The Rule of 8 for Pre-Sales Content

How much time should you put into creating pre-sales content…

About 8 times more than it takes to consume it… if you want it to do it’s job.

Putting together a blog post people can read in five minutes with the hope
it will pre-sell a product at the end?  You’ll need to spend at least 40 minutes writing
and editing it.

Doing a one hour video presentation as part of a paid product you
want people to like so much they’ll be eager to pay for more?  That video
should take you about 8 hours to do correctly.

Information marketing is the process of gathering, condensing, and
presenting the most critical data people require to solve their most
significant problems… and then presenting it in an entertaining, palatable,
intriguingly different manner…

Someone’s gotta take the time to digest everything and MAKE it
entertaining, palatable, and intriguingly different…

You can’t just regurgitate what you heard elsewhere.

See writing content isn’t really “writing”…

What you’re really doing is FEEDING your list…

And as most of us here in the United States know just a few days
after Thanksgiving… a good meal takes time, energy, and loving
care to prepare!

Now, there’s one place the Rule of 8 doesn’t necessarily apply…

And that’s to a sales letter or sales video.

If you want your content to do the ENTIRE job of getting your
prospect… not just PRE-SELLING them on a purchase and/or
satisfying them after a purchase has been made…

The Rule of 8 turns into something more like the rule of 300.

For example, if you’re writing a sales letter which will take
20 minutes to read in full, you’ll probably need 100 hours
(6,000 minutes) to get it right.    Can you do thirty hours and
test it just to see if you’ve got traction?

Yes, sure you can. Not a bad idea.  But in the end when I look at
my successful letters,  the only ones which earned more than a
million dollars followed (at minimum) the rule of 300.

In a previous blog post I talked about it taking me 300+ hours
to put together the system which sold the $2,000 coaching certification.
Several copywriters challenged me…

And I responded by asking them to SHOW me even one million
dollar letter they’d written in less than 300 hours…

You know what?  NOBODY rose to the challenge.

Yes, selling is hard work, but you know what’s MORE work?
NOT SELLING!  You’ll spend infinitely more (and more painful)
time suffering with a sales system which doesn’t sell (or sells
poorly) than you will if you just bite the bullet and embrace the rule.

You’ll spend infinitely more time suffering with unhappy customers
if you try to cheat this rule of nature when you’re delivering your products…

See, SOMEBODY has to do the work of retrieving, organizing, condensing,
and making problem-solving content palatable, intriguing, and entertaining…

Either you or your customer.

Great marketers make the right choice.

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