Selling to Detail Oriented Geeks

Ever been interrupted in the middle of a sales presentation by someone who “wants the details?”

Then, before you know it you’re neck deep arguing over the fine points while the gist of your value proposition goes out the window (and the rest of the room goes to sleep?)

Ever found yourself struggling to EXPLAIN the features of your products or service in a salesletter and/or email, and wondered how on earth you were ever going to get your prospect all the way through?

If so, you’re a victim of the Analyst Frame according to my new favorite book “Pitch Anything”

In this third and final segment of the series, Ryan and I show you how to bust-up the Analyst frame and take control whether you’re on a webinar, in a salesletter, or in a boardroom…

Onwards and Upwards,

Dr. G 🙂

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