I’m on top!

What says you?

Dr. G 🙂

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