The Very Best Thing About Being a Coach

If you haven’t already considered adding coaching to your arsenal of products and services, it might be time to reconsider.

You see, whatever business you’re in–even if it’s NOT a “relationship” market–what you’re doing is solving problems for your customers.  And there are always customers who want you to hold their hand to create a more personally customized solution.  Always.

So there’s usually money on the table… and the nice thing about scooping it up with coaching is that you don’t have to create a product, manage inventory, or even deal with much customer service infrastructure.  Plus, there are literally over a dozen ways you can sell coaching in a LEVERAGED ENVIRONMENT, which dramatically increases the effective hourly rate while making things more affordable for your clients.

For example, I’ve found when I charge for a live webinars club–(my “Make Them Buy” club for example)–only about 10% of the people who pay a low monthly fee actually show up on the call.  And only about 10% of those will actually interact with me (no matter how much I urge them to… and I absolutely do urge them because I WANT to help them!)

That means for every 100 people who are paying $39.95/mo. (as of this writing) for the OPTION to talk to me twice a month, there’s really only ONE I wind up coaching directly.  Everybody else either lurks or listens to the recording.   That’s a leverage factor of one hundred to one!

But even that’s not the best thing about coaching for me.

Want to know what is?

Coaching makes me stronger.

I discovered this first as a psychologist, not a coach.

You see, no matter how many people you know, things change when you get to hear their most intimate thoughts, struggles, feelings, and solutions…

And it turns out that everyone solves life’s problems in distinctly different ways.

And when YOU are the confidant they turn to, over the years you get exposed to amazing solutions you’d never have considered.

If you’re a business coach, this means you get a LOT stronger in business.

If your’e a conversion coach, you get a LOT stronger at conversion.    (This, for example, is worth MUCH MUCH more to me than the approximately $100K/year I net from the conversion webinars I do)

If you’re a relationship coach, you get a LOT stronger at relationships.

If you’re a bowling coach, you become a much more masterful bowler…

You get the point.

And that, my friends, is the BEST thing about being a coach.

My new “Million Dollar Coaching” product reveals my (and Terry Dean’s) most treasured secrets for building a financially rewarding–AND–emotionally fulfilling coaching practice, regardless of whether you want to be a business or personal coach, even if you’ve never done a single session, and even if you have NO credentials, training, or any earthly idea how to get your first paying client.

Dr. G 🙂