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seo cheat sheet for ppc marketers

Most pay per click marketers are woefully ignorant about SEO, which is starting to become a serious liability given how things are progressing with the Adwords Quality Score algorithm.   I recently interviewed Jeremy Hambly, Director of Search Engine Optimization for RocketClicks.com about how to whip a PPC site into shape for organic traffic.

After the interview, I asked Jeremy to prepare a two page PDF cheat sheat (right click and “save target as” to download it please), which you can download here.

Links to the original interview are below:


In this powerful mp3 interview … Jeremy and I review Rocket Clicks best practices for a new SEO  campaign.  Implement them yourself, or have Jeremy prepare a SEO Blueprint to use on your own

Emotional Search Engine Marketing

The thing which distinguishes the most successful adwords advertisers in ppc is their ability to immediately forge a deep emotional bond with the searcher.  The art and science of doing this is what I call “emotional search engine marketing”, … but the vast majority of search engine marketing gets this entirely wrong.  

Sure, “people buy for emotional reasons and then justify their purchase with logic”.  But if the emotional hot buttons you’re trying to push aren’t matched to what you’re selling, you’ll UN-SELL your customer.  (Most people don’t realize it’s possible ppc advertising can  convince people NOT to buy your product … people who WOULD  have purchased if they never saw your ad!)

When you link real human needs to a real product or service feature you’ve got something.  Otherwise it’s just hype… which is a nice word for bullshit.

I’m about to release a product with Terry Dean and some other well known marketers which includes a detailed review of emotional marketing by my darling wife (Dr. Sharon Livingston – who’s consulted for over 40 Fortune 500 clients).

Here’s an excerpt from the product all about emotional marketing … if you’re actively pursuing pay per click, or search engine marketing of any kind, you really should listen:

Emotional Marketing MP3