Terry Dean Says He Can “Take Me”

Yesterday I  was talking to  Terry Dean on the phone and he was pestering me about getting a certain product done.   (I kind of asked him to do this).

Anyway, in the end I made a snippy comment about how he couldn’t do anything about it if I didn’t come through because I was so much bigger than him.  (I’m pretty sure I weigh 80 pounds more than he does)

To which he CONFIDENTLY replied “Oh, I could take you!”  He then proceeded to tell me about some ultra-funky sounding martial arts he’d studied (which sounded like a lot of fun actually)

So I’m wondering, who do you think would win in a wrestling match between Terry Dean and Glenn Livingston?  (Comments below please)

Just curious, and it’s MY blog so I get to post what I want!

G 🙂

PS – This is really just an excuse to get you reading Terry Dean’s blog, and it’s NOT an affiliate link above.  

PPS – Terry’s really scared now: