The Fastest Way to Find JV Partners

If you’ve been on my list for any length of time then you know I’m definitely NOT a “shortcuts” kind of a guy.  I don’t believe in “silver bullets” and “get paid quick formulas”…

  • I believe in order to create a business, you have to do your research… 
  • You’ve got to isolate point of difference benefits…
  • Slave over sales copy for a ridiculous number of hours until it shines…
  • Rigorously follow-up with your prospects to be sure they fully understand the benefits of your product… to say nothing of the cruel, hard fate which awaits them if they decide to pass…

And I most certainly believe it’s serious work, NOT “half-assing it” which creates the deepest level of business success.

That’s what I’ve preached for years on end, perhaps even to my detriment.

If you put a group of MY students in a room, you’ll see a group of very serious people who believe in hard work and dedication…

As a matter of fact if you’re reading this, odds are you’re ONE of those people!

But sometimes… the easier, faster way actually is the right one. So I’m writing this to remind you (and myself) that when it comes to finding joint venture partners, the “low hanging” fruits are truly the easiest and sweetest pick.

You see… in order to get a partner to promote your products or services to his hard won customers he needs to know, like and trust you.

That’s much more than a phrase.  Because JV seekers often forget how hard their partners have worked to “win” their customers.   (If you’re a vendor, you know how much time, money and emotional investment goes into getting a single customer.  But for some reason when vendors seek JV partners they forget about this and minimize the request in their minds.  “I’m just asking for him to send one email.  I’ll even write the damn thing for him!” they rationalize.  But this utterly ignores the risk your prospective partner is taking)

Potential partners want to protect their investment.   If they don’t know you their relationship with their customers is worth a LOT more to them than the potential extra income you can bring.

That’s why in Joint Venture Fast Track, we devote a great deal of time and effort to show you how to quickly move through the phases of ‘knowing’, ‘liking’ and ‘trusting’ with a new partner…

And how to prepare in advance to maximize your chances of successfully advancing through these stages.

But… that’s not what this post is about.   Rather, it’s about a group of people who already know, like and trust you…

You see, hidden within your phone’s contact book, your friend-list on Facebook, your Linkedin and Twitter contact there is probably at least one blogger, list owner or guru that you’ve been in touch with.

Maybe you’ve studied under him.  Maybe you’ve purchased one of her products.  Perhaps you’ve written a guest post for their blog (or they wrote one for yours).  

The bottom line is this.  Map out your existing relationships. People who already know you, like you, and trust you.

Approach them first.  It’s ten times easier to get a response from these existing contacts. And if they aren’t amenable to promoting, they might give you a referral to someone who will be.

Plus, they’ll help you find the bugs in your offer, and should be a lot more tolerant when (not if) you make a mistake.

Creating joint ventures with people you already know helps you hit the ground running.  It makes it possible to enter the JV world with a lot less friction.

And the ‘evergreen’ principles we teach in Joint Venture Fast Track help you turn these friendly first JVs into perpetual money streams… which give you the moral boost and extra financial security you need to go after bigger JV deals.

Onwards and Upwards ,

The Glenn 🙂

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