Successful European Business Opportunities in the USA

Today’s interview is with Joe Kennedy,  owner of the  CreaLern company in Germany.

CreaLern promotes and administers an amazingly effective method for helping children with learning difficulties jump several grade levels in record time.  More exciting is that this is so well documented, Joe guarantees the RESULTS to his clients (not just satisfaction).

Joe does approximately 1/2 million in Germany with a very nice profit margin, and is looking for a direct response marketer to help expand the company to the English speaking world.  (He speaks English fluently himself)

I suggested he let me interview him about the development of his business (definitely a Jay Abraham story!) including as many specifics as he could possibly feel free to share (which he did)…

So that you could benefit from the marketing lessons and he could benefit from the exposure.

I will take NOTHING from whatever deal he happens to strike… this is one from the heart (Joe is really helping children during a critical developmental period… I used to work with kids this age and I know how devastating school difficulties can feel to them… I hope this will be a good match for someone well schooled in my methods)


G 🙂

PS – You can email Joe here