pay per click ping pong

Most people think of the prospects in their ppc market as a whole bunch of white ping pong balls streaming by … they hope to flag them with their Adwords ad and suck them into their sales vacuum tube automated website.

But the truth is, most markets aren’t just filled with white ping pong balls … there are greens, yellows, pinks, and blues. In other words, markets have segments of people with very different needs and buying habits.

Moreover, you can LINK people’s needs to the ppc keywords they’re typing in … right down to the specific conversation they’re having in their mind when they search AND the level of responsiveness inherent in those search phrases.

Here’s a 90 minute ¬†presentation I filmed at my home in New England which I guarante will change your pay per click paradigm (and how you think of market intelligence).

I call it “Pay per click ping pong”

PS – I shot this one when I was FAT … I hate how that gets immortalized. ¬†(I weigh only about 200 now, even though I still eat Cheese Doodles)