Perhaps I Frighten You?

It’s not Halloween, but I still scare people.

You all know I’m really just a big hairy teddy bear, but my work is pretty intense. I suggest looking at your marketing landscape very carefully, putting numbers on it, and burying yourself in all the valuable free information you can get before you start throwing money at your marketing problem.

Know why I do it?

Because it’s a jungle out there, and it’s only getting worse.

1 Billion+ people online and growing, but only 21 slots on the search engine results page (11 paid, 10 organic) for any given market. And we all know you gotta be on page #1 or you’re building billboard in the woods.


Someday, as competition heats up and more and more advertisers get online, you won’t be able to make a dime without doing what I suggest, I’m sure. And all the bright shiny objects will vanish in the wind.

But for now, I’ll reserve my work for the few and the proud.

Care to join us? (price goes up on Friday)