Peel and Stick in the Real World


People tend to become very myopic about their Google accounts, and often fail to see the broader picture.

Google doesn’t work the way it does just to benefit Google.  They’ve developed a very granular “peel and stick” reward system because that’s the way marketing works in the real world.  In fact, it worked this way long before we all so easily exchanged electrons at almost-better-than-light speed.  (Listen to the SHORT MP3 at the bottom of this post)

Because most people don’t get this, they don’t fully leverage the REAL conversion power of peel and stick.   Instead they thoroughly master the technical aspects of working within Adwords, but leave their Adwords copy, landing page copy, salesletters, and follow up sequences entirely too broad to take advantage of the targeted, cheaper traffic the Google machine makes possible.


Their reasoning has to do with market volume.  They want to ensure they can sell to high volume keywords in the market.  But as a result there’s no real specificity in their follow through, so the system as a whole remains dramatically less focused and effective than it really should be.

Here’s the one liner to write inside your eyelids:

“Great things happen when you CONTRACT your message, NOT when you expand it”

To make the concept more palatable, I recorded this short interview with Sharon about marketing success OFFLINE, in the real world.

I thought it might help you to see how big brands (not the big dumb ones Perry always talks about, but the SUCCESSFUL big brands who have launched effective and massively profitable campaigns via well researched and well thought out market positioning) utilize this principle when they’ve got literally BILLIONS of dollars at stake.

Because you’d think of all companies, they’d be the ones concerned about market volume, and would look to target a very broad spectrum of the market with their positioning.

But it turns out the opposite is true, at least for those really well run and successful brands.

This one really fascinated me personally…

And I have to say, after 22 years, my wife still entertains me!

I really hope you’ll listen.  And I don’t just mean I hope you’ll play the interview.   I hope you’ll get the message and consider how it might apply to your market positioning, especially if you think you’ve already got this one covered.  (It’s only 17 minutes, so you can listen right now)


Dr. Glenn 🙂

PS – The central goal of the first month in my Bulls Eye Marketing Club is to achieve this type of focused messaging by developing 100% confidence in a drastically reduced keyword archery target.    (We use a spreadsheet which combines considerations of search volume, bid price, relevancy, and your ideal client definition into ONE number so you can confidently compare candidates).

When you can do that, you leave the “keyword candy store” and zero in on the exact keyword conversation you need to understand better than everyone else in your market so you can begin to achieve dominance.   Click here to join now.

PPS – Don’t really write my one liner on the inside of your eyelids please.  That would just be gross, and I was just saying it for effect.  But I won’t object if you pain it on your bedroom ceiling or your front door.

PPPS – I’d also like people who’ve already joined my Bulls Eye Marketing Club to listen to this interview, especially if you have any lingering doubts about whether you’ve chosen the right target, or if your automated-competitive-intelligence-machine from month #2 is feeding back market requests you’re not sure you can deliver on.